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Don't Miss: The challenges of being a mom in game development
Take a look back at former Gamasutra Editor-At-Large Leigh Alexander's chat with several working moms making it in the video game business.
08.01.21 | News | Leigh Alexander
GDC YouTube Top 5: Mohawk Games' Soren Johnson
Soren Johnson, founder of Mohawk Games and designer on Civilization III and IV, curates his top 5 videos from the GDC YouTube archive in this new series of articles.
08.15.19 | News | Staff | 1 Number of Comments 
Don't Miss: Catching up with Centipede creator Dona Bailey
In 1980 Atari had just one woman software engineer: Dona Bailey, who created the classic arcade game Centipede against enormous odds in a high-stakes environment in the infancy of the gaming industry.
03.07.19 | News | Leigh Alexander
Writers Guild crowns Reigns: Her Majesty for best writing in a video game
Reigns: Her Majesty, written by Leigh Alexander, took home the statue for Best Writing in a Video Game.
01.13.19 | News | Emma Kidwell
Video: The narrative design of Reigns: Her Majesty
In this GDC 2018 talk, writer Leigh Alexander shares her narrative design process around the tricky political tightrope of women's power in Reigns: Her Majesty.
10.15.18 | News | Staff
Video: Crafting the narrative of Reigns: Her Majesty
At GDC 2018, Reigns: Her Majesty writer (and former Gamasutra editor) Leigh Alexander shared her own process for designing narratives that walk the tricky political tightrope of women's power.
09.30.18 | News | Staff
Book Excerpt: Understanding video games as culture
This excerpt from "Video Games as Culture: Considering the Role and Importance of Video Games in Contemporary Society" examines how games can help players access other experiences and realities.
09.03.18 | News | Daniel Muriel and Garry Crawford
Watch us play Where the Water Tastes Like Wine with the lead dev
The Gamasutra editorial team sits down to discuss the fate and fortune of Dim Bulb Games after launching Where the Water Tastes Like Wine.
04.12.18 | News | Bryant Francis
There is no right way to be queen in Reigns: Her Majesty
Narrative designer and writer Leigh Alexander discusses the narrative design of Reigns: Her Majesty.
03.20.18 | News | Emma Kidwell | 1 Number of Comments 
Why being trapped in a loop makes Reigns: Her Majesty so satisfying
We swipe right into the weirdness of Reigns: Her Majesty with Nerial lead developer Francois Alliot.
02.05.18 | News | John Harris
Road to the IGF: Dim Bulb Games' Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
Where the Water Tastes Like Wine takes the player on a narrative adventure across America, creating a tapestry of folk stories, travelling tales, and personal moments.
01.31.18 | News | Joel Couture
The importance of tools when writing Reigns: Her Majesty
In an interview with Kotaku published earlier today, writer Leigh Alexander discusses the importance of tools when writing and designing specific cards for Reigns: Her Majesty
01.31.18 | News | Emma Kidwell
Chat with the lead developer of Reigns: Her Majesty at 1PM EST
We're talking to the narrative-minded man behind Reigns: Her Majesty today at 1PM EST. So be sure to join us live on the Gamasutra Twitch channel for some behind the scenes action.
12.07.17 | News | Bryant Francis
Reigns: Her Majesty's Francois Alliot on making a more complex swipe-em-up
We talked to the lead developer of Reigns: Her Majesty about the art and business about making weird games about being royalty.
12.07.17 | News | Bryant Francis
Developer's perspective: The indie game scene in South Africa
South Africa's game dev scene got its first big break in 2010, with the entry of Desktop Dungeons on the world stage. The community is still small and lacks diversity, but that is slowly changing.
04.02.17 | News | Lena LeRay | 2 Number of Comments 
Don't Miss: Jesse Schell speaks to games' power for peace
In a moving keynote at the 2011 Games for Change event, veteran game dev Jesse Schell advocated games' power to create peace, and the concept of media as an expression of care for others.
09.20.16 | News | Leigh Alexander
Don't Miss: Can joy be more 'adult' than violence?
In this timeless 2014 feature Honeyslug's Ricky Haggett and Funomena's Robin Hunicke look at joy as an alternative quality of mature games, which are often dominated by violence.
09.07.16 | News | Leigh Alexander
Don't Miss: Quadrilateral Cowboy and good old-fashioned digital bliss
Now that Quadrilateral Cowboy is finally out, it's a good time to revisit this 2014 conversation with developer Brendon Chung about his design influences, and the game's soft machine charm.
07.28.16 | News | Leigh Alexander
Don't Miss: Catching up with Amplitude Studios and Endless Legend
In this timeless feature we catch up with Amplitude Studios, the versatile and surprising team behind Endless Legend -- a lovely strategy game that goes far beyond the genre's traditional appeal.
07.04.16 | News | Leigh Alexander
Don't Miss: Why They're Playing Persona 4: Golden
Now that Persona 5's release date has been announced, revisit what made Persona 4 Golden so popular with JRPG fans in the United States.
06.06.16 | News | Leigh Alexander
Don't miss: Building a new Pokémon universe with Black & White
Another classic Pokémon interview as we near the series' 20th anniversary: Leigh Alexander speaks to to the series' longtime director and composer Junichi Masuda about his ambitions for 2011's Black and White.
02.24.16 | News | Leigh Alexander
Don't Miss: When crowdfunding reveals the realities of game dev budgets
In this timeless feature we explore how crowdfunding has placed game devs closer to their players, and offered more creative freedom. But new challenges await -- particularly concerning budgeting.
02.09.16 | News | Leigh Alexander
Don't Miss: Designing XCOM so players tell their own stories
In this classic 2012 feature Firaxis' Garth DeAngelis talks about designing opportunities for emergent storytelling in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and the power your player's internal narrative can hold.
01.31.16 | News | Leigh Alexander
Don't Miss: Modeling epiphany in The Witness
In this classic 2014 feature Leigh Alexander chats with Jonathan Blow about The Witness, and asks him some questions she's always been afraid to hear the answers to.
01.25.16 | News | Leigh Alexander
Don't Miss: How Gone Home's design limits lead to a potent story
Gone Home is elegant narrative, but as a work of design, it's equally so. In this classic feature, Fullbright's Steve Gaynor explains the human story born from a history of environmental design.
01.12.16 | News | Leigh Alexander

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