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January 23, 2018
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Updates » Console/PC
Report: Nintendo boosting Switch production, could make 30M consoles next year  
by Chris Kerr [11.10.17]
Nintendo wants to significantly ramp up Switch production, and is reportedly finalizing a plan to create another 25 million to 30 million units in the next financial year
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Conveying backstory via character and dungeon design in Sundered 1
by Alan Bradley [11.10.17]
For Sundered, we built a world with a very complex backstory, says Thunder Lotus Games creative director Will Dub, and then tried to communicate it throughout the game: through the monster and dungeon design.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Video

Video: Balancing trust, creativity, and business in game UX  
by Staff [11.09.17]
At GDC 2017's UX Summit, a panel of prominent user experience researchers, creatives, and producers acknowledged the challenge and spoke frankly about the tricky business of making good UX in games.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Design, Business/Marketing, Video, Vault

EA buys Titanfall dev Respawn Entertainment for as much as $455M 9
by Alex Wawro [11.09.17]
Electronic Arts announced today that it's cut a deal to acquireRespawn for $151million in cash, plus as much as $304 million if Respawn hits certain performance milestones through 2022.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Don't Miss: How paying for content ratings can hurt indie devs 9
by Alex Wawro [11.09.17]
This timeless 2015 story examines why some indies pay $300-$1k per platform to get their digital console game PEGI-rated for release in Europe, and how that charge affects their ability to make games.
Console/PC, Indie, Business/Marketing

EA CEO: It's only a matter of time before games embrace subscription services 15
by Alissa McAloon [11.09.17]
Evolving tech and the rise of subscription-based services could change how EA handles its annual titles like Madden NFL and FIFA.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet

Publishers argue mandated ESRB ratings puts physical indie releases at risk 9
by Alissa McAloon [11.09.17]
The new rule itself requires games to obtain an ESRB rating before being published on Sony platforms. Previously, only games seeking a retail release had to receivean ESRB rating.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Come to GDC 2018 for real talk on staying creative in difficult times  
by Staff [11.09.17]
Veteran game dev Laralyn McWilliams will explore the challenges of working in a creative field while dealing with stress, grief, & change, drawing on her own experiences dealing with cancer.
VR, Console/PC, Social/Online, Smartphone/Tablet, Indie, Serious, GDC

War Child recruits devs for second annual Armistice Day fundraiser  
by Chris Kerr [11.09.17]
The event encourages developers to create peaceful add-ons and challenges to their games to help raise cash and awareness for the charity.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Video

Humvee maker sues Activision over trademark infringement in Call of Duty 8
by Chris Kerr [11.09.17]
Automotive company AM General has filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard over the misuse of its Humvee brand in the immensely popularCall of Duty series.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Discord launches Rich Presence SDK to help devs foster communities  
by Chris Kerr [11.09.17]
Discord has unveiled "Rich Presence," a new SDK that lets developers integrate with the popular chat app to make it easier for players to jump directly into game clients and play with their friends.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, Video

Pulling back the curtain on Overwatch's development process  
by Bryant Francis [11.09.17]
We talk to two team leads on Overwatch to learn more about daily life working on Blizzard's megapopular hero shooter.
Console/PC, Design, Business/Marketing

Unity opens new L.A. office staffed by some Insomniac vets  
by Alex Wawro [11.08.17]
Unity announced this week that it's opened a new office in L.A. and brought on two Insomniac Games veterans, Andreas Fredriksson and Mike Acton, to work out of the new digs as principal engineers.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy drive strong earnings for Square Enix  
by Alex Wawro [11.08.17]
Square Enix cites a new Dragon Quest game and the rerelease of an old Final Fantasy game as key drivers in its latest six-month earnings report, which shows sales and profits on the rise.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Get a job: Blizzard Entertainment is hiring a UI Engineer  
by Staff [11.08.17]
The Irvine, CA-based World of Warcraft user interface team is looking for a UI engineer with the talent to create good UI but with the creativity and passion to make great UI.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Programming, Recruitment

Launch to launch, Call of Duty: WWII saw double Infinite Warfare's sales 1
by Alissa McAloon [11.08.17]
Activision's own estimates place the game at $500 million in sales for its three-day opening weekend.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

IO Interactive's episodic Hitman passes 7 million players  
by Alissa McAloon [11.08.17]
That milestone comes just as IO Interactive released its first major content update for Hitman since its June 2017 separation from owner Square Enix.

Attend GDC 2018 for a behind-the-scenes look at Far Cry 5's asset build system  
by Staff [11.08.17]
Ubisoft Montreal engine architectRemi Quenin will be speaking frankly about how Ubisoft fleshes outits big open-world games full of assetswithoutbringing the whole project crashing down.
Console/PC, Production, GDC

Former Quantic Dream and Sony designer opens new London studio  
by Chris Kerr [11.08.17]
Former Quantic Dream and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe designer Caroline Marchal has cut the ribbon on a new game studio in London.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing

Postmortem: The totalitarian puzzle-platformer Black The Fall 6
by Cristian Diaconescu [11.08.17]
"The journey from conception to release was a crazy ride, with ups and downs. We learned so much, made a few mistakes, and scored a lot of successes. Hopefully they'll help you."
Console/PC, Production, Business/Marketing, Video