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May 24, 2022
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Check out the latest VR tech at GDC 2016's VR Lounge
GDC 2016 is a week away, so as you're planning your schedule don't forget to make time for all the great interactive spaces at the show, including the VR Lounge!
03.06.16 | News | Staff
Alt.CTRL.GDC Showcase: Baumgarten & Autio's Rotator
"Our controller is three big motorized steering wheels. The idea is to experiment with different ways the wheels can work -- maintain constant motion, reverse directions, wind up a spring, and so on."
03.06.16 | News | Chris Baker
Alt.Ctrl.GDC showcase: Videogamo's Dobotone
"Our two-button controllers totally impact game design. Narrowing the core variables allows other branches to grow in unexpected ways. Every new game idea carries a new challenge for us."
03.03.16 | News | John Bridgman
Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Threadsteading
"We wanted to work on a game that would involve real time control on a quilting machine. The mechanics are inspired by the Empire Builder railroad-building games and territorial control board games."
03.02.16 | News | Joel Couture | 1 Number of Comments 
Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Mike Lazer-Walker's Hello, Operator
Mike Lazer-Walker's time management sim casts players as a harried telephone operator manually connecting callers. It's controller is a vintage telephone switchboard with a daunting tangle of cables.
03.01.16 | News | John Bridgman
Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Le Chant du Cygne's Palimpseste
"Our headgear is a controller that enables players to change the color filter through which they look at the screen. Each filter transforms how the game world is perceived."
02.29.16 | News | Joel Couture
Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Genualdi, Lam, and Yi's Crank Tank
"Instead of moving around a joystick to drive a tank, players have to actually turn the tank's treads using a pair large hand cranks made out of 3/4'' Baltic birch wood."
02.25.16 | News | Chris Baker | 2 Number of Comments 
Alt.Ctrl.GDC showcase: Sensible Object's Fabulous Beasts
"Fabulous Beasts is a co-op game in which you build a tower of beast-shaped pieces on your tabletop. As you stack each one, it pops into a fabulous world on a connected tablet or smartphone."
02.22.16 | News | Bryant Francis
Alt.Ctrl.GDC Showcase: Pretty Fox Games' Slap Friends!
Terrence Tolman tells us about his "silly no-button fighting game with a wearable twist," which is part of this year's Alt.Ctrl.GDC showcase of unique interface innovations.
02.16.16 | News | Joel Couture | 1 Number of Comments 
Alt.Ctrl.GDC showcase: OnlySlightly's The Von Neumann Personality Test
Inspired by personality tests, 1-900 number psychics, and his own experiences with conversion therapy, Matt Hudgins came up with a game that's played via an old-school corded phone and a CRT TV.
02.10.16 | News | Bryant Francis
Check out this lineup of exciting interactive spaces at GDC 2016
Don't miss some of the highlights of the Game Developers Conference 2016 show floors this year, including a tabletop game showcase, the Indie MEGABOOTH and the alt.ctrl.GDC alternative controller exhibit.
01.12.16 | News | Staff
Here's the game lineup for GDC 2016's Alt.Ctrl.GDC showcase
Game Developers Conference 2016 organizers have chosen 20 games (out of over 100 submissions!) for next year's alt.ctrl.GDC, an on-site playable exhibit of alternative control schemes and games.
12.28.15 | News | Staff
PSA: One week left to submit your alternative controller games to ALT.CTRL.GDC!
Monday, December 7th is the deadline to submit your unique game peripherals, contraptions and novelties that enhance game experience to the ALT.CTRL.GDC showcase at GDC 2016.
11.30.15 | News | Staff

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