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May 16, 2022
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Rovio: We Could Be Worth 'North Of Popcap'
While Rovio is not currently seeking a buyout, the company's VP of franchise development Ville Heijari says it could be worth somewhere "north of Popcap" and its recent $750 million purchase by EA.
07.12.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 27 Number of Comments 
Ubisoft's Ancel Planning To Open Up Rayman Origins Tech
The UbiArt technology that allows for detailed, hand-drawn animation in the upcoming Rayman Origins will be available for free use by other devleopers, if Rayman creator Michel Ancel has his way.
07.12.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 3 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra Member Blogs: From Lore To Feature Creep
In highlights from Gamasutra's Member Blogs, our bloggers write about diverse topics, such as the hardships of crafting lore in video games, controlling and embracing feature creep, and what viole
07.11.11 | News | Eric Caoili
Levine: Irrational Currently Has 'No Plans' For Wii U
Irrational creative director Ken Levine says the BioShock developer currently has "no plans" to make games for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U, despite his appearance in a sizzle reel promoting the system at E3.
07.11.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Ubisoft Acquires Free-to-play Game Maker Owlient
Ubisoft today announced its acquisition of Paris-based free-to-play game maker Owlient, taking control of the company's 40 employees as well as the Howrses brand that attracts nearly 2 million monthly users.
07.11.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Nintendo Employees Discuss Challenges Of Porting Classics To 3DS
Adding stereoscopic 3D graphics to classic titles for the Nintendo 3DS' "3D Classics" series is not as simple a process as it might seem, according to the developers responsible for some of the ports.
07.11.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 13 Number of Comments 
Touchscreen Keyboard Maker Swype Teases Expansion Into Controllers
In announcing the closing of a new, $6 million round of Series C financing today, touchscreen keyboard software maker Swype mentioned plans to integrate its technology in to game controllers in the future.
07.11.11 | News | Kyle Orland
OnLive's Perlman Details Cloud-Based Web Browser Plans
Streaming game service OnLive plans to release a completely cloud-based web browser later this summer, focused on bringing faster speeds and features like Flash to lower-powered devices like tablets and older computers.
07.11.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 4 Number of Comments 
Interview: Industry Veteran Mark Cerny Discusses Changing Team Sizes
In an interview with Gamasutra, veteran game industry designer Mark Cerny recalls a time of small dev teams, back when "you made a game and you were 100 percent responsible for its success."
07.10.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 4 Number of Comments 
iOS Dev Riptide Games Merges With Projkt Nine
Denver-based iOS developer Riptide Games announced it will be merging with Ontario's Projkt Nine, cementing a collaboration that has produced titles such as My Pet Zombie.
07.10.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Analyst: New Call of Duty Sales Could Pass 20M
Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says he thinks Activision's next Call of Duty game could surpass Black Ops' 20 million in sales, despite a competitive threat from EA's Battlefield 3.
07.10.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 6 Number of Comments 
Eidos' Pete Hickman Joins Mediatonic As Head Of Production
London-based Mediatonic announced today that it has hired game industry veteran Pete Hickman as its new head of production, where he will oversee all of the company's projects.
07.10.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Board Game Maker Speaks Out On Euro Trenched Trademark Dispute
The Portuguese designer of a board game called Trench has spoken out on a trademark dispute that has prevented Double Fine's Trenched from being released in European territories.
07.10.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 5 Number of Comments 
Louisiana Enhances Tax Credits For Game Developers
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has signed a bill enhancing the state's existing tax credit for game developers, potentially resulting in significant savings for game companies in the state.
07.10.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 4 Number of Comments 
Report: 500M Internet-Connected TVs To Ship Worldwide By 2015
The era of needing a game console or other set top box to get interactive content on a TV may be coming to an end, as a new report predicts 500 million internet connected TVs will have been shipped by 2015.
07.07.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 9 Number of Comments 
HTC Buys Controlling Share Of S3 Graphics
HTC Corporation will buy all outstanding shares in graphics card maker and gaming hardware provider company S3 Graphics from processor maker Via Corporation for $300 million, the companies announced today.
07.07.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Hideo Kojima, Suda51 Working on 'Sdatcher' Radio Drama
The next project from Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda (a.k.a. Suda51) won't be a game, but a radio drama based on Kojima's classic adventure title Snatcher.
07.07.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 1 Number of Comments 
Indie Selections For 2011 'PAX 10' Showcase Announced
The organizers of the 2011 Penny Arcade Expo have once again selected ten indie games to be showcased on free booth space at the annual show in August, from a crop of over 100 entries.
07.07.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Zynga Acquires Toronto's Five Mobile
Toronto-based Five Mobile will now be known as Zynga Toronto, with the social gaming giant acquiring the mobile game specialists and "certain assets and IP" they have developed.
07.07.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Keita Takahashi To Work On Glitch With Tiny Speck
Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi will be helping with the development of Tiny Speck's casual massively-multiplayer online game Glitch, the Vancouver-based company announced today.
07.07.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 5 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra Expert Blogs: From Super Mario Bros. 3 To Keeping Appearances
In highlights from Gamasutra's Expert Blogs, industry notables write about diverse topics, including level design lessons from Super Mario Bros. 3, minding the details when developing indie gam
07.06.11 | News | Eric Caoili
Paradox CEO: 'We Don’t Really Need Retailers Any More'
For Paradox Interactive, the transition from retail game sales to a purely digital marketplace is almost complete, with nearly 90 percent of revenues coming from direct downloads for the PC-focused publisher.
07.06.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 6 Number of Comments 
Apple iOS App Store Reaches 15B Downloads
Apple announced today that over 15 billion iOS apps, including many games, have been downloaded across 200 million iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, with developer payouts reaching $2.5 billion.
07.06.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 12 Number of Comments 
Report: Free-To-Play Dominates iOS App Store Game Revenues
A new analysis of top-grossing games on the iOS App Store finds free-to-play titles bringing in nearly two-thirds of all game revenue in June, a turnaround from a market dominated by pay-to-download games in January.
07.06.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 8 Number of Comments 
Iwata: Rise Of Social/Mobile Games Hasn't Hurt DS Usage
Nintendo's Satoru Iwata is fighting the notion that the rise of mobile and social games has hurt the company's portable business, presenting data showing DS use among mobile and social gamers is comparable to all DS owners.
07.06.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 13 Number of Comments 

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