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November 18, 2019
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This week's roundup includes impressions of a plethora of new releases, from Superliminal to Jedi: Fallen Order and Pokemon Sword & Shield, plus behind the scenes at the ESRB, how World Of Warcraft changed things (for good and ill), and lots more besides.

Posted by Ben Weber on 11/14/19 10:17:00 am in
Machine learning enables personalized experiences in games, and Zynga is leveraging feature generation tools to streamline this development.

Posted by Jeremy Alessi on 11/14/19 10:06:00 am in
In episode 11, Jeremy discusses how he came to realize (while playing Double Dragon IV for some reason) that games as a medium, demonstrate the peaceful coexistence of grand design, determinism, and free will in one possibility space.

This time out, I thought it would be interesting to look - incredibly specifically - at Steam search suggestions. That is, the games that pop up when you start typing in things in Steam search.

Posted by John Harris on 11/13/19 10:23:00 am in Design, Indie
This is an excerpt chapter from the book Level Up: A JRPG Creator's Handbook, available in the current Storybundle, about using non-transitive character and monster powers to design interesting encounters.

You've optimized all of the low-hanging fruits of your game. Except that you didn't. You missed a sneaky, non-so-obvious spot: optimizing your Unity Scene Hierarchy.

Posted by Danny Weinbaum on 11/15/19 10:33:00 am in Business/Marketing, Console/PC, Indie
Does genre affect your success odds? Using a database of review count-based revenue projections, we dive deep into sales trends on Steam. We look at which tags sell the best, as well as sales trends in release date and review score.

Posted by Kate AppFollow on 11/15/19 10:26:00 am in Business/Marketing, Design, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet
Holidays are no doubt a goldmine for mobile game developers. They offer a great opportunity to show off all of your abilities as a designer, treat players with new engaging challenges, boost app installs and even increase revenue. 

Posted by Nadya Primak on 11/14/19 10:23:00 am in Production, VR
About a year ago, I released my game Nightcrawler VR Bowling on Steam. I learned a lot and hope to share what I learned here. Your first VR experience won’t be perfect, but with these tips you can have a smoother start and learn a little bit faster.

Posted by Draven Jolicoeur on 11/14/19 10:09:00 am in Design, Indie
Do players always have to succeed in the first attempt? For The King is a fantastic roguelike experience that has chosen to make a very specific design choice that I believe is a core reason for my inability to stop playing. Let's explore this reason.

Posted by Niklas Walenski on 11/14/19 10:07:00 am in Design
In "My Favorite Features" I examine features I encountered in different games and explain why I like them. This post is focused on the Hacking Feature in Blacklight Retribution.

Posted by Ignacio Baldini on 11/14/19 10:05:00 am in Business/Marketing
A brief summary of what myself and other did to create a budding community of gamedevs, and what sort of tools you are provided with. Original article was posted by Myself over the reddit /r/gamedev