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May 19, 2022
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Updates » IGF
Combining bombastic heists with a fully destructible voxel world in Teardown  
by Joel Couture [07.21.21]
"The destruction came first, and the setting was more or less retrofitted to suit the technology. It was important to me that destruction would be used for actual gameplay and not just as an effect."
Design, Video, IGF

How ecological adventure In Other Waters's planet-wide mystery gives players hope  
by Joel Couture [07.20.21]
"My aim was to make In Other Waters a game which brings the player through the despair of discovering the history of climate change and human ecological destruction towards a position of hope."
Video, IGF

Sparking joy through tile placement in idyllic village builder Dorfromantik 1
by Joel Couture [07.19.21]
"One of our core philosophies when making games is that the interaction the player does the most has to feel as satisfying as possible."
Video, IGF

Using photography to document the end of the world in Umurangi Generation  
by Joel Couture [07.16.21]
"...what is going on is obvious to anyone walking through it, but you see things like political discourse and marketing try to talk around the problem and make the populace feel comfortable..."
Console/PC, Design, Production, Video, IGF

Allegorizing the Millennial adolescent experience in Nightmare Temptation Academy 1
by Joel Couture [07.15.21]
"I wanted my game to feel like a safe space for expressing your transgressive/shadow side with the kind of freedom I used to feel when exploring the early web."
Video, IGF

Forging connections through concertos in poetic platformer Symphonia  
by Joel Couture [07.14.21]
"We wanted a kind of connection between the player and their surroundings, and this connection reaches its peak during the concertos where the character and the scenery come into harmony."
Design, Production, Video, IGF

How a happy accident inspired narrative adventure Lost Words: Beyond the Page  
by Joel Couture [07.13.21]
"I accidentally ended up with a sentence stuck in the middle of the screen and the character just standing on it. When I saw that, it seemed really striking and unlike anything I'd seen before..."
Video, IGF

How board games helped inspire tile-hopping puzzler Carto  
by Joel Couture [07.12.21]
"The final art style is like a delicate paper world. Every visual element is there to help the player feel pleasant and comfortable, which is what we aimed for in the beginning."
Video, IGF

Creating a visual language that makes sense of the madness in Call of the Sea  
by Joel Couture [07.09.21]
"...we conceived the visual style as a key element to translate the emotions and feelings Norah is having on the Island. It reflects her admiration, fascination, and the discovery she is going through."
Video, IGF

The relaxing, open-world puzzle design of A Monster's Expedition  
by Joel Couture [07.08.21]
"The way that the music is calming, and even quiets down as you pause to think about a tricky puzzle, really lends itself to a sort of “puzzle-solving meditation” style of play..."
Console/PC, Indie, Video, IGF

Using mundane objects to evoke heartfelt memories in Some Old Stuff  
by Joel Couture [07.07.21]
"When you find an object you have not seen for a long time, you start to figure out why you had that object. That moment felt very human to me."
Video, IGF

Exploring the subliminal spaces between strobing lights in Gaël Bourhis' Kristallijn  
by Joel Couture [07.06.21]
The developer of Kristallijn share what interested them in exploring the space between the blinks of a strobe light, and what questions the game aims to ask as players see what lies in the moments of darkness.
Console/PC, Indie, Video, IGF

Using audio to emphasise the positive power of 'NO!' in Studio Fizbin's Say No! More  
by Joel Couture [07.02.21]
"When we spoke to the people who played the prototype, we didnÂ’t talk about our game, but more about our personal relationship with the word 'No' and how hard it is for us to say it."
Video, IGF

Finding hope in the maniacal absurdity of The Game Band's Blaseball  
by Joel Couture [07.01.21]
"Blaseball emulates the brokenness of systems that we see around us; the absurdity lets us step back from it, laugh, and maybe learn a little bit."
Video, IGF

Playing with expectation to create tension in Local Space Survey Corps, LLC's Vessels  
by Joel Couture [06.30.21]
Vessels is a game of ever-shifting identities and pretending to be who you need to be to stay alive, doing anything you can to get out of being dumped into space.
Video, IGF

Creating Blind Drive, an audio sensory driving game experienced through sound 1
by Joel Couture [06.29.21]
"Another major draw for us was the ability of sound to create a deep sense of immersion quite different from what is possible with graphics," say the developers of Blind Drive.
Video, IGF

Creating conversations from card game mechanics in Signs of the Sojourner  
by Joel Couture [06.28.21]
"Our hope is that while playing, folks will consider who they want to build relationships with, and how, and why, rather than the equivalent of blasting through every branch in a dialogue tree."
Indie, Art, Design, Video, IGF

Inside the thoughtful design of Thunder Lotus' Spiritfarer  
by Joel Couture [06.25.21]
"...we, as a team, engaged in deep introspection, thinking about the people around us who had an impact in our lives and who had passed away." said the Creative Director of Spiritfarer.
Indie, Video, IGF

Bending genres and breaking rules in There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension  
by Joel Couture [06.24.21]
"What can you do if you don't control the characters? It's like looking at a painting and instead of giving us brushes, we are asked to play with the frame." says the developer of There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension.
Indie, Video, IGF

From action-packed Furi to relaxing romance Haven: A Q&A with The Game Bakers  
by Joel Couture [06.21.21]
"The problem with love is that it's hard to translate into game mechanics...I wanted to feel that relationship throughout the gameplay," says Emeric Thoa, creative director of Haven.
Video, IGF