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September 23, 2017
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Category: Smartphone/Tablet

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Posted by Jane Friedhoff on 08/30/17 10:59:00 am in Smartphone/Tablet
Some tips and tricks learned from developing an AR Experiment with Google and ARCore.

Posted by William Grosso on 08/29/17 09:17:00 am in Smartphone/Tablet
This article is a FAQ about dynamic pricing (in gaming, and more generally) and helps to set the record straight by providing explanations and addressing the underlying concerns associated with dynamic pricing in gaming.

Posted by Simon Carless on 08/27/17 10:40:00 pm in Smartphone/Tablet
This week's highlights include the story depths of Subsurface Circular, teaching players in Kingdoms & Castles, and the motivations behind Destiny 2's creation.

Posted by Joseph Humfrey on 08/22/17 10:07:00 am in Smartphone/Tablet
Automatic speech bubble positioning in inkle's 3d adventure Heaven's Vault.

Posted by William Grosso on 08/22/17 10:05:00 am in Smartphone/Tablet
This article is an extended discussion of the recent uproar around randomized price-points in Zynga’s CSR 2 and a survey of how prevalent sophisticated data-driven merchandising techniques already are in mobile gaming.

Posted by Simon Carless on 08/20/17 11:07:00 pm in Smartphone/Tablet
This week's articles/video highlights include multiple features on Ninja Theory's Hellblade, the enduring micro-indieness of Vector Unit & the cyberpunk strangeness of Observer.

Posted by Winifred Phillips on 08/16/17 10:22:00 am in Smartphone/Tablet
Several dynamic music systems were presented in the GDC 2017 audio track. In part 3 of her 3 article series, video game composer Winifred Phillips discusses the tools and tips offered in these GDC talks, while also sharing insights from her own projects.

Posted by Junxue Li on 08/09/17 10:12:00 am in Smartphone/Tablet
ChinaJoy 2017 from my perspective.The show reflects the current state of Chinese gaming market.

Posted by Alvaro Vazquez de la Torre on 08/09/17 09:55:00 am in Smartphone/Tablet
Users can easily forget the game´s mechanics if they haven´t played for a while. That leads to frustration, which could make them abandon the game. In this article you´ll find potential solutions to mitigate such problem

Posted by Simon Carless on 08/06/17 11:21:00 pm in Smartphone/Tablet
This week's longform article/video highlights include the making of Fullbright's Tacoma and Supergiant's Pyre, as well as a guide to the essential twin-stick shooters & more.