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September 19, 2020
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Classic Tools Retrospective: The tools that built Deus Ex 7
by Gamasutra Community [10.23.18]
David Lightbown interviews Chris Norden about the history of tools development for Deus Ex. Learn how the team customized the Unreal Editor, developed dialogue and export tools, created lip-sync technology, and more.
Console/PC, Programming, Production, History

Listen to history experts discuss Assassin's Creed Odyssey 2
by Gamasutra Community [10.22.18]
Historian Bob Whitaker and Dr. Kate Cook talk about Assassin's Creed Odyssey, the Peloponnesian War, life in Athens and Sparta, women in ancient Greece, and the importance of the arts and artists in Athenian society.

The Strong adds hundreds of Skylanders prototypes and dev files to museum  
by Alissa McAloon [09.27.18]
Activision-owned Toys for Bob has donated a sizable selection of Skylanders paraphernalia to The Strong museum, including hundreds of pre-production figures and nearly one thousand pages of internal records.
Console/PC, History

iOS game collection aims to spotlight pre-mobile handheld games  
by Alissa McAloon [07.26.18]
The Original Mobile Games is live on the App Store with six digital recreations of early handled dexterity games and puzzles sourced from The Strong Museum.
Smartphone/Tablet, History

Early Pokemon Gold and Silver demo uncovers scrapped content  
by Alissa McAloon [05.31.18]
An early demo has found its way online, offering developers a rare look at some of the ideas, locations, and creatures that never made it into the final versions of the second round of Pokemon games.
Console/PC, History

Spacewar!, Tomb Raider, and others join World Video Game Hall of Fame  
by Alissa McAloon [05.03.18]
Spacewar!, John Madden Football, the original Tomb Raider, and Final Fantasy VII make up 2018Â’s inductees into The StrongÂ’s World Video Game Hall of Fame.
Console/PC, History

Tracing Sega's origins back to jukeboxes and Japanese 'gun corners'  
by Alex Wawro [04.25.18]
"We decided to manufacture [light] guns & flippers ourselves in Japan, which led us to start developing our own arcade games," said former Sega exec Akira Nagai. "That was the official start of Sega."
Console/PC, History

How Xbox got its start -- and its name 1
by Rusel DeMaria [04.13.18]
In this excerpt from Rusel deMaria's new Xbox history tome, "Game of X - Vol 1: The Untold History of Xbox", original team members recount how the Xbox project started -- and how it got its name.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History

Take a gander at how the very first arcade video games were advertised 2
by Alex Wawro [04.10.18]
A new post from the Video Game History Foundations offers an interesting look at how coin-op video games were advertised nearly 50 years ago, when most people had no idea what a video game was.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History

Tomb Raider devs recall the technical and creative hurdles that followed the series  
by Alissa McAloon [04.10.18]
A recently published interview offers a look at how the dev team overcame technical limitations of the time and how creative fatigue manifested in-game as time went on.
Console/PC, History

Nightdive shares source code for System Shock on Mac  
by Alex Wawro [04.06.18]
The folks at Nightdive Studios this week released the source code for the Mac version of Looking Glass Studios' 1994 classic System Shock.
Console/PC, Programming, History

More than 'Orcs in Space': Devs measure the enduring influence of StarCraft  
by Alan Bradley [03.30.18]
Game makers from Blizzard, Riot, Gas Powered Games, and more cast themselves back to the strange, hazy days of the late '90s to talk about how StarCraft changed the way they thought about game design.
Console/PC, Design, Business/Marketing, History

DDR, Half-Life, and Minecraft among 2018 World Video Game Hall of Fame nominees 1
by Alissa McAloon [03.27.18]
The Strong Museum of Play has revealed its fourth annual list of potential inductees into the museumÂ’s World Video Game Hall of Fame.
Console/PC, Smartphone/Tablet, History

25 years on, devs reflect on the influence and impact of Star Fox
by Jon Irwin [03.23.18]
An original Star Fox programmer (who also coded the stretchy Mario 64 face) joins other devs influenced by his work to talk about the development and enduring legacy of Nintendo's first Super FX game.
Console/PC, Design, Production, History

The making of Dark Castle: An excerpt from The Secret History of Mac Gaming 3
by Richard Moss [03.22.18]
Gamasutra contributor Richard Moss tells the story of how seminal Mac game Dark Castle was made (including how the devs basically invented voice acting) in this chapter from his new book.
Console/PC, Business/Marketing, History, Video

Sonic the Hedgehog's origin story, according to the devs who made him 1
by Alex Wawro [03.21.18]
At GDC today original Sonic devs Naoto Oshima and Hirokazu Yasuhara talked about how they designed the game's iconic main character and its many twisting, turning levels.
Console/PC, Art, Design, History, GDC

Now you can muck around with the Build engine successor: Build2  
by Alex Wawro [03.09.18]
Update Roughly twelve years after he started working on it, Build engine creator Ken Silverman has published a working version of its unfinished successor: Build2. 
Console/PC, Programming, History, Video

Devs reflect on the impact and legacy of Burnout Paradise 2
by Samuel Horti [03.06.18]
We could have titled this feature (in which Burnout Paradise co-creator Alex Ward & other devs reflect on the design & impact of the influential open-world racer) Paradise Lost & Found, but we didn't.
Console/PC, Indie, Design, History

Don't Miss: Dissecting Super Mario Kart's revoutionary game design 2
by Jon Irwin [02.01.18]
In this timeless feature, Gamasutra chats with a dev, a historian, and some pro players about the enduring legacy of Super Mario Kart - and how it influenced so many other games.
Console/PC, Design, History

Here's a look at what you'll find in GDC 2018's Retro Play showcase!  
by Staff [01.25.18]
Here's an early look at what to expect from the exhibitors showcasing classic games and hardware at GDC Retro Play, the interactive space at GDC 2018 dedicated to video game history!
Console/PC, Design, History, GDC