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September 25, 2021
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Product Review: CEBAS's GhostPainter  
by Sergio Rosas [11.15.02]
GhostPainter is a great tool for game developers that use Photoshop and 3DS Max. The program links a material's texture map in Max with the current file in Photoshop and becomes a simple but powerful 3D paint program.
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Product Review: Sonic Foundry's Acid Pro 4.0  
by Gene Porfido [11.15.02]
This is not your momma's Acid Pro. The last time I took a good look at Acid was version 2.x, and while the looping creativity was inspiring, I felt it lacked some of the strong points that full MIDI/audio sequencers have. Version 4.0, however, is so packed with features that it's hard to ignore. The incredible loop flexibility that has made Acid famous is back with a vengeance, and there are a host of new features that make Version 4.0 exciting and intense as an audio tool, regardless of what project you're working on.
Audio, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: Intel's VTune 6 Performance Analyzer  
by Andi Smithers [10.23.02]
Intel’s VTune has a long-standing reputation as one of the better tools for application analysis — at least for applications headed for Intel-based systems. Andi Smither's hadn’t touched it since version 3.5, and was more than curious to see what new improvements were implemented in the new version 6.
Programming, Product Reviews, Game Developer Magazine

Product Review: Robert McNeel and Associates' Rhinoceros 2.0  
by Tom Carroll [10.18.02]
Using NURBS, almost any object that can be imagined can be described as a combination of relatively simple forms. Finding those forms is up to the individual artist or designer, and bringing them together is made much easier with Rhinoceros 2.0 - affectionately called Rhino by those who use it - a 3D design package developed by Robert McNeel & Associates. For the price, a relatively modest $895, Rhino is the highest-quality, most feature rich modeling package on the market today.
Art, Product Reviews

Product Review: Famous3D ProFace Complete  
by Steve Boelhouwer [10.15.02]
At its heart, ProFace Complete, the latest incarnation of Famous3D Animator, is a cluster animation tool. The program has a wealth of features specifically designed for the efficient tagging, weighting, and animating of vertex or NURBS point clusters. ProFace has strong ties to a motion capture workflow, but it's also quite easy to rig and animate a head without the benefit of mocap data.
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Product Review: Apple Titanium Powerbook G4  
by David Stripinis [10.15.02]
Few can look at Apple hardware like the sleek Titanium Powerbook without admiring its physical beauty, but Apple has always been handicapped by a perception that there is no software available for it. While you definitely have more options available on Windows, Lightwave, Maya, and at last Photoshop all have OS X versions available.
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Product Review: Metrowerks' CodeWarrior Wireless Studio 7  
by Ralph Barbagallo [09.15.02]
Why should you spend a dime on wireless Java development tools when Sun provides their own kit for free? Good question. For wireless game developers, Metrowerks' CodeWarrior Wireless Studio 7 definitely serves to fill a growing need. Wireless games are getting more complicated. Memory capacities are rising and multimedia capabilities are improving, and the spare-bedroom programmer banging out a mobile game in a few weekends will have to get serious. This necessitates things like debuggers, source control, and having the ability to quickly build your code for multiple handsets.
Programming, Product Reviews

Product Review: PMG's Messiah: Animate 3.0  
by Sergio Rosas [09.15.02]
With version 3.0, PMG's Messiah is no longer just a character animation plug-in for Lightwave 3D, but is now a full-featured 3D animation package busting at the seams with great features.
Art, Product Reviews

Product Review: Wacom Cintiq 18SX  
by spencer lindsay [09.15.02]
I've played with LCD pen tablets at trade shows before, but doing actual production work on Wacom's Cintiq 18SX is incredible - not that my co-workers let me get much work done when it showed up on my desk. Once the word got out that we had one of these down in our lab, every artist in the company traipsed through my office with nothing but cries of glee for this amazing tool. I had to wipe their drool off the monitor several times.
Art, Product Reviews

Product Review: Darkling Simulations' Dark Tree 2  
by Steve Theodore [08.28.02]
As audiences become more and more sophisticated about computer graphics, fractal noise and procedural woodgrain textures can no longer guarantee gushing reviews. Darkling Simulations’ Darktree 2 is the latest edition of the popular tool for artists who want to develop complex, multilayered shaders ranging from highly realistic natural surfaces to animated pyrotechnics to flatshaded cartoon renderings.
Programming, Art, Product Reviews