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June 20, 2021
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What Makes Social Games Social? 4
by Matt Ricchetti [02.17.12]
The former executive producer of Kabam's Kingdoms of Camelot breaks down social interaction as expressed in casual social network games and hardcore MMOs into a set of heuristics that can be applied to your designs, to see how they support social play.

Will Tablet Game Quality Soon Leapfrog Consoles? 26
by Array [02.16.12]
Just as console gaming caught up to and overtook PC gaming, there are strong indications that tablets could be the next big gaming platform -- at least until the next-gen consoles reveal themselves.

Tearing Down Barriers: How to Bring MMO Players Together 12
by Simon Ludgate [02.15.12]
In this analysis, MMO man Simon Ludgate takes a look at how different developers have both erected and destroyed barriers to players actually playing together in the MMORPG genre -- breaking them down into two different types, and suggesting a path forward to building strong player bases.

Withstanding the Collapse of the Middle 4
by Evan Campbell [02.14.12]
What happens when the mid-tier drops out of the retail console space? Gamasutra speaks to developers like n-Space and WayForward as well as veterans of Bizarre Creations, Pandemic, and BottleRocket to find out.

David Jaffe and the Language of Interactivity 48
by Christian Nutt [02.13.12]
"If you're really a fucking artist, and you've got something to say, then you fucking pick the right medium to say it in," says Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe. He tells Gamasutra he wants his upcoming game Twisted Metal to play to video games' greatest strength -- interactivity.
Design, Interview

Virtual Goods - An Excerpt from Social Game Design: Monetization Methods and Mechanics 8
by Tim Fields, Brandon Cotton [02.10.12]
Exactly what defines a successful virtual item? Certain Affinity's Tim Fields and Portalarium's Brandon Cotton examine the different types of items that players buy and why -- taking a look at successful games on the market and exploring players' mindsets.
Design, Social/Online

Principles of an Indie Game Bottom Feeder 46
by Jeff Vogel [02.09.12]
Moving into indie development? Find an underserved niche audience, "accept what you can't change, be as awesome as you can, charge what you're worth, and stand proud on the ocean floor," writes Spiderweb Software's Jeff Vogel.
Business/Marketing, Indie

Postmortem: CyberConnect 2's Solatorobo: Red the Hunter 1
by Takayuki Isobe [02.08.12]
The director of the cult hit Nintendo DS game Solatorobo: Red the Hunter writes about how the "old game development style" the team pursued for the game resulted in an unusually collaborative team -- and a game with a lot of heart.
Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Production, Art

Jerked Around by the Magic Circle - Clearing the Air Ten Years Later 54
by Eric Zimmerman [02.07.12]
Games studies writers want to slay the mythical Magic Circle Jerk -- a person who espouses an overly formalistic view of play, they suggest. But does this person really exist? Original formulator of the concept, Eric Zimmerman, discusses.

Building the World of Reckoning 4
by Christian Nutt [02.06.12]
Gamasutra speaks to the game's lead world designer, Colin Campbell -- who explains exactly why the team decided to build a cross-discipline art and design-based world building team for the massive open-world RPG.
Business/Marketing, Design, Art, Interview