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September 22, 2020
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Digging For Worms: Why Doug Tennapel Doesn't Care What His Fans Think  
by Chase Murdey [06.06.06]
In this exclusive Gamasutra interview, artist, game designer, and Earthworm Jim creator Doug Tennapel discusses what game developers look for in an artist, transitioning between mediums, and why your fans don't necessarily know best.
Business/Marketing, Art

Postmortem: Klei Entertainmentís Eets: Hunger. Itís emotional.  
by Jamie Cheng [05.05.06]
Indie developer Klei Entertainment reveals serious insight into distribution wrangling and the importance of community building, in this exclusive Gamasutra portmortem of independent PC puzzle game Eets: Hunger. It's emotional.
Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Art

Question of the Week Responses: Best of GDC 2006  
by Quang Hong [04.18.06]
We present your responses to last week's Question of the Week which asked, "What were the most interesting announcements or sessions/events at this year's Game Developers Conference?"
Audio, Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Art

Redefining 'Cartoony' Game Art  
by Marque Sondergaard [04.17.06]
Citing the game industry's fixation with "realistic" graphics, Marque Sondergaard considers alternatives and the limiting term "cartoony", as he attempts to better define the use of stylized art in video games.

Event Wrap Up - Controller: Artists Crack the Game Code 1
by Mathew Kumar [04.07.06]
The recent Toronto-based exhibition 'Controller: Artists Crack the Game Code' displayed the works of artists working in video game modification, and Gamasutra talks to some of the artists to learn the thoughts and motivations behind their fascinating work.

Post-GDC: Spore: Pre-Production Through Prototyping  
by eric-jon waugh [03.29.06]
Maxis Senior Development Director Eric Todd gave this GDC lecture last week on the value of prototyping and creating experimental models before dedicating one's self to any one approach to a software problem.
Design, Production, Art

GDC: God of War: How the Left and Right Brain Learned to Love One Another  
by Christopher Woodard [03.27.06]
Continuing Gamasutra's detailed post-GDC coverage, SCEA's Tim Moss, lead programmer on both God Of War and its sequel, gave a vital talk on the last day of the conference on finding the balance between the needs of programmers and those of the designers.
Design, Programming, Production, Art

GDC: All About Ninety-Nine Nights: Next-Gen Character Design  
by Frank Cifaldi [03.24.06]
Q Entertainment's Tetsuya Mizuguchi and Phantagram's SangYoun Lee discuss their joint development of Ninety-Nine Nights for the Xbox 360, focusing particularly on character design and the magic of perspective change.
Design, Production, Art

GDC: Ageia's PhysX Launch 1
by Vincent Diamante [03.22.06]
This year's GDC sees physics on the mind of many attending programmers and developers. Among the many software tools made available in the last few years, Ageia looks to hit the ground running with the launch of their hardware-based solution - the PhysX PPU.
Business/Marketing, Programming, Art

Pre-GDC: amBX - Rumble in the Sofa  
by iain simons [03.20.06]
In a more environmental approach to video game immersion, Iain Simons visited Philips' UK research labs to take a look at the company's amBX initiative, which aims to use light, color, sound, heat and air to submerge the gamer within a complete "sensory surround experience".
Design, Art