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May 21, 2022
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Kabam fuels Chinese mobile expansion with new acquisition
As part of social game developer Kabam's move into the Chinese mobile games market, the company has acquired Bomb Buddies studio Balanced Worlds.
12.03.12 | News | Mike Rose | 1 Number of Comments 
Quantum Conundrum, and selling cartoony to the 'core'
Depictions of violence in "hardcore" games has become so prevalent, that it seems some sections of the video game audience perceive anything non-violent as too kiddie to buy.
11.21.12 | News | Simon Carless | 3 Number of Comments 
Johann Sebastian Joust turns motion control into slapstick comedy
The fun part of making motion-controlled video games isn't making your players feel like virtual heroes -- it's about getting other people to laugh at the players' expense.
11.20.12 | News | Simon Carless | 6 Number of Comments 
The 9 common mistakes every indie game studio should avoid
AaaAAAAAaaaaA: A Reckless Disregard For Gravity designer Ichiro Lambe has learned a lot of hard lessons in his over twelve years as an indie developer. Here, he whittles it down to the nine most important.
11.20.12 | News | Simon Carless | 24 Number of Comments 
GDC China: Why HTML5's negative publicity might be unfounded
Despite its bad publicity, HTML5 is still a viable platform for games and, in fact, most of the top-grossing mobile games of late could have been made using it, says NonStop Game's Henric Suuronen.
11.19.12 | News | Simon Carless | 4 Number of Comments 
10 years of design lessons from Portal's Kim Swift
Kim Swift has had an interesting career over the last 10 years, from student game developer, to Portal lead, to creative director at Airtight Games. Here, she shares the design lessons she's learned along the way.
11.19.12 | News | Brandon Sheffield | 14 Number of Comments 
GDC China: Ubisoft Shanghai's best practices for mobile game development: 'do it now'
Ubisoft Shanghai producer Xu Wang shares his best practices for mobile game development, with lessons learned from working on the popular title Michael Jackson: The Experience for iOS.
11.17.12 | News | Brandon Sheffield
User interface 'shouldn't just be icing on the cake' says Double Fine's Kowalski
Should a game's user interface just get out of the way and let the player get to the game, or should it say something unique about the game's world? Double Fine's Joe Kowalski weighs in on the subject.
11.17.12 | News | Brandon Sheffield | 14 Number of Comments 
GDC China: Kabam's focus for mobile success
At GDC China, Kabam's Michael Li discussed the company's attempt to bootstrap its Chinese office, as "rallying the entire office" around one platform hit success with Kingdoms Of Camelot: Battle For The North for iOS.
11.17.12 | News | Simon Carless
IGF China 2012 winners led by CubeTractor, Fish
IGF China awarded the best independent games in Asia and Australasia at a ceremony in Shanghai during GDC China, led by Best Game winner, retro-inspired puzzler Cubetractor, and abstract action Best Student Game winner Fish.
11.17.12 | News | Staff
GDC China: Metrics are important, says PopCap, but fun is paramount
Where does Bejeweled Blitz come down on the now-classic argument of metrics vs intuition? Companies should be metrics-focused, not metrics-driven, says PopCap's Constantabile in this GDC China talk.
11.16.12 | News | Brandon Sheffield
GDC China: Why audio-visual quality matters in F2P mobile
Would a "crappy looking 2D horse in a crappy looking field" have tanked NaturalMotion Games' My Horse? At GDC China, the firm explained why it thinks audiovisual fidelity is vital for differentiating in F2P mobile.
11.16.12 | News | Simon Carless
Koster: Why games teach lessons we shouldn't always heed
In his packed GDC China keynote in Shanghai, author and online game veteran Raph Koster gave a stirring discussion on the nature of games, philosophizing: "Games are more like an algorithm than anything else."
11.16.12 | News | Simon Carless | 14 Number of Comments 
GDC China: How cross-promotion for mobile titles can hit big
In a talk at GDC China 2012 in Shanghai, Chartboost's Clay Kellogg discussed the sometimes surprising advantages of cross-promoting your mobile title, revealing some impressive statistics from the Mega Jump franchise.
11.15.12 | News | Simon Carless
GDC China: If you want players to pay, compel them to collect
At GDC China, D2C's Xiaolei Zhang outlined the future of the mobile collectible card genre in Japan and the West, as players are increasingly interested in paying top dollar to fulfill their psychological desire to collect.
11.15.12 | News | Brandon Sheffield | 11 Number of Comments 
SpellTower's Zach Gage to discuss tactile touch controls at GDC China
During GDC China this Sunday, SpellTower and Bit Pilot creator Zach Gage will offer some essential tips for designing and tuning touch-screen controls on handhelds and mobile devices.
11.14.12 | News | Staff
Video: What I mean when I say 'game'
In a free video from GDC Europe 2011, IGF chairman Brandon Boyer argues that independent game developers are charting the course for the future, evolving what we call games into something we can never predict.
11.13.12 | News | GDC Vault | 1 Number of Comments 
Learn to break into the Korean mobile market at GDC China
At next week's GDC China in Shanghai, Neowiz's Eliot Shin will offer advice to help other developers launch a successful mobile game in the lucrative Korean market.
11.12.12 | News | Staff
Video: How social games evolved between FarmVille and CityVille
Zynga's Mark Skaggs discusses the lessons he learned between launching FarmVille and CityVille, showing how far the genre has evolved, in this free video from GDC Online 2012.
11.11.12 | News | GDC Vault | 4 Number of Comments 
GDC Vault adds classic Ron Moore keynote on Battlestar Galactica
Game Developers Conference organizers have digitized and made available new, free talks on the GDC Vault, including a visionary keynote on Battlestar Galactica, a talk on breaking into the mass-market, and more.
11.08.12 | News | John Polson
Video: Ultima Forever brings a classic to the social age
Mythic's Paul Barnett talks about bringing an old-fashioned RPG with an established fanbase in Ultima Forever: Reimagining a Classic, the latest free video from the GDC Vault's extensive archive.
11.08.12 | News | GDC Vault | 7 Number of Comments 
Video: Relive the 2012 GDC Online Choice Awards
This year's Game Developers Choice Online Awards celebrated the best-in-class MMO, social, mobile, and free-to-play games, and now you can check out the ceremony for yourself in a brand new archived video.
11.06.12 | News | Staff
Discover Gree's secrets for mobile game success at GDC China
At this month's GDC China, social mobile game company Gree will peel back the curtain on some of its secrets for launching and maintaining a successful mobile game.
11.05.12 | News | Staff
Video: Managing Halo's transmedia empire
Many of today's AAA titles are striving to become transmedia hits, and at GDC Online, 343 Industries explained how the Halo franchise leveraged its comics, animated shorts, and more to sustain its long-term success.
11.04.12 | News | Staff
GDC China 2012 to reveal the unlikely story of Johann Sebastian Joust
At this month's GDC China, Die Gute Fabrik's Douglas Wilson will share the unusual story behind the indie hit Johann Sebastian Joust while detailing his team's numerous lessons-learned along the way.
11.01.12 | News | Staff

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