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October 20, 2021
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Best of FingerGaming: From Wolfenstein 3D to Noby Noby Boy
Every week, Gamasutra sums up sister iPhone site FingerGaming's top news and reviews for Apple's nascent portable games platform -- this time covering Bookworm, Wolfenstein 3D, and Noby Noby Boy.
03.29.09 | News | Danny Cowan
Building Quake Live: Carmack Speaks
As Quake Live debuts to massive demand, Gamasutra sits down with Id's John Carmack and Marty Stratton to discuss its making, tech specifics, and iPhone plans.
02.25.09 | Feature | Chris Remo
id's Carmack Talks Quake III iPhone Experiments
id Software legend John Carmack talks to Gamasutra about his experimental work on iPhone, revealing that Quake III is being tested on Apple's handheld -- and might include Quake Live's level upgrades if launched as a product.
02.25.09 | News | Staff, Chris Remo
Carmack: Quake Live Gives PC A Chance To Shine
The key to Id Software's Quake Live, officially launching today, is its web-based experience -- and an opportunity to "do something that the PC was going to be better at than the consoles," John Carmack tells Gamasutra.
02.24.09 | News | Chris Remo, Leigh Alexander | 2 Number of Comments 
Interview: On Renegade Kid's DS Moon Shot
Austin-based Renegade Kid has created an unusual niche: developing system-pushing 3D FPS games for the Nintendo DS -- co-owners Jools Watsham and Gregg Hargrove tell Gamasutra about their methodology, sci-fi adventure Moon, and stretching the DS te
01.26.09 | News | Chris Remo | 1 Number of Comments 
The Game Developer Archives: 'Monsters From the Id: The Making of Doom'
Starting a new column reprinting classic Game Developer magazine articles, this January 1994 premiere issue article goes behind the scenes of Id Software's Doom, talking to John Carmack and revealing technical specifics of the seminal game's
01.14.09 | News | Alexander Antoniades | 10 Number of Comments 
iLang Syne: A Guide To iPhone Game Development In 2009
Veteran developer Alessi looks at the state of the iPhone/iPod Touch game market in 2009, mapping out the pitfalls, engine choices and opportunities of making games for Apple's hit device.
01.06.09 | Feature | Jeremy Alessi | 11 Number of Comments 
2008 In Review: July-Sept: Major Deals, Xbox Steals, EA Yields
As 2009 starts out, Gamasutra has been reflecting on the last year in games -- continuing with a retrospective of a packed July-September that saw a successful merger (and one major failed one), some significant publishing deals, and the high-profile disb
01.01.09 | News | Leigh Alexander
Engines of Creation: An Overview of Game Engines
So you need a game engine? Gamasutra surveys the state of the market in this comprehensive overview of solutions, priced from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars.
10.27.08 | Feature | jon jordan | 16 Number of Comments 
Id Software's Willits: Rage Mods May Not Be Possible
Talking at AGDC, Rage creative director Tim Willits says that it might turn out to be very difficult, if not impossible, to mod the title -- even on the PC platform -- but that the issue's still under consideration at id Software, which continues t
09.16.08 | News | Christian Nutt | 8 Number of Comments 
Epic's Capps On EA Partners: 'They Give Us What We Want'
Epic president Mike Capps sat down with Gamasutra to explain why the studio signed its new IP with Electronic Arts and its EA Partners label, explaining of the world's largest publi
08.14.08 | News | Chris Remo
Quelling The Rage: Carmack and Willits Speak Out
What's the story behind new id IP RAGE? In this in-depth Gamasutra interview, John Carmack and Tim Willits discuss the state of the Doom/Quake developer, signing the game with EA, and why they're trying to "do something different."
07.31.08 | Feature | Chris Remo | 6 Number of Comments 
Carmack: 'Pressure... To Do Something Different' Led To RAGE
Talking as part of an in-depth Gamasutra interview, id Software legend John Carmack has been discussing new IP RAGE, created in part to counter community st
07.31.08 | News | Chris Remo, Staff
QuakeCon: Carmack Talks Blu-ray Advantage Over Xbox
Could the Xbox 360 version of id Software's Rage look worse on the Xbox 360 than on the PlayStation 3? Speaking at the ongoing QuakeCon event in Dallas, Texas, id Software co-founder John Carmack explained why he thinks it might.
07.31.08 | News | David Jenkins | 9 Number of Comments 
E3: The Full Gamasutra Report
As the dust settles behind E3, Gamasutra presents a full breakdown of the eventful week, including all the interviews, all the press conferences (and our analysis thereof) - all the highlights and lowlights from Microsoft to Nintendo to Sony and beyond.
07.17.08 | News | Staff
E3: EA's Press Conference - From Wright To Fanning
Gamasutra was at the E3 press conference from publishing giant Electronic Arts - with a promised "almost no PowerPoint, no statistics [and] no reference to market share" from CEO John Riccitiello. How well did they do? SimAnimals, Shawn Fanning, Wi
07.14.08 | News | Chris Remo
E3: Carmack On Overcoming 'Outdated Prejudices' To Have EA Sign RAGE
Talking to Gamasutra at E3, id's John Carmack has been explaining why he "carried around some outdated prejudices about [Electronic Arts], the big evil empire of gaming", and how signing RAGE with EA Partners is symptomatic of the publishing giant'
07.14.08 | News | Chris Remo, Staff | 8 Number of Comments 
E3 2008, Day 1: Everything You Need To Know
Fed up with the 20-post summaries of single E3 press conferences? Never fear, since Gamasutra is your guide to the first day of E3, with a full round-up of the major announcements, press events, and kerfuffle in one handy, bite-sized post.
07.14.08 | News | Staff
id Software, EA Partner For RAGE Publishing Deal
Electronic Arts has announced an unexpected agreement with Texas-based Doom and Quake creators id Software, to publish id Tech 5 engine title RAGE via its EA Partners distribution label.
07.13.08 | News | Staff
Best Of GDC: Paul Steed On 'The Trip' From Artist to Entrepreneur
Continuing Gamasutra's best of GDC 2008 series, here's a look at the loopiest lecture you missed - Paul Steed's gossip-filled Game Career Seminar keynote, spanning Wing Commander to Quake in tec
02.27.08 | News | Mathew Kumar | 10 Number of Comments 
Interview: Richard Garriott Is From Mars
You may think you know Ultima and Tabula Rasa creator Richard Garriott, but do you really understand Lord British? Gamasutra goes off-topic to chat to Garriott about games as art, his influences, and much more.
02.08.08 | Feature | N. Evan Van Zelfden | 4 Number of Comments 
Blizzard CEO Morhaime Named 11th AIAS Hall Of Fame Inductee
The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has announced that as part of its forthcoming DICE Summit, Blizzard co-founder and CEO Mike Morhaime will be inducted into its Hall of Fame, joining previous inductees like Shigeru Miyamoto and Will Wright.
12.11.07 | News | Brandon Boyer
Q&A: Carmack, Kang Talk Id Mobile, Nintendo Love
Games On Deck sat down with Id Mobile's Anna Kang and Id's legendary John Carmack to talk about the Doom creator's new mobile endeavor, a planned Wolfenstein mobile/DS title, possibilities for a Wii version of Orcs & Elves, why Carmack has warmed to Nintendo platforms, and more.
11.26.07 | Feature | Leigh Alexander
Thanksgiving Features/Interviews: What You Missed
Were you out for the Thanksgiving holiday at the tail end of last week? Gamasutra continued to post some fascinating features, including a look at 'feel in games', an interview with Id's Carmack and Kang, and a look at next-gen audio - top stories within.
11.25.07 | News | Staff
Carmack, Kang Talk Id Mobile, Nintendo Love
Gamasutra sat down with Id Mobile's Anna Kang and Id's legendary John Carmack to talk about the Doom creator's new mobile endeavor, a planned Wolfenstein mobile/DS tit
11.22.07 | News | Leigh Alexander

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