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September 27, 2020
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King's Sabrina Carmona offers practical tips to get more women leaders in games
??If you are in a leadership role and you are responsible for building teams like me, you have to play your part in this,? Carmona told GDC Summer attendees. ??Because you actually have the power."
08.05.20 | News | Alex Wawro |  
EA's strategy for remastering Command & Conquer
Learn some of the challenges Electronic Arts faced when remastering Command & Conquer.
07.23.20 | News | Bryant Francis | 1 Number of Comments 
EGX Rezzed postponed until July due to COVID-19 pandemic
UPDATE: EGX Rezzed been postponed until the summer due to the coronavirus outbreak, and will now take place in July.
03.12.20 | News | Chris Kerr |  
Rebuilding a classic in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition developer Bert Beeckman talks about the process of updating the original game and adding new content inspired by new civilizations.
02.18.20 | News | Bryant Francis |  
King's Sabrina Carmona wants more women in game dev leadership
Senior producer Sabrina Carmona is coming to GDC to show you how to diversify your studio and get more women into leadership! Here, she opens up about why that's important and her own career in games.
02.06.20 | News | Staff | 4 Number of Comments 
Video: Rare's classic postmortem of GoldenEye 007 for the N64
In this 2012 GDC Europe Talk, Martin Hollis shares how his team created GoldenEye 007, the biggest Nintendo 64 release that wasn't a Mario game. 
12.05.19 | News | Staff |  
Learn what makes for great location-based VR experiences at XRDC!
Come to XRDC in October and learn firsthand what it takes to build and operate (and design games for) one of the largest free-roam location-based VR venues in Europe!
08.12.19 | News | Staff |  
'Things will go wrong': The challenge of Dauntless' day-one crossplay
Phoenix Labs head of marketing Nick Clifford and lead designer Hunter Howe discuss some of the components that have made Dauntless a crossplay hit.
07.10.19 | News | Bryant Francis | 1 Number of Comments 
Brenda and John Romero's Empire of Sin is an emergent narrative gangster flick
Empire of Sin, Romero Games' take on 1920s turn-based tactics, has some interesting emergent narrative and gameplay elements not typical to the strategy genre.
06.13.19 | News | Bryant Francis |  
The imperfect science of Falcon Age's baby bird-based social media marketing
Outerloop Games co-founder Chandana "Eka" Ekanayake talks about the baby bird that won Twitter's heart, and also a bit about Disneyland-like level design in Falcon Age.
04.18.19 | News | Bryant Francis |  
'No console required': Google unveils streaming game platform, 'Stadia'
At GDC 2019 this morning, Google detailed its long-awaited streaming game platform, dubbed Stadia.
03.18.19 | News | Kris Graft | 27 Number of Comments 
Video: The evolution of Soft Body
In this 2016 GDC Europe session, Bodysoft's Zeke Virant presents a post-mortem of the meditative action game Soft Body.
02.27.19 | News | Staff |  
Video: How Hitman guides players through non-linear level design
At GDC Europe 2016 Io Interactive's Mette Poedenphant Andersen and Jacob Mikkelsen take the stage to discuss how they design the levels and systems of Hitman to be intuitive and easy to navigate.
02.19.19 | News | Staff |  
Video: Evolving and creating a style for Mirror's Edge Catalyst
In this 2016 GDC Europe talk, DICE's Jhony Ljungstedt shares insight into how DICE developed and created the visual style for Mirror's Edge Catalyst.
02.05.19 | News | Staff |  
Video: How Obsidian built Pillars of Eternity by looking back while moving forward
At GDC Europe 2016 Obsidian's Josh Sawyer looks at Pillars of Eternity's origins, and how Obsidian went about trying to update the RPG genre while paying tribute to the games that inspired it.
01.30.19 | News | Staff |  
Video: King's guide to level design for casual games
King's Jeremy Kang takes the stage at GDC Europe 2016 to deliver a rare look at how King (Candy Crush Saga) goes about designing levels for its various free-to-play mobile games.
01.29.19 | News | Staff |  
Video: A game dev's guide to designing great tutorials
Can you design a tutorial so good your players don't know they're in it? Those Awesome Guys' Nicolae Berbece thinks so, and in this GDC Europe 2016 talk he explores how to pull it off.
01.28.19 | News | Staff |  
Video: The highs and lows of Hitman's episodic release
Io Interactive's Hannes Seifert shares the highs and lows of transforming Hitman into an episodic release title.
01.17.19 | News | Staff |  
Video: How Life is Strange brought a new era for narrative games
In this GDC Europe 2016 talk, Dontnod's Christian Divine reflects on the writing and design process for Life is Strange, and how its development heralds a new era for narrative games.
01.15.19 | News | Staff |  
Video: The living world of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt
In this GDC 2016 session, CD Projekt Red's Matthew Steinke explains how he developed a role-playing experience that would provide players with gameplay spanning the vast open world of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt.
12.11.18 | News | Staff |  
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden's developers discuss duck mutant game balance
Watch the lead developers of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden discuss the design and balance of their new game.
11.27.18 | News | Bryant Francis |  
Chat with one of WWI game 11-11: Memories Retold's designers at 3PM ET
Tune into the GDC Twitch channel to discuss the making of 11-11: Memories Retold starting at 3PM ET.
11.15.18 | News | Bryant Francis |  
The Train Jam game jam is full steam ahead for GDC 2019!
Organized for the 6th year running by Adriel Wallick, Train Jam is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for devs to ride the rails and build games together, which will then be part of an on-site GDC showcase! 
11.05.18 | News | Staff |  
Video: Exploring helplessness in Bury Me, My Love
In this GDC 2018 talk, The Pixel Hunt's Florent Maurin explains how he tried to confront players with a feeling of helplessness through a series of design choices in Bury Me, My Love.
10.21.18 | News | Staff |  
Video: Lessons learned during the development of Guacamelee!
In this GDC 2014 talk, DrinkBox Studios' Chris Harvey delves intothe development of Guacamelee! from concept to release, discussing all of thedifficultdecisions made during production.
06.13.18 | News | Staff |  

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