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NPD: Behind the Numbers, May 2009
Gamasutra's industry-leading analysis of May 2009's U.S. console hardware and game sales gives some perspective on the startling industry slump, also discussing Wii hardware slowdown and PSP Go pricing.
06.14.09 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 3 Number of Comments 
Analysis: The U.S. Game Industry - How Bad Is It?
Gamasutra examines the 23% drop in May 2009 U.S. console hardware and game sales, asking whether an exceptional 2008 and summer slowdown might have contributed, and revealing 'unprecedented' drops in revenue.
06.14.09 | News | Matt Matthews, Staff | 10 Number of Comments 
Analysis: May NPD Top 20 Illustrates Nintendo Dominance
Publishing and analyzing NPD's extended top 20 U.S. game sales charts for May, Gamasutra discovers Nintendo hardware based titles capturing half of the slots, and fitness games continuing their popularity.
06.11.09 | News | Matt Matthews
Gamasutra Expert Blogs: From Atari 7800 Sales To A.I. Awards
In the latest highlights from Gamasutra's Expert Blogs, writers review surprising Atari 7800 sales figures and suggest more industry recognition for achievements in A.I.
05.28.09 | News | Kris Graft
NPD: Behind the Numbers, April 2009
In his regular, in-depth look at April 2009's NPD numbers, Gamasutra's Matt Matthews examines the disappointing month from multiple angles, from Sony's results and theorized price cut plans, through the numbers behind the software sales drop.
05.18.09 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 3 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Sony's Game Hardware Conundrum
With Sony's combined PlayStation hardware sales significantly down year-on-year, Gamasutra's Matt Matthews examines where the firm goes next, suggesting PS3 price cuts and PSP digital moves are in the firm's near-term future.
05.17.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 20 Number of Comments 
NPD: GTA: Chinatown Wars Continues Steady Sales In 2nd Month
According to NPD data provided to Gamasutra, Rockstar's GTA: Chinatown Wars for DS sold 74,000 in its second month on sales in the U.S., not much less than its debut that disappo
05.17.09 | News | Staff, Matt Matthews
Analysis: NPD Top 20 Reveals Increased DS Trend, Chinatown Wars Placement
Extended software sales charts from the NPD Group shed light on a software trend in favor of the Nintendo DS -- with GTA: Chinatown Wars in the top 20 -- this Gamasutra-exclusive analysis takes an in-depth look.
05.14.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 1 Number of Comments 
In Depth: GameStop Controls 21 Percent Of U.S. Game Market
GameStop controls 21 percent of the U.S. video game market, finds Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews, as we conclude our examination of the retailer with a look at its global reach.
04.30.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 5 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra Expert Blogs: Board Gaming's Dangerous Legacy
Showcasing highlights from Gamasutra's Expert Blogs, industry veterans discuss a cultural relic of the 70s, and how to write a game industry resume.
04.29.09 | News | Chris Remo
In Depth: The State Of GameStop -- Game Sales
Massive U.S. specialty retailer GameStop doesn't reveal how many games it sells yearly -- but in this in-depth analysis, we discover average sale prices and total game sales trending over the past 8 years.
04.28.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 2 Number of Comments 
In Depth: The State Of GameStop, Part One
GameStop is the world's biggest specialty game retailer -- but what can we learn from its finances? Gamasutra's new three-part series looks in-depth, starting with its startling growth and used game-heavy profits.
04.27.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 4 Number of Comments 
Analysis: GameStop Profit Margin On Used Almost 50%
Just how lucrative is GameStop's used games business? The company gets 48 cents gross profit for every pre-owned dollar of revenue, Gamasutra has calculated, with profit on used games at nearly $1 billion annually.
04.27.09 | News | Leigh Alexander, Matt Matthews | 7 Number of Comments 
Exclusive Analysis: Console Tie Ratios Reveal Market Dynamics
In his Gamasutra-exclusive analysis, Matt Matthews uses new NPD data to reveal the U.S. tie ratios for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii as of March 2009, with the PS3's tie ratio sneaking above the Wii's into second place overall.
04.21.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 20 Number of Comments 
Analysis: On The Wii And DS, Game Ratings Matter
Gamasutra's Matt Matthews looks at Wii and DS game sales, suggesting that -- 'long tail' or not -- there's "a limited audience" for Mature-rated titles on Nintendo's systems.
04.19.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 24 Number of Comments 
NPD: Behind the Numbers, March 2009
Continuing Gamasutra's market-leading U.S. game sales analysis, full March NPD coverage includes a look at Q1 console sales analysis, year on year, analysis of M-rated sofware on DS and Wii, and more.
04.18.09 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 6 Number of Comments 
Patapon 2 For PSP To Be Download-Only 'Test Case'
Sony has confirmed it will not be releasing Patapon 2 for its PlayStation Portable handheld on UMD, as the company continues to test digital distribution opportunities.
04.13.09 | News | Kris Graft | 2 Number of Comments 
Report: Netflix Hiring To Extend Console Streaming
Netflix now seeks an engineer to lead a "small team with a huge mandate" within its gaming group, suggesting the video rental company is planning further expansion for its 'streaming to consoles' service.
04.12.09 | News | Leigh Alexander, Matt Matthews
Exclusive: Top 10 Most Popular PS1 Games In PlayStation Store
How have downloadable PS1 titles fared in Sony's PS3 PlayStation Store? Gamasutra asked Sony and came away with an exclusive top ten list of titles to date.
04.01.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 5 Number of Comments 
Analyst: PS2 Price Cut Could Boost U.S. Sales By 30%
Following Sony's $99 price cut announcement for the PlayStation 2, analysts have weighed in, with EEDAR suggesting a 30% sales boost, but previous Gamasutra and Sony comments castin
03.30.09 | News | Staff | 3 Number of Comments 
NPD Analysis: Why $200 Is The Sweet Spot For Xbox 360
As part of a new Gamasutra-exclusive NPD analysis, we examine why when it comes to the Xbox 360 Arcade, the oft-touted $200 "sweet spot" really does translate to strong sales.
03.22.09 | News | Matt Matthews, Staff
NPD: Behind the Numbers, February 2009
The leading analysis column for NPD's North American game industry stats returns with a look at February 2009's trends, from Xbox 360 sales to software surprises.
03.21.09 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 18 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Which Guitar Hero Package Do People Buy?
Rhythm games' full band kits retail for high prices, but are consumers really buying them? Gamasutra's Matt Matthews investigates, plus implications for Rock Band: Beatles.
03.08.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 6 Number of Comments 
The 13 Basic Principles of Gameplay Design
In an intriguing design feature, EA and Page 44 veteran Allmer re-imagines the famous '12 Principles Of Animation' for games - adding a principle along the way!
02.26.09 | Feature | Matt Allmer | 18 Number of Comments 
Behind The Charts: The Portable Rhythm Game Jam
Portable rhythm titles Elite Beat Agents and Patapon are critical and fan hits -- but this new, exclusive NPD stat-revealing column shows that the U.S. mainstream "collectively yawned" compared to titles like Guitar Hero: On Tour.
02.24.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 8 Number of Comments 

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