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May 16, 2022
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EFF Accuses Microsoft Of Misusing DMCA In Accessory Case
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has filed a brief in support of accessory maker Datel, accusing Microsoft of misusing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to quash competition in the Xbox 360 memory card market.
06.19.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Warner Bros. To Offer 'Season Pass' DLC Bundle For Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat
Four sets of upcoming downloadable content for Warner Bros. Interactive's Mortal Kombat will be available at a reduced price as part of a "Season Pass" bundle on the Xbox 360.
06.16.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 2 Number of Comments 
Expanded Australian R&D Tax Credits Set To Help Game Companies
A proposal to offer AUS$1.8 billion ($1.89 billion) in R&D tax credits to small and mid-sized Australian businesses seems set to go into effect next month, a move heralded by the country's game development community.
06.16.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 3 Number of Comments 
BioWare, Sega User Data Exposed By Hackers
BioWare and Sega have become the latest targets to be hit by the increasingly common server breaches that have revealed private user information stored by numerous game companies.
06.16.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 8 Number of Comments 
GamersFirst Acquires Fallen Earth LLC, Taking Game Free-To-Play
Free-to-play MMO publisher GamersFirst has acquired Fallen Earth LLC, absorbing the company's 12 employees into its Reloaded Productions studio and taking the Fallen Earth game free-to-play.
06.15.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 2 Number of Comments 
Report: Facebook Planning HTML5-Based Mobile App Distribution
Media reports suggest Facebook is planning a new HTML5-based app distribution platform, designed to run mobile games and apps through web browsers rather than directly through mobile operating systems.
06.15.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 4 Number of Comments 
Microsoft Releases Non-commercial Kinect SDK For PC
Microsoft has officially released a non-commercial beta version of a long-promised PC software development kit for its Kinect depth-sensin
06.15.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 9 Number of Comments 
Xbox Live Indie Game Uprising Returning For Summer, Taking Nominations
Organizers are currently accepting nominations for titles to be included in a planned summer revival of last year's Xbox Live Indie Games Winter Uprising, which is slated to start August 22.
06.15.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 3 Number of Comments 
Iwata: Wii U's HD Graphics Will Help Attract First-Person Shooters
Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says the enhanced, HD visual capabilities of the Wii U will appeal to many third-party developers that were reluctant to bring titles such as first-person shooters to the original Wii.
06.14.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 36 Number of Comments 
Iwata Addresses Wii U Questions, Hints At Online Service
At an extensive analyst Q&A during last week's E3 event, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata addressed concerns ranging from attracting core gamers to the Wii U to the system's online capabilities.
06.14.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 8 Number of Comments 
2K Games Drops PR Firm Following Duke Nukem Forever Blackball Threats
Publisher 2K Games has officially dropped The Redner Group PR firm from representing its products after founder Jim Redner publicly threatened to blackball journalists that wrote negative reviews of Duke Nukem Forever.
06.14.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 27 Number of Comments 
Analyst Skeptical Of Best Buy Gaming Efforts On Flat Earnings
Analysts at Wedbush Morgan used today's release of quarterly earnings for electronics retailer Best Buy to warn the company may have trouble competing with GameStop in the competitive gaming market.
06.14.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 1 Number of Comments 
Patrice Desilets Starts At THQ Montreal As Non-Compete Ends
Game design veteran Patrice Désilets, known for the Prince of Persia relaunch as well as the Assassin's Creed series, has officially started work at THQ Montreal, the company announced today.
06.14.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 2 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra Member Blogs: From Stealth To More Than Design
In highlights from Gamasutra's Member Blogs, our bloggers write about diverse topics, including the evolution of the stealth genre, what designers should know about visual arts, and more.
06.13.11 | News | Eric Caoili
Anonymous Attacks Spanish Police Site In Response To Sony Arrests
The web site for Spain's national police force was briefly taken offline Sunday in an attack allegedly in response to the recent arrest of three
06.12.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 16 Number of Comments 
Bethesda Warns Of User Data Breach
Video game publisher Bethesda has warned customers that some of their data - including user names, e-mail addresses and passwords - may have been compromised in an attack on the company's servers.
06.12.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 9 Number of Comments 
THQ Shutters UK Studio, Homefront Developer Kaos
THQ confirmed to Gamasutra today that it is closing developers Digital Warrington and Kaos Studios as part of a "strategic realignment" less than three months after the release of Kaos shooter Homefront.
06.12.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 47 Number of Comments 
Microsoft Trademark Application Points To Kinect-Based Interactive Ad Platform
Microsoft has filed a trademark for the term NUADS, a term the application hints might refer to a new, interactive advertising platform that uses Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect camera controller.
06.12.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Interview: Best Buy VP Addresses Used Game Roll Out, Digital Expansion
In an E3 interview with Gamasutra, Best Buy senior VP of entertainment Chris Homeister said the company is working to increase awareness of its used game program, which will be in all stores by the fall.
06.09.11 | News | Kyle Orland | 4 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra Expert Blogs: From Localization To Silver Dollar
In highlights from Gamasutra's Expert Blogs, industry notables write about diverse topics, including localization and demo tips, controversial XBLIG developer Silver Dollar Games, and more.
06.08.11 | News | Eric Caoili
E3 Interview: Riot Games' Bellezza On Managing Growth, Company Culture
Riot Games producer Paul Bellezza talks to Gamasutra about how the company has managed its explosive growth since the success of League of Legends and its recent purchase by China's Tencent.
06.08.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Interview: Using Games To Encourage Less Risky Real-World Behavior
In this Gamasutra interview, Schell Games' Jesse Schell and Yale University's Dr. Lynn Fiellin discuss their efforts to measure and reduce risky behaviors using a specially designed game aimed at young teens.
06.07.11 | News | Kyle Orland
Gamasutra Member Blogs: From Indie Game Bundles To Turn-Based Combat
In highlights from Gamasutra's Member Blogs, our bloggers write about diverse topics, including indie game bundles, improving turn-based combat, and making a game in 10 days.
06.06.11 | News | Eric Caoili
E3: Mario Kart, Luigi's Mansion More Franchises Coming To 3DS This Year
At its pre-E3 press conference today, Nintendo showed off new 3DS versions of the Mario Kart and Luigi's Mansion franchises for the first time, also highlighting other major franchises coming to the portable.
06.06.11 | News | Kyle Orland

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