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November 28, 2021
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Don't Miss: Composing the music of Red Dead Redemption
In this 2010 interview, Red Dead Redemption composers Bill Elm and Woody Jackson discuss developing the Western game's sound, comparing the experience to working on film score.
11.04.19 | News | Jeriaska
Big ideas in short spurts at GDC's microtalks
GDC's microtalks gamify the idea of a discussion panel by offering ten panelists a little under 7 minutes to express their big ideas as quickly as possible. We rounded up as much as we could and reproduced them here.
03.28.13 | News | Simon Parkin | 4 Number of Comments 
Game Developer Magazine's Power 50
Gamasutra and its sister site Game Developer magazine have put together a "Power 50" list of people in the game industry who have stood out for doing work in the last year that is new, different, or better.
11.09.12 | Feature | Gamasutra staff | 2 Number of Comments 
Game Developer magazine's Power 50: Audio
Gamasutra and Game Developer spotlight four talented composers in the game industry who've created outstanding work in the past year, championing the developers who inspire us to do better.
11.04.12 | News | GD mag, Gamasutra staff | 4 Number of Comments 
Interview: Up 'til dawn - PixelJunk 4am's Baiyon and Sound Shapes' Shaw-Han Liem
Multimedia artists Baiyon (PixelJunk 4am) and Shaw-Han Liem (Sound Shapes) talk with Gamasutra about how independent console titles are pushing the boundaries of audio design.
01.18.12 | News | Jeriaska | 1 Number of Comments 
Ico: Castle In The Mist And The Crossover Between Games And Literature
The English translators for Japanese novel Ico: Castle in the Mist offer their unique perspectives on the areas of overlap between literary works and Japan's fantasy game industry.
11.21.11 | News | Jeriaska | 3 Number of Comments 
Zach Gage Tackles A Genre He Hates With SpellTower
"Making a game in a genre you hate is actually one of the most interesting experiences ever," says SpellTower dev Zach Gage, who also gives an inside look at how the App Store has evolved in just a few years.
11.16.11 | News | Leigh Alexander | 4 Number of Comments 
Myths, Mavericks, And Music Of Red Dead Redemption
In this interview, Gamasutra talks with Red Dead Redemption's composers Bill Elm and Woody Jackson about developing the Western game's sound, comparing the experience to working on film scores, and more.
11.03.11 | News | Jeriaska
In Depth: Square Enix's 2011 TGS Music Booth
What exactly does a Square Enix music sampler say about the Final Fantasy publisher's future plans? Gamasutra contributor Jeriaska picks apart the collection, track-by-track.
11.02.11 | News | Jeriaska
Interview: Half-Minute Hero Sequel's Multiple Composer Soundtrack
In this interview, Gamasutra talks with six veteran Japanese composers (e.g. Michiko Naruke, Hiroyki Iwatsuki) about their contributions to Yuusha 30 SECOND, the PSP sequel to Half-Minute Hero.
10.16.11 | News | Jeriaska | 1 Number of Comments 
Interview: Navigating An Antichamber Of Sound And Mysteries
Gamasutra talks with indie developer Alexander Bruce about finishing up his psychological first-person game Antichamber, developing its unique soundscape with Robin Arnott, and building its thoughtful puzzles.
10.11.11 | News | Jeriaska | 2 Number of Comments 
Interview: Christopher Tin - From Grammy Awards to Civilization World
In this interview, Christopher Tin, the first musician to receive a Grammy for music written for a game, talks with Gamasutra about his Calling All Dawns album, which is licensed for Facebook game Civ World.
08.29.11 | News | Jeriaska
Interview: Sakamoto's Record-Breaking Echochrome II Soundtrack
In this interview, noted video game composer Hideki Sakamoto talks with Gamasutra about his work on Echochrome II, which has a Guinness World Record for the longest single game soundtrack composition.
08.23.11 | News | Jeriaska
Interview: Howard Drossin's Splatterhouse Soundtracks, Original and Butchered
In this interview, film/TV/video game composer and former Sega music director Howard Drossin talks with Gamasutra about the making of the original and remixed albums for Namco Bandai's recent Splatterhouse remake.
08.17.11 | News | Jeriaska | 2 Number of Comments 
Interview: Storytelling Through Narration In Bastion
In this interview, Supergiant Games' Greg Kasavin and Amir Rao talk with Gamasutra about how Bastion's unique incorporation of narration emerged and the challenges of being indie.
08.07.11 | News | Jeriaska | 1 Number of Comments 
Interview: Yamaoka, Shigihara, And Jackson Play For Japan
Gamasutra talks with talented composers Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), Laura Shigihara (Plants vs Zombies), and Woody Jackson (L.A. Noire) about their work and contributions to charity album Play for Japan.
07.04.11 | News | Jeriaska
Interview: Defining Direction, Writing, Art And Music On Yakuza 4
In this interview, the developers behind Yakuza 4's art, music, and story talk with Gamasutra about crafting the acclaimed game's ensemble cast, dangerous but exciting environments, and more.
06.27.11 | News | Jeriaska
Interview: Anamanaguchi's Guide to Scott Pilgrim: The Game's Soundtrack
In this interview, chiptune band Anamanaguchi discusses its soundtrack contribution to Ubisoft's Scott Pilgrim game, discussing its influences and its development process.
05.19.11 | News | Jeriaska | 1 Number of Comments 
Interview: Serializing RPG Storylines On Final Fantasy Legends
In this interview, Gamasutra talks in-depth to Square Enix veterans Takashi Tokita and Naoshi Mizuta about producing and composing for the Japanese Final Fantasy Legends mobile title.
04.27.11 | News | Jeriaska | 5 Number of Comments 
Interview: Following Final Fantasy XIII, Composer Hamauzu Bound for Paris
In this interview, composer Masashi Hamauzu and vocalist Mina speak out on creating music for the Piano Collections Final Fantasy XIII album, Hamauzu's sold-out piano concert, and more.
04.25.11 | News | Jeriaska
Interview: Back In The Swing Of Things - The Audio For Bionic Commando Rearmed 2
This interview with composer Simon Viklund investigates the challenges of tapping into the feel of the classic Bionic Commando soundtrack and what narrative elements have been seen as vital to the Rearmed series of games.
03.06.11 | News | Jeriaska
Interview: 2 Player Productions On The Art Of The Video Game Documentary
Gamasutra talks to the documentary filmmakers at 2 Player Productions on their chipmusic-related release Reformat The Planet, as well as their more recent work documenting behind the scenes development.
02.20.11 | News | Jeriaska | 1 Number of Comments 
In-Depth: Kajiya Productions On The Art Of Localizing Tactics Ogre
In his Gamasutra interview, we catch up with veteran game and novel translator Alexander O. Smith to discuss his firm's work localizing Square Enix's just-debuted Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together for the PlayStation Portable.
02.14.11 | News | Jeriaska | 3 Number of Comments 
Interview: DeathSpank's Soundtrack - Sailing the Seas of Sonic Justice
Gamasutra speaks to DeathSpank composer Jeff Tymoschuk on his Spaghetti Western-inspired score for the Ron Gilbert title, as the Hothead-developed game's soundtrack gets a free downloadable digital version.
01.18.11 | News | Jeriaska
Interview: Come To The Circus - Making CarneyVale Showtime
Gamasutra speaks to the designers of CarneyVale Showtime, recipient of the Grand Prize in the 2008 Dream-Build-Play competition, which was commercially released for Windows Phone 7 last month.
01.11.11 | News | Jeriaska

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