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July 23, 2018
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Video: The tools used to design Rayman Legends 1
by Emma Kidwell [01.31.18]
In this 2014 GDC session Ubisoft Montpellier's Chris McEntee describes the design team's approach to creating the worlds of Rayman Legends.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Game Design Deep Dive: Creating comfortable UI for VR strategy in Skyworld 2
by Paul van der Meer [01.31.18]
"Although there is a strong urge to use as many real-life interactions as possible, this gets physically tiresome quickly. Make sure you require the least amount of strain to play." - Paul van der Meer, VR game designer at Vertigo Games,
VR, Console/PC, Indie, Programming, Design, Production, Video, Deep Dive

Making 3D climbing work in an isometric RPG: Seven: The Days Long Gone  
by Bryant Francis [01.30.18]
The developers of Seven: The Days Long Gone sit down to share some technical insight into the design of their isometric CRPG.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Video: How artists embraced change in BioShock Infinite  
by Emma Kidwell [01.29.18]
In this GDC 2014 session, artist Gavin Goulden discusses the development of Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite and BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea in the context of an asset pipeline.
Console/PC, Art, Video

How Anamorphine strives to depict mental health differently  
by Emma Kidwell [01.29.18]
In a Noclip Sessions interview, producer at Artifact 5 Samantha Cook discusses the challenges of depicting mental health in a surreal way for their upcoming title Anamorphine
Indie, Design, Video

Video: How to solve design problems through examining real sports  
by Emma Kidwell [01.26.18]
In this 2013 GDC session, game designer Bennett Foddy discusses five different ways that real world sports have solved risk/reward problems in game design.
Design, Video

Blizzard is monitoring YouTube videos to curb toxic Overwatch behavior  
by Alissa McAloon [01.26.18]
Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan says that the team is making strides on better policing toxic and harmful in-game behavior, partially by being proactive outside the game itself.
Console/PC, Social/Online, Video

Video: Developing Rogue Legacy on a budget  
by Emma Kidwell [01.25.18]
In this 2014 talk, Cellar Door Games' Kenny Lee and Teddy Lee discuss the creation of Rogue Legacy and how they spent under $15k by prioritizing solutions that were cheap, fast, and reusable.
Indie, Business/Marketing, Video

Art Design Deep Dive: Using a 3D pipeline for 2D animation in Dead Cells 4
by Thomas Vasseur [01.25.18]
"To make up for the lack of bandwidth and still deliver on quality, we had to find a pipeline that could give us great looking pixel art, without having to hand draw each and every retake," writes Dead Cells artist Thomas Vasseur.
Console/PC, Indie, Art, Production, Video, Deep Dive

Video: How powerful skies define narrative in The Last of Us 1
by Emma Kidwell [01.24.18]
In this 2014 GDC session, Guerrette walks through the artistic considerations of creating a compelling, dramatic sky to cast as a backdrop for The Last of Us

Iconoclasts developer talks making a game that just 'feels right'  
by Bryant Francis [01.24.18]
We talked to the solo developer who brought the side-scrolling Iconoclasts to life.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Talk to the creator of Iconoclasts at 3PM EST  
by Bryant Francis [01.24.18]
We're talking to the developer behind the relentlessly charming Iconoclasts at 3PM EST!
Console/PC, Design, Video

Video: Examining educational games through the lens of 'fun'  
by Emma Kidwell [01.23.18]
In this 2015 GDC talk, GlassLab's Erin Hoffman presents a new theory of "fun" by positing fun as shorthand for a very complex psychological process by which humans convert stress into satisfaction through insight.
Serious, Design, Video

Video: How Slime Rancher devs used constraints to aid in design  
by Emma Kidwell [01.22.18]
In this 2017 GDC postmortem, Monomi Park's Nick Popovich discusses the development history of Slime Rancher and how it was managed during its first year of early access.
Indie, Design, Video

Gamasutra Asks: What to make of Nintendo Labo? 1
by Alex Wawro [01.22.18]
Real talk: What's Nintendo trying to achieve by releasing DIY cardboard accessories for the Switch? How might it shape the course of game dev? What does this mean for Switch devs outside Nintendo?
Console/PC, Indie, Design, Business/Marketing, Video

Gamasutra talks to Arena of Valor audio designer Richard Ludlow  
by Bryant Francis [01.19.18]
Interested in audio workflow solutions, or how procedural audio generation might impact game development? Check out this conversation with GDC 2018 speaker Richard Ludlow.
Console/PC, Audio, Video

Get insights about working in game audio at 6PM EST!  
by Bryant Francis [01.19.18]
We're talking with game audio veteran Richard Ludlow at 6PM EST. Come ask your questions!
Console/PC, Audio, Video

Video: Producers should be making more to-do lists  
by Emma Kidwell [01.18.18]
In this 2015 GDC Session, Oculus' Bernard Yee offers advice for producers who manage a team and project's to-do list, why they are important and how to be effective on a daily basis.

Inside the Harebrained task of reviving Battletech  
by Bryant Francis [01.18.18]
Battletech game director Mike McCain of Harebrained Schemes sits down to discuss the digital revival of Battletech and its broader implications for strategy game design.
Console/PC, Design, Video

Video: Behind the minimalistic visual design of Mini Metro  
by Emma Kidwell [01.17.18]
In this 2017 GDC session, Mini Metro developer Jamie Churchman examines how visual design and user interface decisions play a role in creating a gratifying experience for the player in Mini Metro.
Indie, Video