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May 21, 2022
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Video: Shipping Retro City Rampage on 17 SKUs at once
Brian Provinciano reflects on business and programming lessons he learned being a one-man developer and publisher, in this GDC 2013 lecture.
06.13.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff
Video: Designing Dead Space's immersive user interface
Dead Space's user interface design was meant to remove a wall of safety between the player and the game, says lead UI designer Dino Ignacio.
06.11.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 5 Number of Comments 
Video: Three talks exploring creativity in game design
The Stanley Parable's Davey Wreden, Spelunky XBLA's Andy Hull, and Loot Drop designer James Lantz offer unique lessons to expand creative game design.
06.10.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff
Video: Making psychology work for you in game design
Ubisoft creative director Jason VandenBerghe presents his research in translating human motivation models into game design decisions in this free GDC 2012 video lecture.
06.06.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Advanced Audio Streaming in Unity
In the midst of making a simple casual game as part of a personal jam, Ben Long and Fredrik Kaupang uncovered a great trick for streaming audio in Unity.
06.06.13 | Feature | Ben Long,Fredrik Kaupang | 12 Number of Comments 
Video: Collision detection in MDK2, NeverWinter Nights
Former BioWare lead 3D developer Stan Melax discusses the math and programming behind BSP collision detection used in MDK2 and NeverWinter Nights.
06.05.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 2 Number of Comments 
Video: 10 bite-size talks on progressive game design
Some of the most interesting people in game development present "progressive, philosophical, future-looking game design inspiration."
06.04.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff
Video: Selling to both the 'bro gamers' and the 'connoisseurs'
Two GDC 2013 presenters use applied psychological case studies to explain how developers can capture two different consumer segments.
06.02.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Video: Building SimCity's sandbox
The fun in sandbox games comes from discovering how the mechanics work, says Maxis' Dan Moskowitz, who shares lessons learned from building SimCity, in this free GDC 2013 video.
05.30.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 4 Number of Comments 
Video: Programming better actors in games
"Acting in computer games really really sucks," said NYU researcher and director Ken Perlin in this GDC 2001 programming lecture.
05.29.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff
Video: The art and tech of Incredipede
Developer Colin Northway and artist Thomas Shahan discuss the stunning, living art style of Incredipede and the Adobe Flash tech that powers the moving art.
05.28.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 2 Number of Comments 
Video: Improving AI in Assassin's Creed III, XCOM, Warframe
AI developers behind Assassin's Creed III, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Warframe came together to discuss how they improved the AI in their games.
05.26.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff
Video: Player-driven stories - how do we get there?
Former Ion Storm, 2K, and LucasArts designer Kent Hudson encourages creating interactive, player-driven stories and urges to move past Hollywood-style linearity, in this free GDC video lecture.
05.23.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 2 Number of Comments 
Video: Thief vs. Deus Ex - a design discussion
Deus Ex designer Warren Spector and Thief designer Doug Church grill each other on stage at GDC 2002 about their first-person stealth game design decisions.
05.22.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Video: How League of Legends handles rapid QA cycles
TVs litter the walls of Riot Games, constantly streaming updates on the current League of Legends build to keep all staff informed and involved. QA senior lead Benjamin Seifert tells us more.
05.21.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff
Video: GDC's weird and wild Experimental Gameplay Workshop
Over 20 demos of innovative game designs from Jason Rohrer, Brenda Romero, Emily Short, and more were on display during the 11th annual Experimental Gameplay Workshop.
05.19.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff
Video: Curating the do-it-yourself revolution
Developers Terry Cavanagh (Super Hexagon) and Porpentine (Howling Dogs) highlight innovative games from 2012 and call for other developers to join in the curation.
05.16.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 2 Number of Comments 
Video: What the consoles vs. PC debate looked like in 2001
Industry leaders such as Bing Gordon, Phil Harrison, Ed Fries, and Jason Rubin take a stand at a GDC 2001 keynote panel on the state of console and PC gaming, in this free GDC Vault video.
05.15.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff
Video: Quick-fire talks from GDC's localization summit
The second year of the Localization Microtalks at GDC offers six more short and sweet talks, including how one developer brought a game from Korea to the West.
05.14.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff
Video: What game developers can do for NASA
NASA researchers shared their vision of working with game developers to create the future of space exploration, where everyone can step on distant worlds via virtual holodecks.
05.12.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Video: The Unfinished Swan - From student prototype to PS3 exclusive
Giant Sparrow creative director Ian Dallas shares how The Unfinished Swan began as a week-long prototype in school and became a Sony-published PlayStation Network game.
05.09.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Reminder: GDC China 2013 talk submissions due Friday
Friday, May 10 is the deadline for English and Mandarin submissions to present talks at the 2013 Game Developers Conference China, organizers are reminding.
05.08.13 | News | GDC Staff
Video: The Legend of Zelda's evolution, from Nintendo's Aonuma
The Legend of Zelda designer-turned-director Eiji Aonuma discusses how the franchise evolved, how A Link to the Past won him over, and how he handles the "Miyamoto Test," in this special GDC Vault video.
05.08.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 10 Number of Comments 
All GDC 2013 content live and mobile-ready on the Vault
GDC Vault, the most comprehensive collection of talks and slides from game industry thought leaders, has gone live with all GDC 2013 content on the newly-redesigned website.
05.08.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 2 Number of Comments 
Video: Diverse game characters - write them now!
"The more stereotypical characters we create, the more we write ourselves into corners," warns Assassin's Creed III: Liberation writer Jill Murray in this GDC 2013 talk.
05.07.13 | News | GDC Vault Staff | 4 Number of Comments 

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