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May 21, 2022
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Kellee Santiago's 10-step video game production plan
"First you have an idea for your game. Second, you make that game. Third, you iterate and playtest those mechanics until they're engaging, and fourth, you launch it."
10.20.14 | News | Brandon Sheffield | 2 Number of Comments 
Chinese developers need to better identify the needs of their players
"We serve the customers, that's our common goal," says Jeff Lyndon, president and co-founder of Chinese mobile game publisher iDreamSky, at GDC China today.
10.19.14 | News | Brandon Sheffield | 1 Number of Comments 
The 'new-platform' model - an alternate path for indies
Spry Fox's entire model is built upon investing in new marketplaces, and Road Not Taken would be the first big console push for the company. That meant the game would be a big departure for the company, in multiple ways.
10.19.14 | News | Brandon Sheffield
When quality comes before making money: Developing Monument Valley
Monument Valleycreator UsTwo is primarily a UI and design firm, working for clients. They don't usually make games. But Monument Valley, the company's third game, sold over 1 million copies.
10.18.14 | News | Brandon Sheffield | 3 Number of Comments 
IGF China 2014 reveals Main Competition and Student finalists
The Independent Games Festival China has revealed the Main Competition and Student finalist games for its 2014 award ceremony, which celebrates leading indie games from throughout the Pan-Pacific area.
09.16.14 | News | Staff
Mobile revenue data suggests Europe loves strategy, Asia likes RPGs
Global-minded developers, take note: analytics firm App Annie has put out a special report breaking down which categories of mobile games generate the most revenue in different regions of the world.
08.13.14 | News | Alex Wawro | 3 Number of Comments 
Republique, and the fight for narrative games in a modern market
With Republique, Camoflaj's Ryan Payton wanted to recapture what he loved about classic game narrative, for a modern, international audience.
05.20.14 | News | Leigh Alexander | 6 Number of Comments 
Take the game developer salary survey (and enter to win a free GDC pass)!
The annual game developer salary survey is now live, and we want to hear from you! It's very important, and it'll only take about five minutes of your time, I swear.
05.15.14 | News | Kris Graft
Ryan Payton and the infinite Republique
When Ryan Payton began his $500,000 crowdfunding campaign for an episodic, high-end stealth game for iOS, the market for AAA-like games on iOS, let alone episodic ones, hadn't yet been proven.
04.08.14 | News | Leigh Alexander
IGF China 2014 seeking pan-Pacific indie game submissions
The Independent Games Festival China – which will take place in October alongside GDC China in Shanghai – is accepting indie game entries from the pan-Pacific area from now through July 25.
04.06.14 | News | GDC Staff
GDC China 2014 announced for Oct 19-21st: call for talks now open
The call for submissions in Mandarin and English to present talks is now open for the 2014 Game Developers Conference China, which has moved up to October this year.
04.03.14 | News | GDC Staff
The humbling of Epic: A giant turns around
"It's strange to see Epic Games humbled," Leigh Alexander writes, as the company shifts its strategy for Unreal Engine 4. In this Q&A with VP Paul Meegan, she uncovers why those changes are happening.
04.02.14 | News | Leigh Alexander | 39 Number of Comments 
Yu Suzuki recounts the making of Shenmue
At GDC 2014, legendary game developer Yu Suzuki talked about the making of the highly-influential open world 1999 Sega Dreamcast game Shenmue.
03.18.14 | News | Kris Graft | 5 Number of Comments 
Upcoming exhibition to feature China's emerging indies
What's China's indie game scene like? Bryan Ma is curating an exhibition of Chinese art games for Babycastles in New York City, and talks to Gamasutra about some unique challenges facing the nascent space.
03.04.14 | News | Leigh Alexander
GDC 2014 adds talks on Chinese games, Plants vs. Zombies 2 and more
GDC organizers highlight talks about localizing games for foreign markets, including a look at how Plants vs. Zombies 2 was adapted for China, a high-level analysis of the global F2P market, and more.
02.19.14 | News | GDC Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
GDC 2014 unveils new Summit talks on mobile game design
New GDC 2014 Summit talks include Yodo1 CEO Henry Fong explaining how to find success in China with a foreign game, a guide to making a great companion app for AAA titles, and more.
01.27.14 | News | GDC Staff
What is your #BestOfGDC? Now's your chance to share!
Game Developers Conference has been around for 28 years now, and it's been home to many memorable talks, from the informative to the inspirational. We want to know which past talks you consider to be the #BestOfGDC.
01.13.14 | News | GDC Staff | 2 Number of Comments 
2013 was a banner year for Android games and the Asian app market
Revenue on the Google Play store jumped up significantly this year, alongside significant increases in total mobile app revenue across Japan, China and South Korea. Mobile developers, pay attention.
12.16.13 | News | Alex Wawro
Sony, Tencent, Blizzard, Ubisoft to speak at this week's GDC Taipei Summit
The second annual GDC Taipei Summit begins December 5th, 9 a.m. UTC, with onsite registration available starting opening day at the Taipei International Convention Center.
12.03.13 | News | GDC Staff
Video: How Project Spark wants to turn players into creators
Team Dakota's Soren Hannibal shares how his team is tackling its upcoming multiplatform free-to-play sandbox title, in this special GDC Next 10 session.
11.28.13 | News | Staff | 2 Number of Comments 
Video: Making an observer-friendly game, according to Day[9]
50 percent of YouTube video game content is community-generated, so developers should consider how to make the gameplay itself entertaining and easy to understand, says Sean 'Day[9]' Plott.
11.26.13 | News | Staff | 6 Number of Comments 
Video: 9 trends for the next decade of games
Former project director for Ultima Online Starr Long discusses the 'blurring boundaries' of games, toys, interfaces and more in this projection of game trends.
11.24.13 | News | Staff
Video: 'Swery' takes control of Xbox One's Kinect
"The key to replicating sensory experiences is turning actions into symbols," states Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro, director of the upcoming Xbox One Kinect-controlled D4, in this GDC Next 10 special session.
11.21.13 | News | Staff
Video: Adam Orth on dealing with the internet mob
Former Microsoft Game Studios creative director Adam Orth opens up about his life-changing experience after tweeting about the controversial and later-reversed "always on" policy for Xbox One.
11.20.13 | News | Staff | 34 Number of Comments 
Video: 0.2 seconds to balancing Halo 3's sniper rifle
Halo 3 designer Jaime Griesemer discusses what led to a change to "less than 0.00001th of the overall game data" for the Xbox 360 first-person shooter.
11.14.13 | News | Staff

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