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Nintendo's Difficult Path Forward
Following Nintendo's lackluster annual financial results, Gamasutra's Matt Matthews breaks down the sales statistics to find out what Nintendo must do to turn its business around.
04.30.13 | Feature | Matt Matthews, | 29 Number of Comments 
Can Nintendo turn things around in a year?
In the wake of Nintendo's disappointing results, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews dives into the numbers and tests president Satoru Iwata's claims about whether it can reach its 2014 targets.
04.29.13 | News | Staff
Nintendo's annual digital sales: $165 million
Buried in Nintendo's fiscal year results today, the company reported a single pair of sales numbers that were easy to overlook, but important when painting a picture of its digital strategy.
04.23.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 5 Number of Comments 
Amid challenges, U.S. video game retail trudges ahead
Console makers are positioning themselves to launch new hardware, amid some of the most difficult changes the game industry has ever faced. Gamasutra looks at Q1 numbers to see what's next for physical sales of games.
04.21.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 12 Number of Comments 
Wii U sales are flagging, but there's still hope for Nintendo
Today the Wii U appears to be in crisis, and each month's U.S. retail sales figures show little improvement. But Nintendo can turn its situation around, says Gamasutra's Matt Matthews.
03.17.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 23 Number of Comments 
A theory behind January's weak Wii U sales
The NPD Group recently reported alarmingly low U.S. retail sales numbers for the Wii U for January 2012. Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews says there may be more to that story...
02.28.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 25 Number of Comments 
Crysis 3: What the critics are saying
This edition of Critical Reception examines online reaction to Crytek's post-apocalyptic first-person shooter Crysis 3, which reviewers describe as "a self-assured but largely unambitious game."
02.27.13 | News | Danny Cowan | 3 Number of Comments 
Big hits vs. big hits: A cross-generational software sales analysis
At U.S. video game retail, much has changed over the course of the past 10-plus years. Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines important generation-to-generation retail video game sales trends.
02.25.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 13 Number of Comments 
At 57K sold, Wii U's January performance is historically abysmal
With only 57,000 consoles sold in its third month on U.S. retailer shelves, the performance of Nintendo's Wii U is anything but good. But how does it stack up with historical context? Not well, it turns out...
02.14.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 121 Number of Comments 
Nintendo's hard path to third-party support in 2013
We'd like to see the Nintendo Wii U attract great third-party software support -- but Nintendo's shrinking share among third-party publishers' revenues is difficult to ignore.
02.10.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 94 Number of Comments 
GameStop positions itself to survive in a growing digital age
In an industry where sales are increasingly going digital, GameStop is at a crossroads. Gamasutra talks to Brad Schliesser, director of digital content for the retailer, about what happens next.
01.28.13 | News | Chris Morris | 4 Number of Comments 
GDC 2013 adds Halo 4 web series, BBC, Hitman AI Summit talks
GDC 2013 has added Summit talks including Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn's web video series, smarter tactical behavior in Hitman: Absolution and Lichdom, and the BBC's challenges in building worldwide game brands.
01.24.13 | News | GDC Staff
U.S. retail software in 2012: What you need to know
2012 was a pivotal year for the video game industry -- so how did all of these changes effect retail software sales in the U.S.? Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews offers this thorough breakdown to find an answer.
01.21.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 23 Number of Comments 
Breaking down Wii U's post-launch software lull
With a dearth of software releases coming out between now and March, is the Wii U's post-launch software pipeline any drier than that of other consoles? Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes a closer look.
01.17.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 20 Number of Comments 
U.S. video game hardware in 2012: Winners, losers and retirees
December 2012 was the weakest December in 13 years, in terms of U.S. sales of "traditional" handheld and console hardware. So exactly how did the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and others stack up?
01.13.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 20 Number of Comments 
How retail figures may point to a coming disruption
Retail video game sales tell a brutal tale: a market cut in half from 2008 to 2012. Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews discusses what's going on behind the scenes, suggesting that a disruption is well underway.
01.09.13 | News | Matt Matthews | 73 Number of Comments 
Sizing up a history of hardware launch review scores
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews pulls data for 17 years' worth of video game review scores to answer the burning question: Which game console had the highest-rated launch lineup?
12.13.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 11 Number of Comments 
The Wii U launch by the numbers
Like it or not, last month's introduction of the Wii U heralds the coming of the next generation of home consoles. How did it compare to the last generation's launch? Analyst Matt Mathews digs deep to find out.
12.11.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 39 Number of Comments 
Numbers show: The Call of Duty decline looks real
Is Call of Duty's popularity on the wane? Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes a look at the U.S. sales of Black Ops II to determine whether the franchise has already reached the peak of its success.
12.05.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 20 Number of Comments 
Black Friday History and the Wii U
Gamasutra's Matt Matthews looks at Nintendo's performance during Black Friday, noting the weakest November ever for the original Nintendo Wii, but strong sales of the new Wii U, which he believes will sell 3 million worldwide this year.
11.27.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 13 Number of Comments 
GameStop's digital plan falters
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews offers an extensive breakdown of how GameStop's digital segment retreated dramatically this year, after looking like a billion dollar player in the digital future during 2011.
11.25.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 13 Number of Comments 
Your game industry in your words, week of November 23
Gamasutra highlights choice quotes from industry figures from the past week, including Tomb Raider reboot writer Rhianna Pratchet, PS Mobile's Sara Thomson, and many others in this weekly roundup.
11.22.12 | News | Eric Caoili
Not even November can save U.S. game retail now
"By practically every measure this will be the worst year for [U.S. video game] retail since 2006," says Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews. Click through for some holiday retail gloom.
11.11.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 45 Number of Comments 
Nintendo's core handheld market is stable
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews previously looked at how the imminent launch of the Nintendo 3DS XL might affect the company's handheld sales. Now, four months later, we have an answer of sorts.
10.31.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 15 Number of Comments 
The Wii price cut won't improve sales, system dead in 2013
The Wii's price cut to $130 will push a few more units, but looking back through history, Gamasutra analyst Matt Mathews predicts that U.S. sales won't improve. Rest in peace, Nintendo Wii.
10.17.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 14 Number of Comments 

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