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May 21, 2022
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Paris GDC: Acclaim Bringing For-Pay Item Trade To Facebook
At his session in the ongoing Paris GDC, Howard Marks, head of the revived Acclaim brand, explained the reasons why he has taken the brand down the path of free-to-play games, also revealing plans for a new Facebook game with for-pay in-game item download
06.22.08 | News | Brandon Sheffield, Staff
In-Depth: Mark Rein On Unreal Engine 3, The State Of Epic
Unreal Engine 3 is the dominant game engine in the next-gen marketplace - but what's in the future for it and its creator Epic Games? Gamasutra talks in-depth to Epic VP Mark Rein on Unreal Tournament III, engine licensing, and the state of the mar
05.29.08 | News | Christian Nutt
Microsoft's Unangst: 'PC Will Always Be At The Center Of Innovation'
What's the state of the Games For Windows initiative in 2008? Gamasutra talks to Microsoft's senior GFW director Kevin Unangst about the reception to the program, the PC Gaming Alliance, Games For Windows Live's versus Valve's Steam Community, and why PCs
05.06.08 | News | Brandon Sheffield, Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Finding A New Way: Jenova Chen And Thatgamecompany
In this in-depth interview, thatgamecompany co-founder and fl0w designer Jenova Chen discusses his philosophy of abstract game design - and why making traditional games is "too easy" to dwell on.
05.05.08 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield | 2 Number of Comments 
Understanding Free-To-Play: Nexon's Min Kim Speaks Out
Nexon's free-to-play online game MapleStory has 72+ million users and makes $16 million per month worldwide via microtransactions - but why does it work? Nexon's U.S. director Min Kim talks to Gamasutra.
04.11.08 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield
Gamasutra Launches Comprehensive GDC Job Boards
Gamasutra has announced an expansion of its industry-leading recruitment service, with GDC-specific job boards featuring the latest jobs posted by exhibitors at upcoming events in the sister Game
04.01.08 | News | Staff
EA Goes Free-To-Play: Battlefield Heroes' Producer Speaks
Electronic Arts is changing things up with Battlefield Heroes, a free-to-play, ad/microtransaction powered whimsical take on Battlefield - DICE's Ben Cousins explains the potential risks and rewards.
03.31.08 | Feature | Christian Nutt | 18 Number of Comments 
The China Angle: 'Operation For Tomorrow' Means More Plugins Today
In Gamasutra's latest China Angle column, Frank Yu looks at the government's 'Operation for Tomorrow' MMO game clients crackdown, and whether browser plugins like Flash and Shockwave, traditionally spurned by cafe users, may now point the way to the next
02.27.08 | News | Frank Yu
Reminder: Game Developer's Salary Survey Needs You!
Gamasutra's editors are reminding of your final opportunity to take the 2007 Game Developer Salary Survey - with public results of the canonical game salary rundown revealed in the
02.27.08 | News | Staff
GDC Mobile: A Crazy Time To Start A Mobile Studio?
With continued content provider consolidation, increasing development costs and more and more hardware fragmentation, what possible sense could it make to consider starting a new mobile studio? At the GDC Mobile Summit, Finblade’s John Chasey and Fergus M
02.19.08 | News | Mathew Kumar
GDC Mobile: Disruptive Forces in Gaming
02.18.08 | News | Jeffrey Fleming
Outsourcing Summit: What Are The Business Gotchas?
As part of the day long Game Outsourcing Summit at GDC, a panel of representatives from Vivendi, Game Creation, Augmentum, and ACS discussed avoiding the potential pitfalls of outsourcing, speaking from both sides of the business relationship.
02.18.08 | News | Christian Nutt
Gamasutra, Game Developer Call For 2007 Salary Survey Participation
The editors of Game Developer magazine and have opened the 2007 Game Developer Salary Survey - with anonymous responses from industry professionals requested, and the
02.17.08 | News | Staff
Game Connection Reveals GDC08 Exhibitors
Game Connection has announced that more than 160 exhibitors representing more than 36 countries will present at its Game Connection America event at the 2008 Game Developers Conference, including newcomers Running With Scissors (Postal) and Acquire
01.23.08 | News | Leigh Alexander
China Angle: 'A Tale of Two Cities and Even More Laws'
In Gamasutra's latest China Angle column, Frank Yu looks at the ongoing Beijing vs. Shanghai rivalry for best outsourcing and development base, and at China's exploding game market, as its government again undertakes a "morality" crackdown and sets regula
01.21.08 | News | Frank Yu
Video Games Live Announces 2008 Shows, GDC Performance
Organizers of touring orchestral video game music show Video Games Live has announced that it has already booked some 40 shows worldwide for the coming year, including a February 22nd performance to coincide with the Game Developer's Conference.
01.16.08 | News | Brandon Boyer
Q&A: Outspark Gets $11m Funding, Talks 'Virtual Playground'
Gamasutra recently spoke to founder and CEO Susan Choe and chief studio officer Nick Foster of online game publisher Outspark about the company's plans to help independent PC games from Asia find a market in North America, as the company announces it has
01.09.08 | News | Brandon Sheffield, Christian Nutt, Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra Launches Event Job Board For GDC 2008
As part of its market-leading set of job services, Gamasutra is announcing the launch of a further enhanced Gamasutra Jobs page, now including an China GDC 2008 Announced For Beijing
CMP, creators of the Game Developers Conference (and parent of Gamasutra) has partnered with IDG and China Joy producers Beijing Howell International Exhibition Co. to announce the second annual China Game Developers Conference, set to take place in Beiji
12.23.07 | News | Leigh Alexander
Lyon GDC Confirms 450 Attendees, 2008 Plans
Organizers of the first annual Lyon Game Developers Conference have announced that the event hosted more than 450 professional attendees mainly from the French development industry, in addition to developers from 20 other countries including the UK, the U
12.04.07 | News | Leigh Alexander
GDC Management Issues Statement On GDC Russia
The management of Game Developers Conference event series at the CMP Game Group has issued a statement on the upcoming GDC Russia, due to take place later this month in St. Petersburg, revealing that it is an unauthorized event and that the company is "ex
11.13.07 | News | Staff
Game Connection Europe 2007 Announces Exhibitor Numbers
Game Connection has announced that a record 188 companies have registered as exhibitors for Game Connection Europe 2007, the matchmaking event taking place December 4-6 in Lyon, France alongside the Q&A: Red 5's Kern Talks Asian Domination
California-based MMO developer Red 5, founded by notables from Blizzard's World Of Warcraft team, has opened a new Shanghai office, and Gamasutra caught up with CEO Mark Kern to discuss Western games in Asia, WoW's shadow, and targeting the
10.22.07 | News | Patrick Murphy, Staff
Defining Games: Raph Koster's Game Grammar
Areae president Raph Koster is perhaps best known as a designer of Ultima Online and the previous CCO of Sony Online Entertainment, and in this in-depth Gamasutra interview, he discusses his views on 'game grammar', the uniting of MMOs and online worlds, and the software patent problem.
10.19.07 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield
GDC China Reveals Attendance Numbers, 2008 Plans
Organizers of the first-ever GDC China event have revealed 700 attendees and almost 2,000 expo attendees for the first-ever Shanghai-based Game Developers Conference, with more than 30 companies exhibiting and plans to return in 2008.
09.12.07 | News | Staff | 2 Number of Comments 

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