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October 20, 2021
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Features » Postmortem
Postmortem: Big Huge Games' Rise of Nations  
by Tim Train, Brian Reynolds [06.27.03]
Formed by teammates who had worked together for nearly 10 years on best-sellers like Civilization II and Alpha Centauri, Big Huge Games had a pedigree from the outset. With its first game, Rise Of Nations, the studio hoped to expand the frontiers of the RTS genre.

Postmortem: Insomniac Games' Ratchet & Clank 2
by Ted Price [06.13.03]
When Insomniac decided to abandon its successful Spyro franchise in search of new challenges, the road was wide open. After some initial missteps, a new "odd couple," Ratchet and Clank, was born. Since its release, the game has cemented Insomniac's reputation as a top-flight studio.

Postmortem: Stardock's Galactic Civilizations  
by Brad Wardell [05.07.03]
Galactic Civilizations was up against one of the best-known space-based strategy franchises when it came out this Spring. Yet despite a smaller budget and development team, it has outshined Masters Of Orion 3 in most game reviews. Here's its story.

Postmortem: Blue Tongue Software's Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis  
by Kevin Chan [03.17.03]
Two years in the making, Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis is the first game to use this well-known license in a theme park sim, and it was Blue Tongue's first first crack at developing for multiple platforms simultaneously.

Neverwinter Nights Client/Server Postmortem 1
by Scott Greig,et al [03.06.03]
Neverwinter Nights (NWN) was supposed to be the best multiplayer Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) role-playing game (RPG) ever made. Not only were we going to tell a story of our own creation, but we were going to enable others to tell their stories, on their own servers. It sounded pretty cool to us -- then we realized that we had the task of making it! This article addresses the design for user-created content, design limitations imposed by the multiplayer focus of the game, the staffing requirements required to fulfill this vision, developing the game for multiple platforms simultaneously, and reputation systems.
Postmortem, GDC 2003

Postmortem: Pixels Past's SCSIcide  
by Joe Grand [02.26.03]
Decades after the Atari 2600 ceased production, "homebrew" developers still create games for the console, cranking out custom cartridges with soldering irons. Here's the tale of one such retro title.

Postmortem: Gas Powered Games' Dungeon Siege 4
by Bartosz Kijanka [12.18.02]
The development of Dungeon Siege was about much more than the RPG you may have played by now. Dungeon Siege was a Herculean effort by a small group of people who simultaneously started Gas Powered Games, built their first RPG, and made a hit game.
Design, Postmortem, Game Developer Magazine

Postmortem: Bioware's Neverwinter Nights  
by Scott Greig,et al [12.04.02]
Neverwinter Nights was conceived in 1997 as the ultimate pen-and-paper role-playing game simulation. The goal was to try to capture the subtleties of a pen-and-paper role-playing session in a computer game, and right from the start Bioware realized that they had greatly underestimated the effort it would take to complete a project of this size.
Design, Postmortem, Game Developer Magazine

Postmortem: Games Kitchen's Wireless Pets  
by David McQueen [11.25.02]
When The Games Kitchen began Wireless Pets, WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) was as much in its infancy as the company and the publisher was. Wireless Pets was an ambitious title. We'd never done anything that big or complex, we had to expand the company for this title, and DB had to expand their platform to handle it. Heck, we weren't even sure if WAP (or, more accurately, the usually poor implementation of WAP found on the new devices) could handle it. But we did it anyway, and it became the biggest WAP game in Europe, with over 15 million minutes of airtime on 18 operators. The SMS version looks set to repeat that success. This is the story of both WAP and SMS versions.
Postmortem, Programming

Postmortem: Presto's Whacked!  
by Michael Saladino [11.15.02]
Presto Studio's first and last foray into multiplayer console gaming. Michael Saladino explains all the lessons and pitfalls in designing this cartoony shooter.