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September 30, 2020
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On Bringing Modern Warfare 2 To Life 6
by Chris Remo [11.06.09]
Gamasutra sits down with Joel Emslie, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's lead character artist, to discuss the processes by which the most respected name in war games gets its considerable visual punch.
Design, Art, Interview

Valve's Writers And The Creative Process 12
by Kris Graft [11.02.09]
In a rare interview, Valve writing lynchpins Marc Laidlaw and Erik Wolpaw talk in-depth on the narrative structure and pithy quips behind critically feted games like Half-Life 2, Portal, and Left 4 Dead 2.
Business/Marketing, Design, Art, Interview

Postmortem: ACE Team's Zeno Clash 10
by Carlos Bordeu [10.08.09]
ACE Team's Zeno Clash story holds intriguing lessons for indie startups on the merit of keeping true to one's artistic vision -- and on the unpredictability of the design process.
Audio, Design, Postmortem, Production, Art, Indie

Gaming the System: How to Really Get Ahead in the Game Industry 20
by Brandon Sheffield [09.16.09]
In this article, originally published in Game Developer magazine, pseudonymous developers of all levels share their honest, sometimes cutting thoughts on what it takes to truly succeed in each game industry discipline.
Audio, Business/Marketing, Design, Programming, Production, Art

Postmortem: Realtime Worlds' Crackdown 2
by Phil Wilson [09.07.09]
In this Gamasutra bonus feature, published online for the first time in honor of Realtime Worlds' upcoming APB and spinoff studio Ruffian's Crackdown 2, we reprint Game Developer magazine's October 2007 postmortem of RTW's first project, the Xbox 360-exclusive open world action game Crackdown.
Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Production, Art

From the Ashes of Mythos: The Art of Torchlight 8
by Jason Beck [09.03.09]
What happens when developers lose control of a nearly-finished game soon before its planned release? After forming a new studio, Runic Games, many of the developers behind Mythos transitioned to Torchlight, and they recount the art direction decisions behind the creation of their new IP here.
Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Art

The Boneyard: The Most Important Part of Your Character is Invisible  
by Steve Theodore [08.05.09]
In a visual arts-specific article for Intel's Visual Computing microsite and originally published in Game Developer magazine, Bungie's Steve Theodore discusses skeletal construction and animation for game characters, looking at "strategies for taming the skeletal hordes without ending up in the graveyard."
Art, Visual Computing

King of 2D: Vanillaware's George Kamitani 14
by Brandon Sheffield [08.03.09]
Japanese independent developer Vanillaware has created modern 2D game classics such as Odin Sphere and the upcoming Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and founder George Kamitami sits down with Gamasutra to discuss his company's roots, passions, and plans.
Business/Marketing, Design, Art, Interview

Yoshiro Kimura's Strange Journeys 4
by Brandon Sheffield [07.24.09]
Gamasutra sits down with Little King's Story and Chulip creator Yoshiro Kumira, a game designer with a different way of looking at the world, to discuss his titles and look at pages from his game sketchbook.
Design, Art, Interview

The Necessity Of Interactive Animation For Games 30
by Christiaan Moleman [06.17.09]
In this in-depth article, Arkane and Streamline Studios animator Moleman discusses why he believes that body language and facial expression are the keys to making our games feel more vibrant.
Design, Art