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May 25, 2022
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We're Going to Need Another Category: Going Hardcore on Facebook 4
by Michael Thomsen [10.11.11]
Hardcore games are invading Facebook. Who's bringing them to the platform, why are they doing it, and what are the achieving? Gamasutra talks to Kixeye, Kabam, Free Range and 2K to find out about the next wave of evolution for the social network platform.
Business/Marketing, Design, Social/Online

Interview: The Secrets Of Wooga's Social Game Success 8
by Christian Nutt [09.16.11]
You've often heard that designing for Facebook takes a different approach to console game design, but how different is it, truly? According to Wooga studio head Henric Suuronen, it's fundamentally different -- and in this interview the number three social developer explains it all.
Interview, Social/Online

World of Warcraft and Life After Cataclysm 52
by Michael Thomsen [08.31.11]
MMO juggernaut World of Warcraft has been shedding subscribers at an unexpectedly high rate since the launch of its latest expansion -- but what's the cause, and can anything be done to stem the tide? Gamasutra speaks to Blizzard, academics, and players.
Business/Marketing, Interview, Social/Online

The F-Words Of MMOs: Free-To-Play 21
by Simon Ludgate [08.16.11]
In the third installment of his feature series, Simon Ludgate examines the evolution of the free-to-play MMO, and how games can implement -- or how they should implement -- different monetization schemes for best economic benefit and user satisfaction.
Business/Marketing, Design, Social/Online

Crucial Demands: What MMO Developers Require From Publishers  
by Frank Cartwright [07.28.11]
Frank Cartwright, SVP of Product and Platform Development for GamersFirst, discusses what is absolutely essential in a developer / publisher relationship for an MMO.
Business/Marketing, Social/Online

The Man Every Facebook Developer Wants To Know 3
by Christian Nutt [07.27.11]
Gamasutra recently got a chance to sit down with Facebook's Sean Ryan, the social network giant's director of games partnerships, to find out what the company is doing for developers now that it has a team dedicated to improving the infrastructure and fielding requests.
Business/Marketing, Interview, Social/Online

The F-Words Of MMOs: Faucets 26
by Simon Ludgate [07.21.11]
In this, the second part of a three-part series, MMO economy expert Simon Ludgate examines the concept of faucets -- how money comes into the game and goes back out again, making some surprising revelations about what's truly crucial to a healthy game economy.
Design, Social/Online

The F-Words of MMORPGs: Fairness 29
by Simon Ludgate [07.05.11]
In this first installment of his look at how MMO economies function, Simon Ludgate speaks to Richard Garriott and other notable developers to hone in on the concept of fairness: how have developers preserved or destroyed it, and what effect does it have on players?
Design, Social/Online

The Next Wave of Free-to-Play: Licensing 3
by Array [06.16.11]
In this feature, Gamasutra speaks to CrowdStar, Bigpoint, and Gazillion about the opportunities and, in their opinions, increasing necessity to incorporate licensed content in free-to-play games, as a way to build engagement in a competitive marketplace.
Business/Marketing, Social/Online

The Right Amount Of Depth: Lord British Goes Social 4
by Array [06.10.11]
Lord British holds court on his plans for his social games developer Portalarium, describing his thoughts on game design and UI, audience and testing, and explaining why he no longer plays the "kinds of games you might think I would make" anymore.
Design, Interview, Social/Online