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Sponsored Feature: Rasterization on Larrabee -- Adaptive Rasterization Helps Boost Efficiency  
by Michael Abrash [11.13.09]
In a detailed Intel-sponsored technical article, part of its Visual Computing section on Gamasutra, veteran game programmer and architect Mike Abrash (Quake) goes in-depth on how Intel's upcoming Larrabee architecture pipeline deals intelligently with rasterization.
Programming, Visual Computing

Sponsored Feature: Fluid Simulation for Video Games (Part 1) 5
by Michael Gourlay [10.15.09]
This sponsored feature, part of Intel's Visual Computing site and written by Dr. Michael J. Gourlay of the University of Central Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, begins a multi-part series that explains fluid dynamics and its simulation techniques.
Programming, Visual Computing

Sponsored Feature: Resident Evil 5 Takes Full Advantage of Intel Core i7 Processors  
by Garret Romaine [09.28.09]
In this sponsored feature, part of the Gamasutra Visual Computing microsite, Intel examines the debut of Resident Evil 5 for PC and how it's been adapted to work on the multithreaded Intel Core i7 processor.
Programming, Visual Computing

Sponsored Feature: Scaling Ambient Animations for Improved Game Experience 7
by Mike Yi & Orion Granatir [09.17.09]
In this Intel-sponsored feature, part of the Visual Computing microsite, an Intel duo introduce Horsepower, a demonstration of enhanced, multi-CPU specific ambient animation -- with full, redistributible source code included.
Programming, Visual Computing, Sponsored Feature

Gaming the System: How to Really Get Ahead in the Game Industry 20
by Brandon Sheffield [09.16.09]
In this article, originally published in Game Developer magazine, pseudonymous developers of all levels share their honest, sometimes cutting thoughts on what it takes to truly succeed in each game industry discipline.
Audio, Business/Marketing, Design, Programming, Production, Art

20 Years Of Evolution: Scott Miller And 3D Realms 9
by Benj Edwards [08.21.09]
The shareware innovator charts a path through his origins as a programmer in high school all the way to the future of his work with Radar, his new company dedicated to IP formation and evolution.
Programming, Interview, PC

Dirty Coding Tricks 61
by Brandon Sheffield [08.20.09]
When the schedule is shot and a game needs to ship, programmers may employ some dirty coding tricks to get the game out the door. Here are nine real-life examples.

From Me to Wii: Martin Hollis' Journey 6
by Simon Parkin [08.14.09]
Gamasutra sits down with former Rare game director Martin Hollis (GoldenEye 007) to discuss his career to date, his work on Bonsai Barber for WiiWare, and his thoughts on today's game business.
Design, Programming, Interview

Networks With Letters 10
by John Knottenbelt [08.12.09]
In this technical piece, Introversion's Knottenbelt discusses the 'discrete event simulation' approach to multiplayer in the upcoming Darwinia+ for Xbox Live Arcade, in which player movements and button presses are sent over the network, instead of actual positions of the thousands of in-game objects

A New Attitude To Game Engineering: Embrace Change, Re-Use, Fun 10
by Johannes Norneby, Tobias Olsson [08.06.09]
Massive Entertainment (Ground Control series) veterans Norneby and Olsson use this in-depth technical article to discuss how to radically improve your experience planning video games through applying software engineering processes to game development.
Design, Programming, Production