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Analysis: Nintendo's DSi Sales Trends, Wii Price Cut Too Late?
Nintendo's Wii price cut spurred a turnaround in U.S. Wii sales in October -- but why did Nintendo wait so long? In our Gamasutra-exclusive analysis, we examine the company's hardware trends.
11.16.09 | News | Matt Matthews
NPD: Behind the Numbers, October 2009
In Gamasutra's detailed NPD U.S. console/game sales analysis for October 2009, we examine Sony's post-PS3 price drop results and PSP Go launch, Nintendo's Wii price cut timing, and a possibly grim outlook for the rest of 2009.
11.15.09 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 13 Number of Comments 
Analysis: On PSP Go's Launch Numbers, PSP's U.S. Future
Gamasutra looks at PSP Go first-month sales, estimated at 100-145,000 -- and finds "strong reservations" for the PSP's prospects in the U.S., with GTA: Chinatown Wars' slow retail launch just one red flag.
11.15.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 8 Number of Comments 
NPD: October Top 20 Sees Impressive Demon's Souls Showing
NPD has provided Gamasutra with a list of NPD's top 20 U.S. console retail games for October 2009, with the extended chart revealing the Atlus-published Demon's Souls topping 150,000 units -- full listing within.
11.12.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 9 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Is Delay Publishers’ New Marketing Strategy?
With publishers pushing former 'Holiday 2009' games like Bayonetta and BioShock 2 into 2010, Gamasutra examines the shifts -- is this potential "new trend" an economic stopgap or a long-term change?
11.09.09 | News | Paul Hyman | 21 Number of Comments 
Analyst Cuts Software Sales Forecast On Lower Wii Performance
Analyst Michael Pachter with Wedbush cut his 2009 U.S. software sales outlook to reflect a 5 percent year-on-year decline, due mainly to lower Wii hardware and software expectations.
10.27.09 | News | Kris Graft | 4 Number of Comments 
Analysis: PS3 Has 'Steep Hill' To Beat U.S. Xbox 360 Sales In 2009
Gamasutra looks at the effect of game console price cuts on September's NPD U.S. console numbers, noting that despite its significant sales boost, the PS3 "has a steep hill to climb" to beat Xbox 360 sales for the year.
10.25.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 1 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Guitar Hero Vs. Rock Band - Behind The Numbers
Gamasutra looks at the September U.S. retail showdown between Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles: Rock Band, revealing that $373 million of the $720 million game revenue drop in 2009 is from the two franchises.
10.22.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 11 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Wii Software Sales Slow Down In 2009
In this NPD analysis, Gamasutra examines software sales to date for all three major consoles, and finds Wii software sales have slowed in 2009 -- and that only PS3 has a constant tie ratio in the last quarter.
10.21.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 6 Number of Comments 
NPD: Behind the Numbers, September 2009
Gamasutra's latest comprehensive NPD analysis looks at the U.S. console retail figures for September 2009, with spotlights on the music game genre, hardware price cuts, Wii, console DLC and more.
10.20.09 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 7 Number of Comments 
Analysis: How Call Of Duty DLC Boosts Revenue, Publicity
In this NPD analysis, Gamasutra looks at DLC for Activision's Call Of Duty: World At War, calculating that the average WaW game owner has spent $9 on DLC, taking average sales per customer to $65.
10.20.09 | News | Matt Matthews, Staff | 6 Number of Comments 
NPD Top 20 Shows Strong Scribblenauts, Xbox 360 Performance
A day after publishing its latest report of American retail video game sales, the NPD Group released an extended top 20 software chart revealing strong sales for three additional Ni
10.19.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 7 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Madden NFL 10 First-Month Sales Fall 18 Percent Over '08
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes an in-depth look at this year's decline in the industry-bellwether Madden NFL franchise, its performance on different platforms, and what the results mean in a down economy.
09.14.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 6 Number of Comments 
NPD: Behind the Numbers, August 2009
Gamasutra's latest analysis of NPD's U.S. console retail figures examines hardware prices and key software prospects -- and explains how the industry will likely miss $20 billion in revenue for the year.
09.14.09 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 3 Number of Comments 
In-Depth: The Three Main Factors Behind NPD's 2009 Drop
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews analyzes August's NPD in-depth to examine the three main factors why the U.S. retail console industry is dipping in 2009, from hard
09.13.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 3 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Where Now For M-Rated Wii Games?
As Gamasutra reveals U.S. sales of 123,000 for Sega's Madworld, but over 750,000 units of Call Of Duty: World At War's on Wii -- how will mature Wii games like CoD: Modern Warfare fare this holiday season?
09.13.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 6 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Video Game Hardware - On The Brink?
The fortunes of the U.S. video game hardware market have shifted dynamically since mid-2008, and a focus on the last four months reveals interesting dynamics. Can price cuts resuscitate sales? Gamasutra investigates...
08.17.09 | News | Matt Matthews
NPD: Behind the Numbers, July 2009
This closer look at NPD's U.S. video game retail data for July 2009 examines the possibility of a Nintendo DSi price drop, sales of EA's NCAA Football franchise, and the trends that will shape the rest of the year.
08.17.09 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 8 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Is It Time For A DSi Price Cut?
Time to cut the price of the DSi? Gamasutra analyzes handheld market trends to explain why Nintendo may need to sacrifice margins in the short term, to drive adoption of the newer system.
08.16.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 5 Number of Comments 
EA, Nintendo Dominate July 2009 Top 20
Following initial results, NPD has provided Gamasutra with the full Top 20 U.S. console games for July 2009, a list overpowered by 16 Nintendo and Electronic Arts titles, and a majo
08.13.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 2 Number of Comments 
Interview: Sidhe's Wynands Talks PSN, Details Shatter Sales
Sidhe's Mario Wynands talks to Gamasutra, revealing initial sales of PlayStation Network game Shatter for the New Zealand-based dev, the economics of PSN development, and how piracy hurt the PSP.
08.06.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 1 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra Expert Blogs: From iPhone Dilemmas To Tricky Hardware Forecasting
In the latest highlights from Gamasutra's Expert Blogs, industry notables from companies like Denki and Fishing Cactus talk iPhone problems, while a number-cruncher second-guesses an independent PS3 sal
08.05.09 | News | Staff
Analysis: Will PS3 Overtake Xbox 360 In 2011? (Or: GameCube Nears 40 Million Systems)
Gamasutra's stats whiz Matt Matthews investigates an interesting Sony PR-forwarded claim on game hardware sales -- as
08.02.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 9 Number of Comments 
Exclusive: The Sims 3 Breaks 800K, Tops U.S. Game Sales In June
Gamasutra can reveal that Electronic Arts' The Sims 3 sold 820,000 retail copies in the United States in June 2009, topping sales charts across all console/PC platforms for the month, according to NPD data.
07.21.09 | News | Chris Remo
Analysis: Guitar Hero/Rock Band Retail Sales Down By Half
Looking at music games as part of our NPD analysis, Gamasutra discovers U.S. Guitar Hero/Rock Band retail revenues down 49% year on year, as discounted ha
07.20.09 | News | Staff, Matt Matthews | 1 Number of Comments 

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