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June 20, 2021
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The Origins of Night Trap: An Excerpt from Generation Xbox 10
by Jamie Russell [04.24.12]
How did the controversial full motion video game get made in the first place? Years before the Sega CD system it became synonymous with was released, a group of developers tried to change video games into something new.
Business/Marketing, Design

Finding Out What They Think: A Rough Primer To User Research, Part 1 7
by Ben Lewis-Evans [04.24.12]
In this first article in a new series, college professor and user research Ben Lewis-Evans takes a look at different methods of game user research, offering up a handy guide to different ways you can collect useful information about your game.

Ensemble Studios: From Beginning to End, An Excerpt from Gamers at Work 2
by Morgan Ramsay [04.23.12]
In this extract from Morgan Ramsay's Gamers at Work, which explores the challenges of starting and building developers and publishers of video games with 18 of the industry's most successful entrepreneurs, Gamasutra presents a conversation with Tony Goodman about the history of Ensemble Studios, creators of the Age of Empires series for Microsoft. The book also includes discussions with Warren Spector, Jason Rubin, and more.
Business/Marketing, Interview

Postmortem: HandCircus' Okabu 3
by Simon Oliver [04.20.12]
What happens when a developer that was born in the iOS space transitions to making games for consoles? In this postmortem, Simon Oliver, founder of HandCircus (Rolando series) shares the experience of moving to PlayStation 3 development with Okabu.
Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Art

Five Ways Games Appeal to Players 19
by Jason Tocci [04.19.12]
Why do games appeal to gamers? Is there another way to look at the issue than as a taxonomy of player types? In this article, researcher and writer Jason Tocci investigates and categorizes different types of game appeal.

How Does In-Game Audio Affect Players? 15
by Raymond Usher [04.18.12]
What effect does in-game audio have on players? Audio expert Raymond Usher (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Crackdown) shares the results of a study in which players were monitored while playing three games -- Osmos, FlatOut, and Amnesia -- with audio and without.
Audio, Design

Making Lean Startup Tactics Work for Games 27
by Tyler York [04.17.12]
Betable's Tyler York writers about the lean startup method, in which the least possible work is put into a product before giving it to users -- and how a minimum viable game product can still work, if you pitch it at the right audience and test it correctly.

Following Your Instincts: Developing Darksiders II 4
by Christian Nutt [04.16.12]
How do you keep morale up? How do you ensure that you cut the right things? And when is feature creep a good thing? In this interview, Vigil Games general manager David Adams and creative director Joe Madureira discuss building Darksiders II.
Design, Production, Interview

The Structure of Fun: Learning from Super Mario 3D Land's Director 9
by Christian Nutt [04.13.12]
How does Nintendo do it? In this extensive interview, Super Mario 3D Land director Koichi Hayashida discusses his career, the lessons he learned from Shigeru Miyamoto, and how he formulated his own philosophy for game design.
Design, Interview

The Origins of Fun 23
by Christian Philippe Guay [04.12.12]
Gameloft technical designer Christian Philippe Guay looks inside to answer fundamental questions about what is fun, and offers up his own unified philosophy, in which all layers of a game work in concert to produce a fun experience -- but if one is out of alignment, the experience suffers.