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October 20, 2021
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Walk Of Game 2006 Voting Enters Home Stretch
10.20.05 | News | Simon Carless
Event Wrap Up: CTIA 2005 Mobile Conference
The CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment convention, held in San Francisco’s Moscone West conference hall, included the presence from some of the more notable developers and publishers in the mobile game market, including Jamdat (Doom RPG), Gameloft (War Of The Worlds), and I-Play (Skipping Stone).
09.29.05 | Feature | Brandon Sheffield
Id Software Loses Adrian Carmack, Gets Legal Battle
09.27.05 | News | David Jenkins
Walk Of Game 2006 Nominees Announced
09.27.05 | News | Simon Carless
Carmack Critiques New Consoles In Keynote
08.14.05 | News | David Jenkins
Jamdat Announces Increased Profits, Shares Plunge
08.10.05 | News | Simon Carless
Question of the Week Responses: Video Game Patents
Spurred by the controversial article regarding software patents by Ross Dannenburg and Steve Chang that Gamasutra published last week, we present the answers to: "Do you agree with the concept of patenting specific video game concepts, either game design ideas or technical innovations?"
06.08.05 | Feature | Quang Hong
Masters Of Doom Set For Film Treatment
04.13.05 | News | David Jenkins, Simon Carless
Gaming News Round-Up: March 28th, 2005
03.27.05 | News | Nich Maragos
Trip Hawkins Inducted Into AIAS Hall of Fame
01.30.05 | News | Nich Maragos
Event Wrap-Up: SIGGRAPH 2004
Over 27,000 game developers, film industry professionals, and scientists attended SIGGRAPH 2004 at the Los Angeles Convention Center - Morgan McGuire discusses the show from a game development perspective.
08.29.04 | Feature | morgan mcguire
GDC 2004--The Audio Track
Aaron Marks makes note of the sounds of GDC--what this year's event offered for the audio community, and what the industry's icons were saying.
03.31.04 | Feature | Aaron Marks
Postcard from the GDC 2004: John Carmack's Keynote
John Carmack presented the programming keynote at the GDC 2004: an hour-long, content-packed, Powerpoint-free presentation. The game programming icon expounded on the future of game graphics and game hardware platforms.
03.24.04 | Feature | Daniel Sánchez-Crespo Dalmau
UV Mapping Tips And Tricks
In this paper, Renier Johannes Banninga attempts to counteract the insanity of UV mapping by sharing every trick and technique he knows for making the process of texture mapping easier.
03.24.04 | Feature | Renier Banninga | 1 Number of Comments 
The End Game: How Top Developers Sold Their Studios - Part Two
Dan Lee Rogers has researched the issues surrounding the sale of independent game developers to larger houses--including the financial terms and interviewing key executives, attorneys, and investment firms to help you understand how to be prepared for any sale you might be involved in. Part 2 concludes the series, and provides insight on how a purcase price is decided upon.
03.04.04 | Feature | Dan Lee Rogers
id Software Promotes Hollenshead and Willits
01.06.04 | News | David Jenkins
Game Agents: Show Me The Money? Part 1: Introduction, Interview
Like their counterparts in Hollywood, agents in the game industry represent the "talent" - game developers - and negotiate publishing and distribution deals for their clients. In return, the agents take a cut of the deal. Part one of this three-part series on game agents introduces their services, and talks to Zombie co-CEO, Mark Long, about his thoughts on agents.
06.15.03 | Feature | Alex Dunne,Matthew Karch
IGDA Announces Nominations For 2002 Game Developers Choice Awards
The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) announced the nominees for the annual Game Developers Choice Awards, which will be held March 21 at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, CA.
02.11.02 | News
AIAS Announces Winners
The Academy of Interactive and Sciences announced the winners of its fourth annual Interactive Achievement Awards.
03.22.01 | News
Finalists For Interactive Achievement Awards Revealed
The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) announced the finalists for its annual Interactive Achievement Awards, which will be given out in San Jose, CA on March 22.
02.20.01 | News
It's Great to be Back! Fast Code, Game Programming, and Other Thoughts from 20 (Minus 2) Years in the Trenches
After leaving the game industry to pursue a career in natural language, Michael Abrash re-examined some of his assumptions about video game production. In this article, he recounts how he came to see game programming as the sweetest spot in all of software development.
01.18.01 | Feature | Robert Huebner
3D Engines for Games: A Broader Perspective
You've developed an object viewer, a Quake level viewer, a radiosity renderer and a patch tessellator. You know 3D math, OpenGL and the 3DS file format by heart. Now you want to go further -- you want to use this knowledge to develop an entire engine. Does this seem like a large task for you? Well let me tell you, it is. I will not try to tell you how to make a good, playable game. Nor will I tell you how to program any specific parts of an engine. In fact there won't even be a single line of code in this article. The main goal is to enable you to quickly and (relatively) painlessly develop an engine and a game that uses it.
10.12.00 | Feature | Søren Hannibal
Postmortem: Treyarch's Draconus
Under funded and under scheduled, Jamie Fristrom discusses what went right and what went wrong during the Draconus development process. He also touches on the tools his team used to make the best of the under funded and under scheduled game.
08.13.00 | Feature | Jamie Fristrom
Steed Fired
05.31.00 | News | Quang Hong

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