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September 25, 2021
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Product Review: Visual SlickEdit 8  
by Justin Lloyd [06.15.03]
SlickEdit supports a wide range of languages and project environments, and there's new support for pre- and post-build steps. It now supports Borland JBuilder, Visual Studio .NET, C# for Linux and UNIX, several scripting languages (Lex, YACC, ANTLR), Verilog, SAS, and XML schemas, and has improved support for Apache Jakarta Ant and various flavors of makefiles. XML editing is easy and powerful using a tree view, and SlickEdit lets you add, remove, and search XML elements and XML attributes via either local or HTTP-located DTD.
Programming, Product Reviews

Product Review: Tommy Tallarico Studios' SFX Kit  
by Aaron Marks [06.15.03]
Sound Ideas has released a new sound effects library designed specifically for the game and interactive entertainment industries, and it's pretty darned good. The SFX Kit, created by Tommy Tallarico Studios, boasts seven CDs comprising 19,655 game-relevant .WAV sound effects, arranged in 110 categories with an included searchable database for both Macintosh and PC. This collection's highlight is its utility - practically every sound effect can be plugged straight into a game off the shelf, either as a one-shot or ready-made loop.
Audio, Product Reviews

Product Review: 20-Inch LCD Display Roundup  
by spencer lindsay [06.15.03]
Spencer Lindsay gathers up four popular 20" LCD monitors of different makes and reviews them for your viewing pleasure. Read on and see which one wins out and gives the most bang for your dollar.
Art, Product Reviews

Product Review: Havok 2: All Rag-Dolled Up 1
by Justin Lloyd [05.15.03]
In response to what must be an all-too-frequently asked question, Havok 2.0 broadens its scope to include character physics much more prominently over earlier versions. In that sense Havok 2.0 is not an upgrade, it's a whole new product. New demos show off this functionality to good effect over previous releases.
Programming, Product Reviews

Product Review: Real-Time Shader Programming  
by Jeremy Jessup [05.15.03]
In Real-Time Shader Programming, Ron Fosner describes the essential elements necessary for developing shaders in a very approachable full-color book that spans just over 400 pages.
Programming, Art, Product Reviews

Product Review: Singular Inversions' FaceGen Modeller 2.2 1
by Michael Dean [05.15.03]
FaceGen Modeller 2.2 is the newest version of the face and head creation software from Singular Inversions. It has been designed to allow a user to create custom, unique faces faster than traditional 3D modeling packages typically allow.
Art, Product Reviews

Product Review: Whole Tomato's Visual Assist .NET 7.1 and 6.0  
by Noel Llopis [04.15.03]
If you're using Visual Studio, chances are you've heard of Visual Assist. For the three of you who haven't, it's a plug-in for Visual Studio (.NET or 6.0) intended to improve the everyday tasks of C++ programming.
Programming, Product Reviews

Product Review: Alias|Wavefront's Maya 4.5  
by spencer lindsay [04.15.03]
For an incremental update, Alias|Wavefront has presented in Maya 4.5 a fair number of advancements, including Fluid Effects, Smooth Proxy, a large number of API enhancements, new (and groovy) snapping tools, sub-d to NURBS conversion, interface changes that facilitate better workflow, and new polygon and beveling tools. But are these improvements significant enough to warrant an upgrade?
Art, Product Reviews

Product Review: Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications  
by Jeremy Jessup [04.15.03]
Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications describes elementary and advanced techniques to simulate the audio components of dynamic systems using physics. While the book is not specifically directed toward game developers, the application to game development is clear. The book's organization is easily to follow through three sections detailing digital audio, sound modeling, and simulation of real-world instruments.
Audio, Product Reviews

Product Review: Discreet's Character Studio 4  
by Michael Dean [03.15.03]
Character Studio 4 is the latest release of Discreet's popular character animation package for 3DS Max. CS4 finally brings nonlinear animation (NLA) to 3DS Max. New features give animators a lot more freedom and ability to create unique motion sets with a minimum of tedium and frustration.
Art, Product Reviews