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September 22, 2019
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Features » Interview
Nintendo: Sticking With Korea - NOK President Mineo Koda Speaks 4
by Nick Rumas [01.21.10]
Nintendo of Korea was just formed in July 2006, but in a short period of time, it's been able to find success in a market notoriously difficult for non-PC platforms. NOK head Mineo Koda explains how.
Business/Marketing, Interview

The Game Master On Then And Now 8
by Christian Nutt, Brandon Sheffield [01.15.10]
Hudson Soft's "game master" Toshiyuki Takahashi (aka Takahashi Meijin) analyzes the current state of the gaming market in Japan and the U.S. from his veteran's perspective, while also filling us in on some of the background details of the company's retro heyday.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview

The Auteur Forum: Mechner and Chahi on Inspiration 15
by Eric Viennot [01.11.10]
Two creators of early cinematic masterpieces (Prince of Persia, Another World) ruminate on the nature of inspiration, why they walked away from game development at different points in their careers, the shape of the industry, and the process for getting your ideas out into the world.
Design, Interview, Indie

Bonus Feature: Time For Taito: From Space Invaders To Cooking Mama 4
by Brandon Sheffield [01.11.10]
A 20 year veteran and designer of Space Invaders Extreme 2 analyzes the past, present, and future of the venerable arcade and console developer, which survives as Square Enix's arcade arm.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview

Leave 'Em In The Dust: CCP Asia On Chinese Collaboration 2
by Christian Nutt [01.04.10]
More than a destination for cheap outsourcing work, Shanghai presents an opportunity for quality full-scale development, say Larry Herring and Jing Yu Zhu, key figures behind CCP Asia's EVE Online console shooter spin-off Dust 514.
Business/Marketing, Interview, Social/Online

The Art Of Game Polish: Developers Speak 17
by J. Matthew Zoss [12.22.09]
Polishing a game can lead to vastly increased user satisfaction -- but how do you identify, execute, and allocate resources for the polish process? Developers from BioWare, Epic Games, and other studios weigh in.
Design, Programming, Interview

Ron Gilbert: A New Adventure 4
by Chris Remo [12.21.09]
Adventure game veteran and Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert talks to Gamasutra on the production processes behind his once-episodic title DeathSpank, and how the very nature of game development influences creative direction.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview

Pondering Indie Spirit: Derek Yu Speaks 80
by Brandon Sheffield [12.11.09]
Spelunky creator and independent figurehead Derek Yu talks about the broadening definition of "indie" and why he's "very happy" with that definition being "kind of gray."
Business/Marketing, Design, Programming, Interview, Indie

Out of the Blue: Naoto Ohshima Speaks 2
by Brandon Sheffield [12.04.09]
Sonic the Hedgehog character designer Naoto Ohshima expounds upon the early days of Sega's mascot, recollects design choices in the Saturn game Nights, and explains why it's important to make games that are "just a little new."
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview

Heavy Dreams: Pushing Interactive Narrative 9
by Brandon Sheffield [11.30.09]
Quantic Dream's ambitious upcoming PS3 title, Heavy Rain, looks to change the definition of "interactive movie." The studio's co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere explains how he thinks Heavy Rain can show people that games can be truly meaningful.
Design, Art, Interview