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Nihilistic Software's Vampire: The Masquerade -- Redemption  
by Robert Huebner [08.02.00]
When Nihilistic Software was founded in 1998, one of their goals was to make a killer role-playing game and Vampire: The Masquerade -- Redemption was no exception. Nihilistic Software's Robert Huebner discusses what went right and what went wrong during the game development process.
Postmortem, Programming

Postmortem: Angel Studios' Resident Evil 2 (N64 Version) 2
by Todd Meynink [07.28.00]
When Capcom chose Angel Studios to port Resident Evil 2 to the Nintendo 64, some people had doubts the job could be done. Find out how the team charmed the N64 into revealing her secrets, enabling them to smash a two-CD Playstation game onto a 64MB cartridge, while still managing to toss in a few extras here and there.
Postmortem, Programming

Postmortem: Treyarch's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (Dreamcast Version)  
by Jamie Fristrom [06.28.00]
Treyarch thought creating the Dreamcast version of the Playstation hit Tony Hawk's Pro Skater would be a slam dunk, but there were more than a few bumps along the way.
Design, Postmortem, Programming

Postmortem: Epic Games' Unreal Tournament 3
by Brandon Reinhart [06.09.00]
Epic Games' follow-up to Unreal had an unusual development cycle and a very loose development process. Working between two countries, the teams at Epic Games and Digital Extremes survived stiff competition as they struggled to evolve a single-player game into a deathmatch-oriented design.
Postmortem, Programming

Postmortem: Surreal Software's Drakan: Order of the Flame 1
by Stuart Denman [04.18.00]
The story of Drakan is as much the story of young Surreal Software. Founded by a group of relative greenhorns, Surreal incorporated many different traditional game play elements into one unique and successful titles. Stuart Denman takes us behind the scenes of Surreal's first effort.
Design, Postmortem

Postmortem: Westwood Studios' Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun  
by Rade Stojsavljevic [04.04.00]
Working on a sequel to a wildly successful game is usually a quick lesson in "you can't please all of the people all of the time." Rade Stojsavljevic details how the team at Westwood pooled their talent and experience in the real-time strategy genre to come up with a winning sequel to Command and Conquer.
Design, Postmortem

Postmortem: Ensemble Studio's Age of Empires II: Age of Kings  
by Matthew Pritchard [03.07.00]
How do you follow-up a multi-million-selling, runaway hit? Very carefully, as Matt Pritchard explains. Find out how the team at Ensemble Studios fought the urge to rest on their laurels and committed themselves to turning out yet another stunner.
Design, Postmortem, Programming

Postmortem: Sierra's SWAT3 Close Quarters Battle  
by Jim Napier [03.06.00]
The goal was to recreate the SWAT experience: instead of shooting everything that moves, the designers of SWAT3 wanted to create a simulation where winning a mission meant following proper SWAT tactics: using proper room clearing techniques, ordering suspects to drop their weapons, and, yes, using deadly force when necessary. But it also had to be fun. Jim Napier details how SWAT3 found the balance between fun and realism.
Design, Postmortem, Programming

Postmortem: Zombie's SpecOps: Rangers Lead the Way  
by Wyeth Ridgway [02.01.00]
This third-person combat sim had to deliver up to 10,000 polygons per frame at real-time frame rates all while upholding rigorous standards of realism. Lead programmer Wyeth Ridgway discusses the features of the Viper engine created for SpecOps as well as what went right and wrong in development.
Design, Postmortem, Programming

Postmortem: Redstorm's Rainbow Six  
by Brian Upton [01.21.00]
This project had everything going for it: an eager and talented development team and an endorsement and license from a well-known celebrity. But sometimes ambition and technology can conspire against a game project. Find out how Red Storm overcame unseen adversity to release this fast paced tactical shooter.
Design, Postmortem, Programming