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September 28, 2021
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Features » Social/Online
Persuasive Games: Check-Ins Check Out 10
by Ian Bogost [02.10.10]
What's the point of achievements, and how do they interact with us in the real world? In this in-depth Gamasutra column, game designer and author Ian Bogost contrasts airline mileage programs with Foursquare and Xbox Live Achievements.
Design, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Television, Meet Games 2
by Array [02.09.10]
TV channels commissioning games, and developers who work with them -- what is the current state of this relationship, and where might it be headed? Gamasutra talks to Adult Swim, Channel 4, and Area/Code (Parking Wars) to find out.
Business/Marketing, Design, Interview, Indie, Social/Online

Moving Hardcore Gaming To The Web: Making History 31
by Matt Seegmiller [01.05.10]
Can you take your game into the browser and gain in the process? Developer Muzzy Lane (Making History series) discusses the challenges and advantages of this approach in this in-depth tech-oriented article.
Business/Marketing, Design, Programming, Serious, Social/Online

Leave 'Em In The Dust: CCP Asia On Chinese Collaboration 2
by Christian Nutt [01.04.10]
More than a destination for cheap outsourcing work, Shanghai presents an opportunity for quality full-scale development, say Larry Herring and Jing Yu Zhu, key figures behind CCP Asia's EVE Online console shooter spin-off Dust 514.
Business/Marketing, Interview, Social/Online

Sponsored Feature: Restless Entities Never Sleep -- The Back End of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning 8
by Lee Purcell [12.30.09]
In this Intel-sponsored feature, part of the Visual Computing section, the technical experts behind Mythic and EA's Warhammer Online discuss the mechanics of keeping the MMO running across multiple servers and data centers.
Programming, Visual Computing, Social/Online

Fifteen Years of Warcraft: The Interview 4
by Chris Remo [12.18.09]
Blizzard's Samwise Didier and J. Allen Brack chart the history of the Warcraft RTS and now MMO franchise from humble beginnings, while discussing the present and future of the series, the company's evolution, and the mainstreaming of geek culture.
Business/Marketing, Design, Social/Online

Rethinking the Trinity of MMO Design 55
by Brian Green [12.17.09]
Experienced MMO designer Brian "Psychochild" Green pulls at the MMO trinity -- Tank/Healer/DPS -- to examine whether or not this pillar of combat design can be pulled apart, modified, or even changed fundamentally.
Design, Social/Online

A Brave New Medium: Facebook versus World of Warcraft 11
by Michael Thomsen [12.16.09]
We speak with key figures at Facebook, ngmoco, EA, and others about interaction, interfaces, and accessibility in a digital world comprised of everything from Facebook to Modern Warfare.
Business/Marketing, Design, Social/Online

Building the Foundation of a Social Future 10
by Tony Ventrice [12.08.09]
Game designer Tony Ventrice identifies and examines the three key features of social gaming: a persistent society, a consistent sense of discovery, and virality.
Business/Marketing, Design, Social/Online

What Gamers Think About Microtransactions 16
by Daniel Kromand [12.03.09]
As game developers grapple with making microtransactions more appealing to Western gamers, Daniel Kromand interviews a group of gamers to gauge the effectiveness -- and ineffectiveness -- of current microtransaction practices.
Business/Marketing, Design, Social/Online