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May 20, 2022
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Updates » Student/Education
Educational Feature: Paper Prototyping 2
by Jill Duffy [10.07.08]
To make casual games for the iPhone, students at the ETC at Carnegie Mellon used paper prototypes in their pre-development planning. A new article on GameCareerGuide.
Console/PC, Student/Education

Ask the Experts: QA 4eva? 2
by Jill Duffy [10.06.08]
In the latest advice column from GameCareerGuide, a reader admits to working in quality assurance testing for nearly ten years, and by golly, isn’t that enough already? Jennifer Bullard, a senior producer at Aspyr
Console/PC, Student/Education

Student Postmortem: Technical University of Dresdens BOUND  
by Jill Duffy [09.30.08]
Gamasutra sister educational site GameCareerGuide has just posted a student postmortem of BOUND, a unique two-player co-operative touchscreen game based on
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG Posts Results of 'Challenge: Marketing Bullets' 1
by Jill Duffy [09.26.08]
GameCareerGuide, Gamasutra’s sister site for game dev education, hosts a weekly Game Design Challenge, and has revealed the results of the most recent one, centered ar
Console/PC, Student/Education

Educational Feature: The Idea is Not the Game 6
by Jill Duffy [09.23.08]
It's been said that good ideas are a dime a dozen, but what are aspiring game designers supposed to make of that advice? has just posted a new article about where and Console/PC, Student/Education

Ask the Experts: My PhD and Me!  
by Jill Duffy [09.22.08]
Is having a PhD any use at all in the game industry? In this week’s ‘Ask the Experts’ column,’s Jill Duffy and Ian Bogost of Georgia Tech and Persuasive Games discuss whether this advanced degree is actually useful for getting into the
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG Feature: Are Video Games Bad for Comics? 1
by Jill Duffy [09.19.08]
In a new article on sister site, Albert T. Ferrer asks, 'Are video games bad for comics?'', talking to Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe's
Console/PC, Student/Education

Student Postmortem: NJIT and Bloomfield Colleges The Forgotten War  
by Jill Duffy [09.16.08]
When a team of students from the NJ Institute of Technology snagged a group of professional game developers to work with them on a project, they knew they were in for a treat. has a Console/PC, Student/Education

Parsons Students Conduct LittleBigPlanet Game Jam  
by Jill Duffy [09.12.08]
Sony and Parsons The New School have announced they will host a 24-hour game jam this month, in which students will compete to make game levels for the upcoming PlayStation 3 title LittleBigPlanet.
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG Posts Game Marketing Challenge, Results of Olympic Challenge 1
by Jill Duffy [09.11.08], which runs a weekly game design challenge for students and newcomers to the game industry, has this week posted a game marketing challenge. The
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG Interview: Tara Teich, LucasArts Programmer Exclusive  
by Jill Duffy [09.09.08]
Tara Teich, a lead AI and gameplay engineer at LucasArts, shares her experience of what it’s like to work as a programmer in the game industry in a new interview on GameCareer
Console/PC, Student/Education, Exclusive

Ask the Experts: The Game Designer’s Bookshelf 2
by Jill Duffy [09.08.08]
In the latest ‘Ask the Experts’ advice column from, a reader asks for some reading material to get himself better acquainted with matters of game design.
Console/PC, Student/Education, Design

GCG's Design Challenge: RPG Competition, Weapons Winners Announced Exclusive 1
by Jill Duffy [09.04.08]
Sister site, which runs a weekly game design challenge, has announced a new competition involving scripting a mini-quest for a fantasy RPG,
Console/PC, Student/Education, Exclusive, Design

GCG: Shred Nebula Releases Design Documents Exclusive 5
by Jill Duffy [09.03.08]
CrunchTime Games’ Shred Nebula was recently released on Xbox Live Arcade – and now founder and CEO James Goddard has freely published its d
Console/PC, Student/Education, Exclusive, Design

Education Feature: Pulling the Plug 1
by Jill Duffy [09.02.08]
Lewis Pulsipher, a game design instructor, has just published an article on called ‘Pulling the Plug: In Defense of Non-Digital Teaching and
Console/PC, Student/Education

Upcoming Competition To Benefit ESA Foundation Scholarships  
by Leigh Alexander [08.27.08]
The upcoming Level Up charity games competition held during Austin GDC will benefit the ESA Foundation's Scholarship Program, which provides tuition grants to women and minority students studying video games.
Console/PC, Student/Education, GDC Online

Disney/Pixar President to Accept First Randy Pausch Prize  
by Jill Duffy [08.26.08]
Ed Catmull, president of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, will accept the first Randy Pausch Prize from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, it was announced today. Game/entertainment veteran Pausch, who passed away in Jul
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG: The Professional Game Manual Maker Exclusive  
by Jill Duffy [08.26.08]
Belinda M. Van Sickle has one of those ‘other’ jobs in the game industry, the kind that doesn’t fit neatly into the designer-artist-programmer triangle., Gamasutra’s sister site for game-related careers and education, has just posted a
Console/PC, Student/Education, Exclusive

GCG: 'Ask the Experts: Is it Game Enough?'  
by Jill Duffy [08.25.08]
A traditional university student writes to the 'Ask the Experts' column on, asking whether to ditch computer science and pursue game graphics at
Console/PC, Student/Education

GCG: Zimmerman and the Systems Approach Exclusive  
by Jill Duffy [08.22.08]
Eric Zimmerman, co-founder and chief design officer of Gamelab (Diner Dash), believes in taking a systems approach to game design. Sister site has just Console/PC, Student/Education, Exclusive