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April 19, 2018
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April 19, 2018
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Posted by Ivan Verde on 04/18/18 09:55:00 am in Design, Production, Art, Smartphone/Tablet
A year ago we released C.A.T.S. Today it has more than 100 mln installs and a Game of the Year award. We want to share how we came up with the idea of the game and how you can remove design risks on early stages of development to create a hit.

Posted by Nathan Savant on 04/18/18 09:55:00 am in Design, Console/PC, Serious
A discussion of the personality of the protagonist from Monster Hunter World based on gameplay mechanics, and filtered through the lens of the Meyers-Briggs personality profile.

Posted by Celso Riva on 04/18/18 09:48:00 am in Design, Programming, Production, Indie
Listening to users' feedback is important. But it's also important to not fall into the "feature creep" trap, and to learn about the "vocal minority".

Posted by Tom Gilchrist on 04/18/18 09:47:00 am in Business/Marketing, Indie
At EGX Rezzed this year I had the realisation that my inability to put myself out there was having an adverse affect on my games. This blog post is me resolving to change that.

Posted by Josh Bycer on 04/18/18 09:46:00 am in Console/PC, Indie, Design
Great level design in video games is a multifaceted topic, but the basic foundation can be summed up in three important elements.

Posted by Josh Green on 04/18/18 09:46:00 am in Production
This is a description of the life of a video game bug from start to finish.

Posted by Konrad Öhman on 04/18/18 09:04:00 am in Business/Marketing, Serious, Indie
A first time GDC goer and I learned a bunch of things that might help indie studios who are visiting GDC.

As game designers, how do we encourage players to play better and longer in our games? One effective way is to design countermoves— emergent solution to specific problems.

Posted by Michael Smith on 04/17/18 09:13:00 am in Programming, Indie
These problems would have never occurred to me as a kid who aspired to make games for a living

Posted by Alex Belzer on 04/16/18 09:53:00 am in Programming, Console/PC, Indie
On-going series about building an alternative workflow for working with pixel art in Unity. This time I go over how I easily define and play 2D sprite animations in script.