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September 30, 2020
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Producers Of The Roundtable: Structuring Your Team 6
by Juuso Hietalahti [07.04.08]
Gamasutra's latest 'Producers Of The Round Table' discussion looks at team structure, with producers from Gas Powered Games, Stainless, Red Storm and Freeverse analyzing how game teams are constructed to function smoothly.
Business/Marketing, Programming, Production, Art, Interview

Innovations In Character: Personalizing RPGs, Retaining Players 3
by Anders Tychsen [06.26.08]
In this detailed design piece, researcher Tychsen looks to tabletop RPGs for inspiration on the best ways to create compelling characters - and lasting experiences - for video games.
Design, Art, PC, Console/PC

PopCap: The Complexity Of Being Casual 4
by Brandon Sheffield [06.20.08]
PopCap's titles like Bejeweled and Peggle make them the top casual brand - here, Gamasutra talks co-founder John Vechey and CEO David Roberts about XBLA, iPhone, and an upcoming "cool collaboration" with a top console developer.
Business/Marketing, Design, Art, Interview, PC, Console/PC, Mobile Phone, Mobile Console, North America

Bungie In 2008: Reflecting On Halo 3, Moving Beyond 2
by Christian Nutt [06.02.08]
With Halo creator Bungie newly independent, Gamasutra sits down with staffers Brian Jarrard, Mike Zak and Chris Butcher to discuss the creation of Halo 3 and the company's attitude going forward.
Design, Programming, Art, Interview, Console/PC

Content Kings: Square Enix's Shiraishi And Tsuchida On WiiWare And Risk  
by Brandon Sheffield, jeremy parish [05.12.08]
WiiWare's flagship Western launch title may be Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, and Gamasutra talks in-depth to co-creators Fumiaki Shiraishi and Toshihiro Tsuchida on building the city-building sim for Nintendo's download service.
Design, Art, Interview, Console/PC, North America, Asia & India

Postmortem: Saber Interactive's TimeShift 1
by Andrey Iones, Matthew Karch [04.04.08]
PC/console shooter TimeShift debuted late last year after a "strange and convoluted" - but fascinating - development cycle, and in this exclusive Gamasutra postmortem, the creators detail just what went right and wrong in its creation.
Design, Postmortem, Production, Art, Console/PC

Resolve Your Resolves  
by Holger Gruen, Jon Story [03.26.08]
In this in-depth technical article, Gruen & Story examine anti-aliasing in games, explaining how you can reduce 'jaggies' in your PC title, and save frame-rate, by using many less post-processing passes.
Design, Programming, Art, PC, Console/PC

The Art Of Games 42
by E. Daniel Arey [02.29.08]
Following Jim Preston's controversial Gamasutra feature on games as art, Crash Bandicoot, Gex and Uncharted designer E. Daniel Arey responds with a fired-up, in-depth piece on why the art inherent in gaming matters.
Design, Production, Art

The Arty Party 31
by Jim Preston [02.11.08]
In this important essay, former journalist and current EA producer Jim Preston dispels the illusion of an 'art club' that games aren't allowed to enter, suggesting that diversity has made the 'games as art' debate meaningless.
Design, Art

Producers Of The Roundtable: Getting Coders and Artists to Communicate 3
by Juuso Hietalahti [12.26.07]
In this new roundtable interview, conducted in association with, producers from developers including EALA, Bizarre Creations, and Gas Powered Games discuss the best practical ways to get programmers and artists working smoothly together.
Design, Programming, Production, Art, Interview