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Stuart Lilford's Blog


Award-winning game designer and founder at Scared Square Games and lecturer in Game Design at The University of Hull. 

Stuart has previously worked at prestigious companies such as Rare and Codemasters where he was involved with a number of games including 3 BAFTA Award-winning titles.

Stuart's games include Time Stone which won the AGS Award for Best Short Game in 2013 as well as being nominated for 2 others. 


Member Blogs

In this series of articles, I analyse the games I’m currently playing and focus on a particular moment from the game that stood out to me. This article talks about the Eureka! moments in Jonathan Blow's The Witness.

As a lecturer in game design I see and play a lot of student games. lot of these games seem to make the same recurring mistakes. This article hopes to help provide solutions on how to avoid these mistakes with your first game.

Stuart was intrigued by the thought of mobile VR. He received a £20 gift voucher for his Birthday. He decided to spend it at Currys on a mobile VR headset. This is the story of that happening.

Ever felt like you're a fraud? Like you're faking it? That all of you're successes are attributed to luck and not hard work? Me too! This article explores my dealings with Impostor Syndrome and suggestions on how to combat it.

Producing backgrounds for adventure games can be tough work especially to novice artists like myself. With my indie point-and-click adventure game Time Stone, I tried a new approach which allowed me to "cheat" in order to get my perspective right.

In April 2015 I took part in a game jam in which you had to create a Twine game using less than 100 Words. These are the lessons I learned during the development of my entry.

Stuart Lilford's Comments

Comment In: [Blog - 01/05/2017 - 09:32]

I was using Adventure Game ...

I was using Adventure Game Studio, which is a 2D game engine and was trying to replicate the art style from games like Monkey Island and Simon the Sorcerer. Good luck with your Grim Fandango project

Comment In: [Blog - 04/22/2015 - 02:30]

One thing that I didn ...

One thing that I didn 't have time for but would have liked to was to optimise the game for all browsers. I 'll have to go back and fix this first chance I get Thanks for the heads up :