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Applying old-school sports game design to a modern multiplayer game
OutOfTheBit is working on a different sort of football [aka soccer, yanks!] game. "FIFA is great, but I realize that there is probably space in the market for a fun and easy to pick up football game."
05.03.16 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos | 2 Number of Comments 
Classic board game meets Warhammer in Talisman: The Horus Heresy
Indie studio Nomad Games already created a digital versions of classic board game Talisman. Now they're creating a Warhammer 40K version of Talisman.
02.18.16 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Q&A: Jon Ingold on Sorcery! and crafting interactive fiction
'The end of the Sorcery! epic is our focus for the moment; it's a bittersweet feeling to be coming to the end of the series after nearly 1.5 million words.'
01.24.16 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Q&A: Prominence, an indie adventure game 9 years in the making
'Prominence was developed while the studio was concurrently doing client work. Some weeks only saw 10 hours of Prominence time, while other weeks would get 40 hours or more.'
01.10.16 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos | 1 Number of Comments 
The unique and solitary story of Pinstripe
"Everything has been done by me, including music, illustration, design, and marketing,"says Thomas Brush. "I'm hopeful that the cohesiveness and personality shine through in the game as a result."
12.13.15 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos
The horrors and intricacies of The Consuming Shadow
'Everything in the game besides the music was by me working on my own,' says Ben Croshaw, aka Yahtzee. 'I even made all the monster sound effects with my own horrible phlegmy mouth.'
12.09.15 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos
The timely retrofuturism of point-and-click adventure Read Only Memories
Developer Matt Conn discusses how Read Only Memories makes a classic game genre feel thoroughly up-to-date.
10.20.15 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Q&A: How Dropsy fights cynicism (and clown stereotypes)
'I can't blame anyone for assuming that Dropsy is a stoner horror-comedy thing,' says Jay Tholen. But his sweet-natured take on point-and-click adventures demolishes insane clown cliches.
10.19.15 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos | 1 Number of Comments 
Q&A: Orchestrating nine-player co-op chaos in A Fistful of Gun
'If you want something with traditional controls or you hate arcade coin-chewers, it's probably not gonna be your thing,' says Paul 'Farmergnome' Hart. 'And I am okay with that.'
10.13.15 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos
This Week in Video Game Criticism: From the pastoral of Harvest Moon to the politics of Pokemon Snap
This week, our partnership with game criticism site Critical Distance brings us picks from Zolani Stewart on topics ranging from the pastoral settings of Harvest Moon to the politics of Pokemon Snap.
04.19.15 | News | Zolani Stewart
A Tale of Tales on the politics and interior design of Sunset
Longtime indie developer Auriea Harvey speaks to our sister site about the design, goals and politics of Tale of Tales' upcoming first-person game Sunset.
04.16.15 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Q&A: Maniac Mansion creators stick to their roots with new adventure game
With traditional and particularly exciting adventure Thimbleweed Park doing impressively well on Kickstarter, we thought we'd ask creators (and legendary Maniac Mansion duo) Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick a few things.
12.01.14 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos | 2 Number of Comments 
New, revamped version of interactive fiction tool Inform 7 out
The new version of Inform 7, the first substantial update to the venerable authoring language in three years, introduces all sorts of improvements and widely requested features.
05.13.14 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos | 1 Number of Comments 
Making games as a hobby with Locomalito
Locomalito is a Spanish indie developer, best known for his more traditional, retro-looking arcade games like Maldita Castilla. Here, he talks about his influences.
06.25.13 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos | 4 Number of Comments 
The art of visual novels: One writer's approach to interactive fiction
Christine Love originally impressed the masses with visual novel Digital: A Love Story and, in only a few years, has moved on to become a key figure in the space. Here, she discusses how she designs the stories and the games that engulf them.
07.08.12 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos | 5 Number of Comments 
STALKER meets Sherlock in Sir, You Are Being Hunted
Big Robot and Rock Paper Shotgun's Jim Rossignol talk about the "tweedpunk" stylings of Sir, You Are Being Hunted, and how limited resources informed the open-world game's design.
05.28.12 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos
Adventure games never really went away, says Resonance dev
"There have always been adventure games for those looking for them," says Vince Twelve, creator of sci-fi indie adventure game Resonance, which is nearing completion after nearly six years.
04.12.12 | News | Konstantinos Dimopoulos | 1 Number of Comments