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June 28, 2022
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Nordic Game Jam 2008: 134 Game Developers, 40.5 Hours and 19 Game Demos 9
by Anders Hjsted [03.12.08]
'Game jams' - in which developers get together to improvise and create games in a limited time - are a key source of creativity, and Gamasutra has a full report from the rapidly expanding 2008 Nordic Game Jam, including game links/downloads.
Design, Production, PC

Connecting Communities, Redefining Xbox Live: Chris Satchell On XNA 1
by Christian Nutt [03.07.08]
Microsoft's major announcement at this year's GDC was the launch of Xbox Live Community Games - but how will it work? Gamasutra quizzed XNA general manager Chris Satchell on this, Zune game creation, and a host of other topics.
Design, Interview, PC, Console/PC

Microsoft Excel: Revolutionary 3D Game Engine? 38
by Peter Rakos [03.06.08]
We're all familiar with the leading game engines - from Unreal Engine 3 through Source and beyond. But veteran programmer Rakos has discovered a new pretender to the throne, in the form of... Microsoft Excel?!
Design, Production, PC, Indie

Nine Paths To Indie Game Greatness 8
by david marsh [02.26.08]
The rise of the independent gaming movement is a vital one, and in this in-depth article, game development veteran Marsh showcases nine methods that indies are using to develop games with fewer resources.
Design, PC, Console/PC

Stories From The Sandbox 19
by Neil Sorens [02.14.08]
In this in-depth design article, veteran game designer Sorens examines the 'sandbox game' genre, advocating - with plenty of practical examples - that "designers can and should do more to exploit... player-generated stories".
Design, PC, Console/PC

Persuasive Games: Videogame Vignette 1
by Ian Bogost [02.12.08]
In his latest 'Persuasive Games' column on sociopolitical games, designer/author Ian Bogost analyzes the 'vignette' that is Hush, a student game which movingly chronicles the massacres of the Rwandan Civil War.
Design, PC, Serious

Interview: Richard Garriott Is From Mars 4
by N. Evan Van Zelfden [02.08.08]
You may think you know Ultima and Tabula Rasa creator Richard Garriott, but do you really understand Lord British? Gamasutra goes off-topic to chat to Garriott about games as art, his influences, and much more.
Design, Interview, PC

A History of Gaming Platforms: The Apple II 23
by Matt Barton, Bill Loguidice [01.31.08]
Gamasutra's 'History of Gaming Platforms' series follows up analyses of the C64 and the Vectrex by examining the history of the seminal Apple II, from its Woz-fueled genesis to classic Sierra/Origin game titles.
Business/Marketing, Design, PC

Gamasutra's Best Of 2007 7
by Brandon Boyer, Christian Nutt, Leigh Alexander, Simon Carless [12.31.07]
Compiling Gamasutra's happy multitude of end-of-year charts published over the last couple of weeks, including Top Developer, Trends, Poignant Game Moments, and more, we also reveal our Top Game of 2007 and compile reader comments.
PC, Console/PC, Indie

A History of Gaming Platforms: The Commodore 64 14
by Matt Barton, Bill Loguidice [10.24.07]
Gamasutra's first in a new monthly series sees game historians Loguidice and Barton debut an extremely in-depth history of gaming and creativity on the Commodore 64, from Archon to Maniac Mansion and beyond.
Business/Marketing, PC