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October 29, 2020
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Features » Art
Visual Look Development: A Case Study With Star Trek Online  
by Ian Pieragostini [02.21.06]
Perpetual Entertainment's Ian Pieragostini describes some of the pre-production visual development work for Star Trek Online, and explains why and how it is helpful to determine the visual look of a game before you begin production on it.
Production, Art

Anticipatory AI and Compelling Characters  
by bruce blumberg [02.16.06]
Blumberg, the leader of developer Blue Fang (Zoo Tycoon)'s Synthetic Animal Team, and former director of the Synthetic Creatures Lab at MIT, discusses the concept of anticipatory AI in building video game characters that are both "compelling and emotional".
Design, Art

Practical Texture Atlases  
by Ivan-Assen Ivanov [01.26.06]
In this exclusive technical article, Haemimont Games' Ivan-Assen Ivanov discusses the workings of real-world system for automatically generating texture atlases, from the atlas creation tool to the engine integration issues.
Programming, Art

Bonnie's Bookstore: From Conception to Completion  
by Phil Steinmeyer [01.06.06]
Ex-PopTop founder Phil Steinmeyer gives Gamasutra readers a look at the concept and visualization process for his new casual PC game, Bonnie's Bookstore, which is being published by Bejeweled creator and casual game giant PopCap.
Design, Art

Dynamic 2D Imposters: A Simple, Efficient DirectX 9 Implementation 1
by Ashley Davis [01.05.06]
The technique of using 2D imposters is becoming more and more popular in the world of computer games as game developers strive for speedier rendering and better performance. As such, this article provides a simple and efficient system for dynamically generating and rendering 2D imposters.
Programming, Art

Texture Compression Techniques and Tips 1
by Allen Sherrod [12.28.05]
In this technical article, Sherrod compares and contrasts the A8L8, DXT and 3Dc methods of texture compression for video games, also analyzing how each format stacks up against the others when dealing with decal textures and normal map images.
Programming, Art

Creating Modular Game Art For Fast Level Design  
by Paul Mader [12.02.05]
This article, written by a long-time artist and FPS level-designer, explains how to speed video game level creation by creating modular art assets for building fast, clean, and easy large 3D environments.
Production, Art

Making Quality Game Textures 1
by Riccard Linde [11.23.05]
In this immensely helpful hands-on article, art director Linde (Battlefield Vietnam) discusses how artists can create better textures for video games by efficiently managing the visual results of texture compression.

Play More With SNK: Kimura, Falcoon On SNK's Return 2
by Brandon Sheffield [11.17.05]
For this exclusive interview, Gamasutra spoke to two very different personalities within the umbrella of seminal Japanese arcade and console game firm SNK Playmore, Takeshi Kimura and noted illustrator Tatsuhiko 'Falcoon' Kanaoka, about different elements of the company's continued expansion.
Business/Marketing, Design, Production, Art

Videogame Aesthetics: The Future!  
by David Hayward [10.14.05]
David Hayward takes a look at the visual aesthetic state of games today, while exploring the possibilities for the future and commenting on the current focus on photo-realism, citing titles such as Vib Ribbon, Rez and Darwinia as helping break that trend.