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Game Developer Magazine June/July Issue Product Reviews  
by Brian Chambers, Peter Sheerin [06.23.04]
In this pair of reviews from the June/July issue of Game Developer magazine, we look at two products designed to aid 3D modeling and animation--the venerable MotionBuilder, and a new 3D input device called the BurstMouse.
Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Postmortem: The Game Design of Surreal's The Suffering  
by Richard Rouse III [06.09.04]
In the first Postmortem from the redesigned Game Developer magazine, we have Richard Rouse III dissect The Suffering from just one perspective--the design and implementation thereof.
Design, Postmortem, Game Developer Magazine

The Anti-Communist Manifesto  
by Jamil Moledina [05.20.04]
Sparked by attending Jason Rubin's lecture at the D.I.C.E. Summit, Jamil Moledina interviews the co-founder of Naughty Dog about the importance of gaining respect and fame for game developers. Rubin compares the current state of affairs with the Hollywood of the '50s, and discusses some ideas for affecting change.
Business/Marketing, Interview, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: 3DS Max in Two Takes  
by spencer lindsay, Michael Dean [05.12.04]
For the first time, we have two reviewers test the same product--3DS Max 6--reporting on the areas of the product that each uses most in their everyday work. We lead off with Take One--Michael Dean's perspective, focusing on the modeling and texturing improvements since 3DS Max 5. In Take Two, Spencer Lindsay covers the rendering and animation improvements, while overlapping Dean's coverage of the Vertex Paint module. In the end, both give 3DS Max 6 high (but slightly different) scores, and slightly different recommendations on whether you should upgrade.
Art, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Game Development Salary Survey 2003  
by jennifer olsen [02.10.04]
This year's salary survey is based upon almost 3000 responses from readers of Game Developer magazine, Gamasutra, and attendees of the Game Developers Conference. Once again, programmers reigned supreme in the cash derby.
Audio, Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Art, Game Developer Magazine, Salary Surveys

From The Ground Up: Creating A Core Technology Group  
by Clinton Keith [08.01.03]
Hardware and technology are changing rapidly, and game development teams and budgets have consequently grown to keep pace. However, the methods for creating game technology have not kept up. By using his own Sammy Studios as an example, Keith tells us why this needs to change.
Programming, Production, Game Developer Magazine

Developing Online Console Games  
by Pete Isensee, Steve Ganem [03.28.03]
All the major consoles now support online gaming. But console game designers are face challenges that designers of multiplayer PC games have not encountered. This article examines the world of multiplayer game development with current-generation consoles, along with the limitations online console game development presents.
Design, Programming, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: NXN's Alienbrain 6  
by Jeremy Gordon [02.15.03]
Alienbrain is an artist- and designer- friendly digital asset management system. The recently released version 6.0, however, touts beefier software configuration management (SCM) features, which when combined with a new pricing model ($690 for the Developer Client, $990 for the Designer Client, and $1,990 for the Manager Client (all for Windows), though custom packages are available) allow you to get the whole team using the same software package for revision control.
Programming, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: Native Instruments' Kontakt 1
by Aaron Marks [02.15.03]
Anyone considering a versatile software-based sampler should take a close look at Native Instruments' Kontakt. This full featured, easy-to-use program mirrors the capabilities of expensive hardware samplers while adding its own unique sound creation tools, giving the $399 (MSRP) price tag greater value.
Audio, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: Xoreax Software's Incredibuild  
by Justin Lloyd [02.15.03]
Xoreax's Incredibuild provides the answer for the programmer looking for the equivalent of distributed makefiles spread over a compilation "render" farm. Incredibuild performs a distributed compilation of your C and C++ source files across multiple computers connected via a TCP/IP network - whether a 56Kbps modem or a 802.11b WiFi - running Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, or XP.
Programming, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine