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Postmortem: Ronimo Games' Swords & Soldiers 5
by Jasper Koning, Fabian Akker [12.31.09]
In this in-depth postmortem, the Dutch independent developer Ronimo Games discusses what went right -- and wrong -- in creating critically acclaimed WiiWare side-scrolling console RTS Swords & Soldiers.
Audio, Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Console/PC, Indie

Sponsored Feature: Restless Entities Never Sleep -- The Back End of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning 8
by Lee Purcell [12.30.09]
In this Intel-sponsored feature, part of the Visual Computing section, the technical experts behind Mythic and EA's Warhammer Online discuss the mechanics of keeping the MMO running across multiple servers and data centers.
Programming, Visual Computing, Social/Online

The Art Of Game Polish: Developers Speak 17
by J. Matthew Zoss [12.22.09]
Polishing a game can lead to vastly increased user satisfaction -- but how do you identify, execute, and allocate resources for the polish process? Developers from BioWare, Epic Games, and other studios weigh in.
Design, Programming, Interview

Sponsored Feature: Former Game Creator Taps Unreal Engine 3 For World of Chadam  
by John Gaudiosi [12.16.09]
In this sponsored feature, part of Intel's Visual Computing site, former Monolith head Jace Hall discusses Chadam, a new Unreal Engine-powered animated series using the engine for surreal, intriguing -- and initially non-interactive -- means.
Design, Programming, Visual Computing

Postmortem: Freeverse's Top Gun For iPhone 3
by Justin Ficarrotta [12.15.09]
Freeverse designer and programmer Justin Ficarrotta recounts what went right and what went wrong with the development of the iPhone game Top Gun, and how fans should always be in mind when working on a licensed game.
Business/Marketing, Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production, Smartphone/Tablet

Pondering Indie Spirit: Derek Yu Speaks 80
by Brandon Sheffield [12.11.09]
Spelunky creator and independent figurehead Derek Yu talks about the broadening definition of "indie" and why he's "very happy" with that definition being "kind of gray."
Business/Marketing, Design, Programming, Interview, Indie

iPhone Development: Everything You Need To Know 10
by Brian Robbins [12.09.09]
iPhone developer Brian Robbins with Riptide Games gives a helpful rundown of the basics of iPhone game development, from signing up for the Dev Program to marketing tips for a finished game.
Design, Programming, Mobile Phone, Indie, Smartphone/Tablet

Shattering The Boundaries: Sidhe's Big User Testing Gains 3
by Gareth Griffiths [12.01.09]
Gareth Griffiths, user experience expert at Sidhe Interactive, explains how the studio broke down, tested, and rebuilt the brick-breaking genre with the PSN game Shatter.
Design, Programming, Indie

Postmortem: 8Monkey's Darkest of Days 5
by Jeff Russell [11.26.09]
In this in-depth postmortem, developer 8Monkey Labs explains the creation of PC and Xbox 360 time-traveling shooter Darkest Of Days, outlining exactly what went right and wrong in the creation of the ambitious title.
Audio, Design, Postmortem, Programming, Production

Book Excerpt: Game Engine Architecture 16
by Jason Gregory [11.25.09]
Gamasutra presents an excerpt from Jason Gregory's Game Engine Architecture; the book contains a huge amount of data on specifics to consider when developing a game engine.
Programming, Book Excerpts