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Microsoft Unveils Xbox 360 'Family Timer' For Parents
Microsoft has partnered with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Super Bowl champion Jerry Rice to unveil new parental tools as part of an ongoing family support campaign, and unveiled the Xbox 360 Family Timer, an Xbox Live download that allows pare
11.06.07 | News | Leigh Alexander
Media Consumption: Zoe Mode's Paul Mottram
In Gamasutra's latest Media Consumption column, we investigate the media diet of Zoë Mode senior producer Paul Mottram (Crush), who tells us his pan-media favorites from Pavement, to Peep Show, to Xbox 360 action title Crackdown.
08.27.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Artificial Studios' Jeremy Stieglitz
In our latest Media Consumption column, Artificial Studios' Monster Madness: Battle for Suburbia lead designer and programmer Jeremy Stieglitz gives us the rundown on his media diet, from The Cardigans to Spawn to the Wii's Resident Evil 4.
08.13.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: IR Gurus' Ben Board (Heatseeker)
Our latest Media Consumption column talks to Ben Board, producer on Melbourne, Australia-based studio IR Gurus' flight combat title Heatseeker, as he picks art from the Smashing Pumpkins through Brain Training to.... Play School?
07.30.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Casual Connect: Avista's Heydon On An Investor's 'Holy Grail'
Now is a better time than ever for developers seeking funding, said Paul Heydon, managing director of independent investment bank Avista Partners, at his Casual Connect session, but the WoW-model isn't as attractive as it once was -- details of his
07.22.07 | News | Leigh Alexander
European Online Games Ratings System Unveiled
Officials have announced an extension of Europe's PEGI rating system for games to cover online gaming via consoles, PCs and mobile phones, with publishers signing a pledge covering website content, privacy and the protection of younger players.
07.04.07 | News | David Jenkins
Analyst: Fraction Of Console Owners Using Video Capabilities
How important is DVD/BD video playback to console owners? According to new research by The Diffusion Group, though 80 percent of console owners have the option, only 30 percent realized it was part of its feature set, and only 13 percent actually utilize
06.27.07 | News | Brandon Boyer
Media Consumption: EA Mythic's Josh Drescher (Warhammer Online)
This week's Media Consumption speaks to EA Mythic's Josh Drescher, senior designer on forthcoming MMO Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, about his media favorites, from Andrew Bird to Dr. Strangelove and Hunter S. Thompson to Civilization.
06.18.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Introversion's Tom Arundel (Defcon)
This week's Media Consumption speaks to Introversion co-founder and director Tom Arundel, discussing reaction to the studio's Darwinia and Defcon, plus plans for Multiwinia, alongside his media favorites, from through Jack Ker
05.07.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Splash Damage's Neil Postlethwaite (Enemy Territory: Quake Wars)
Our latest 'Media Consumption' chats to Neil Postlethwaite, MD at UK developer Splash Damage and producer of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, talking about progress on the much-awaited title alongside his top sounds, movies, words, and games - true ide
04.30.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Evolution Studios' Matt Southern (MotorStorm)
For this week’s Media Consumption, Evolution Studios product manager Matt Southern (MotorStorm) talks about press reaction to the PS3 game, while breaking down the constituent elements of his media diet, from Spiritualized through Hot Fuzz to Tw
04.23.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Frictional Games' Thomas Grip (Penumbra: Overture)
For this week’s Media Consumption, Frictional Games programmer and project lead Thomas Grip (Penumbra: Overture) breaks down the slightly sinister constituent elements of his media diet - from Tool, through H.P. Lovecraft, all the way to Reside
04.16.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: EA Montreal's Eric Chartrand (SSX Blur)
This week's Media Consumption speaks to EA Montreal lead designer on SSX Blur, Eric Chartrand, discussing critical reaction to his Wii game alongside his media favorites, from Gorillaz through the Lord Of The Rings MMO and beyond - full pick
04.09.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Relentless Software's Jeff Gamon
This week's column talks to Relentless Software's Jeff Gamon (Buzz: The Sports Quiz), who picks his media favorites from Goldfrapp through DBC Pierre and Robotron, questioning whether "the Wii is going to have legs as a gaming platform" alon
04.02.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Deep Fried Entertainment's Steve Tolin
This week's Media Consumption sees Steve Tolin, Engineering Lead on the PSP version of Full Auto 2: Battlelines recommending his favorite influential media, including metal band Three Inches Of Blood, movie Pan's Labyrinth, and games like Chibi-
03.19.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: High Impact Games' Lesley Mathieson
For this week's regular Media Consumption column, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters design director Lesley Mathieson gives us his top media picks, from The Creature From The Black Lagoon to Iain M. Banks to a ballad between a zombie and his vict
03.12.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Red Storm's Christian Allen (GRAW 2)
For this week’s Media Consumption, Christian Allen, creative director at Red Storm (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 multiplayer elements), gives us the full run-down of his media diet - from Danzig to Aurelius to Dead Rising to Mansquit
02.26.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Bethesda's Todd Howard (Fallout 3)
For this week’s Media Consumption, Todd Howard, executive producer for Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls series, as well as the upcoming Fallout 3, gives us a look at his media diet, from Springsteen to The Prestige to Cormac McCarthy.
02.19.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Realtime Worlds' Billy Thomson (Crackdown)
This week's Media Consumption talks to Billy Thomson, lead designer on Realtime Worlds’ action adventure title Crackdown, who reveals his multimedia favorites, from The Raconteurs through Apocalypse Now to Pro Evolution Soccer and beyond.
02.12.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Blitz Games' John Jarvis (Burger King Games)
Media Consumption this week turns to John Jarvis, Project Manager for UK-based Blitz Games on the recent Xbox Burger King advergames, who reveals similar titles are on the way, and picks his favorite media, from Less Than Jake through Kevin J. Anderson an
02.05.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Blogged Out: 'Bring In The Boffins'
In his latest 'Blogged Out' column, veteran UK writer Jim Rossignol takes a look at the world of developer blogging, this time asking for research to see if the last generation of gamers have truly been ruined by their habits, and achievement gaming runni
02.01.07 | News | Jim Rossignol
Media Consumption: Nadeo's Xavier Bouchoux (TrackMania United)
For this Media Consumption, we spoke to Xavier Bouchoux, lead programmer of Nadeo’s cult PC racing title TrackMania United, and he pinpoints his favorite titles in multiple creative media, from Lee Hazelwood th
01.29.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Koei's Mike Bond (Fatal Inertia)
This week’s Media Consumption column chats to Mike Bond, lead designer on Koei’s next-gen racing game Fatal Inertia, regarding his favorite media items, from Isaac Asimov through MotorStorm and beyond.
01.22.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Media Consumption: Remedy Entertainment's Petri Järvilehto (Alan Wake)
For this week’s Media Consumption, a column that looks at the media and art diets of our favourite industry personalities, we spoke to Petri Järvilehto, Creative Director on Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming psychological action thriller, Alan Wake.
01.08.07 | News | Alistair Wallis
Why Bother With Episodic Games?
Are episodic games providing a new, blue ocean opportunity for game innovation and, indeed, sales? In this exclusive Gamasutra editorial, GameTap vice president of content Rick Sanchez explains his stance, by defining what an episodic game entails, and emphasizing their potential.
01.03.07 | Feature | Rick Sanchez | 1 Number of Comments 

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