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Sponsored Feature: Behind the Mirror - Adding Reflection to C++ 6
by Geoff Evans [05.17.11]
In this Intel-supported Gamasutra article, Geoff Evans explores implementing a reflection system in C++ and how the payoff ultimately outweighs the effort.
Programming, Sponsored Feature - Intel

The Tale Of The Tools That Made Dead Rising 2 13
by Tom Niwinski [04.05.11]
How to handle the population and testing of an open world game with thousands of items and hundreds of NPCs? Capcom Game Studio Vancouver technical director Tom Niwinski describes the toolset the team constructed for Dead Rising 2.
Design, Programming, PC, Console/PC

Sponsored Feature: Changing the Game - Experimental Cloud-Based Ray Tracing 8
by Daniel Pohl [03.30.11]
In this Intel-sponsored article, Daniel Pohl, a leading expert in ray tracing game technologies, focuses on cloud-based, real-time ray tracing, including its advantages and a demonstration of the cloud-based rendering approach using Intel MIC Architecture.
Programming, Sponsored Feature - Intel

Beyond Façade: Pattern Matching for Natural Language Applications 7
by bruce wilcox [03.15.11]
Is the age of natural speech here? Telltale's Bruce Wilcox delves into techniques for natural language processing and contrasts AIML and Façade's approach against his own award-winning ChatScript, showing a path forward for word-based game technology.

The Player Becomes The Producer: Natural User Interface Design Impact 3
by John Nash [02.24.11]
Blitz Games Studios studio design director John Nash takes you through the process his team devised for coming up with Kinect game interfaces during the development of titles such as Yoostar 2 and Fantastic Pets 2.
Design, Programming

Bill Roper: Making MMOs Work Again 20
by Christian Nutt [02.14.11]
In this extensive interview conducted at GDC China, Bill Roper, former design director of Cryptic Studios, discusses what he sees as the broken model of MMO development in the West, and explores the negative reaction gamers had to Cryptic's Star Trek Online and Champions Online.
Business/Marketing, Design, Programming, Production, Interview, Social/Online

Where Games Go To Sleep: The Game Preservation Crisis, Part 2 10
by John Andersen [02.10.11]
In the second installment of his series on game preservation, John Andersen takes a look at the state of preservation in museums and academic archives, and examines the state of Japan's efforts to preserve its rich cultural history in games.
Business/Marketing, Design, Programming, Art

Where Games Go To Sleep: The Game Preservation Crisis, Part 1 46
by John Andersen [01.27.11]
In the first installment of his comprehensive look into the current state of classic game preservation, John Andersen delves into strange tales of what happened to Atari's source code, the surprising rescue of Sonic Spinball, and much more.
Business/Marketing, Programming, Production, Art

Adobe Vs. Unity: The Future Of 3D Web Games 40
by Array [01.12.11]
As Adobe marches towards a Q2 launch for its Molehill, the 3D version of Flash, developers must decide whether to aim for that, Unity 3D, or an in-house solution -- Gamasutra investigates.
Business/Marketing, Design, Programming, Interview, Social/Online

Postmortem: Mommy's Best Games' Explosionade 16
by Nathan Fouts [01.05.11]
Enthusiastic independent developer and Xbox Live Indie Games repeat offender Nathan Fouts comes back with a postmortem of Explosionade, a game conceived to be developed in one month to help with cash flow for his studio's efforts in developing larger titles.
Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Art, Indie, Console Digital