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Best Of Gamerbytes: Crushing Aliens With Bydo
Every week, editor Ryan Langley will be summing up the top 10 console digital download news tidbits from the past 7 days, here checking a new R-Type for XBLA, plus a special look at the latest
08.10.08 | News | Ryan Langley
Finalists Announced for Acclaim’s ‘Project: Top Secret’
Acclaim Games earlier this week announced the name of the finalists for its ‘Project: Top Secret,’ a large-scale, user-driven game design contest and development project. The contest is the brainchild of Dave Perry, who will be the executive producer on t
06.24.08 | News | Jill Duffy
Three Services, Three Stores: Analyzing XBLA, PSN and Wii Shop Channel
Has there really been a slowdown in digital distribution for the major game consoles? In this in-depth analysis covering WiiWare, PSN, and Xbox Live Arcade, Gamasutra crunches the numbers to discover some surprising trends - graphs galore within.
06.17.08 | Feature | Matt Matthews
Analysis: XBLA, PSN, Wii Download Services Seeing Release Slowdown
As part of an in-depth Gamasutra analysis of the state of the console digital download market, research has revealed that all three consoles are debuting reduced amo
06.16.08 | News | Matt Matthews, Staff
Sony Raises PSP Downloadable Prices On PlayStation Store
In its most recent update to its PC-accessible PlayStation Store, Sony has raised prices on a number of its downloadable PSP titles an average of $1 to $6, with one game, Sony's Gangs of London, increasing by $11.
06.12.08 | News | Brandon Boyer, Matt Matthews | 1 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Why Artificial Scarcity Could Boost Digital Game Downloads
In this thought-provoking opinion piece, industry commentator Matt Matthews suggests that artificial scarcity of digital games - only making them available for limited times - could be a way to get the public excited about games.
05.21.08 | News | Matt Matthews | 26 Number of Comments 
GDC: The Future of Story In Game Design
In a conflict-filled panel on the future place of stories within game design and (therefore) the place of writers in development teams, Deborah Todd tried to keep the verbal sparring of a group of developers including Denis Dyack and Matthew Karch from el
02.20.08 | News | Mathew Kumar | 8 Number of Comments 
ESRB Rating Distributions ...And What They Tell Us
In a fascinating new article, Gamasutra presents graphs and analysis of ESRB ratings across all games for major consoles. Does the Wii's family-friendly reputation hold up in ratings? What rating of games proliferated towards the end of the Xbox's life? Answers within...
11.30.07 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 4 Number of Comments 
Analysis: M-Rated Games Halve From GameCube to Wii
As part of new analysis released by Gamasutra on ESRB game ratings for each game system, it's been revealed that only 3.2% of games rated for Nintendo's Wii are M-
11.29.07 | News | Matt Matthews, Staff
A History of Gaming Platforms: The Commodore 64
Gamasutra's first in a new monthly series sees game historians Loguidice and Barton debut an extremely in-depth history of gaming and creativity on the Commodore 64, from Archon to Maniac Mansion and beyond.
10.23.07 | Feature | Matt Barton,Bill Loguidice | 14 Number of Comments 
This Game Is Not Yet Rated: Inside The ESRB Ratings System
The Entertainment Software Ratings Board is a key part of the game industry, but do you know exactly how ESRB employees rate video games? Gamasutra spoke to Patricia Vance, president of the ESRB, to analyze the process and a day in the life of a game rater.
10.16.07 | Feature | Matt Matthews
NPD For July 2007: The Gamasutra Analysis
Gamasutra presents its latest exclusive in-depth analysis of NPD's latest U.S. console and game sales for June 2007, as the Wii sees its best month of hardware sales since its Holid
08.26.07 | News | Matt Matthews
NPD For June 2007: The Gamasutra Analysis
Gamasutra presents its latest exclusive in-depth analysis of NPD's latest U.S. console and game sales for June 2007, looking behind the numbers at an industry in transition, showing
07.23.07 | News | Matt Matthews
NPD: The Gamasutra Analysis
Gamasutra presents an exclusive in-depth analysis of NPD's latest U.S. console and game sales for May 2007, charting the decline in hardware sales for all but Nintendo's Wii and DS,
06.14.07 | News | Matt Matthews
Question of the Week: Are Games Industry Professionals Buying PlayStation 3 or Wii?
In the latest installment of Gamasutra's Question of the Week, on the eve of the two major console launches, we ask our readership of game industry professionals whether they'll be buying a PS3, Wii, or both, and why?
11.17.06 | Feature | Brandon Boyer,Frank Cifaldi
Postcard from GDC Europe Mobile 2005: Case Study: Designing Games For 3G Networks
As part of the GDCE Mobile lecture series on the first day of Game Developers Conference Europe 2005, Matt Bellows, former founder of Wireless Gaming Review and now responsible for operations, sales and marketing at Boston-based mobile developer Floodgate Entertainment, presented a fascinating lecture on the higher-bandwidth 3G phone networks, and their potential for creating complex, near-console quality games.
08.29.05 | Feature | Simon Carless
RetroRedux: The 24 Hour Game Design Jam
Parsons School of Design in New York held the Atari-sponsored Retro Redux 24-hour game design event on April 2nd-3rd 2005, challenging college students from across New York to forge games using technology comparable to the original Atari 2600. Our correspondent Matt Hawkins participated as advisor to Team SVA, and has provided a diary of his experiences at the Retro Redux event to Gamasutra.
04.18.05 | Feature | Matthew Hawkins
Question Of The Week Responses: Moral Responsibilities of Game Creators
In the latest response to a Question Of The Week, game professionals discuss whether game creators really have any moral responsibilities in teaching values to their audience.
02.27.05 | Feature | Quang Hong
Implementing Lighting Models With HLSL
Pixel and vertex shaders are well suited for dynamically lighting scenes. In this article, Engel demonstrates how to implement common lighting formulas using the High Level Shader Language (HLSL) that DirectX 9 supports.
04.17.03 | Feature | Wolfgang Engel
How to Hurt the Hackers: The Scoop on Internet Cheating and How You Can Combat It
Ever wonder how to confront the never-ending struggle with cheaters who are determined to hack your game? Ensemble Studios' Matt Pritchard defines the rules of the cheating game and shares his insight on the methods and motivations of hackers, based largely on his experience with the Age of Empires franchise.
07.23.00 | Feature | Matthew Pritchard | 5 Number of Comments 
Postmortem: Ensemble Studio's Age of Empires II: Age of Kings
How do you follow-up a multi-million-selling, runaway hit? Very carefully, as Matt Pritchard explains. Find out how the team at Ensemble Studios fought the urge to rest on their laurels and committed themselves to turning out yet another stunner.
03.06.00 | Feature | Matthew Pritchard
Ten Techniques for Faster Image Drawing
The eternal quest for the fastest graphics performance possible continues. This time, we are going to take a look at image drawing routines and the factors that affect performance.
05.31.97 | Feature | Matthew Pritchard

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