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Nintendo's Wii U reveal: What worked? What didn't?
Nintendo went for a big splash Thursday morning, revealing launch details for its Wii U. Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris looks at the highlights and low-lights of the event in this op-ed.
09.12.12 | News | Chris Morris | 17 Number of Comments 
How will Microsoft and Sony respond to the Wii U launch?
The upcoming Wii U price won't simply determine the console's own future. Once that price has been announced, it will have immediate and irrevocable effects on how consumers view the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
09.09.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 51 Number of Comments 
Can GameStop become the digital company it says it will be?
With over half of its fiscal 2012 already over, GameStop has a long way to go if it's going to hit its goal of having 7.5% of its revenue coming from digital sales. Is this a realistic goal? And what about next year's lofty 15%?
08.19.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 4 Number of Comments 
With sales on the decline, has Call of Duty hit its peak?
It's looking like sales of last year's Modern Warfare 3 will never catch up with 2010's Black Ops, leaving the fate of Black Ops 2, due for release later this year, in question.
08.14.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 13 Number of Comments 
U.S. game retail navigates longest console generation
The current console generation started nearly seven years ago -- exactly how has U.S. video game retail been dealing with such an extended cycle? Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes a close look.
08.12.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 19 Number of Comments 
BioWare's Star Wars boss takes on broader role
Rumors have been circulating around Greg Zeschuk, the prominent co-founder of Mass Effect studio BioWare. Don't worry -- he's still with the company and plans to expand his scope.
08.09.12 | News | Kris Graft
GDC Online adds CastleVille, CCP design talks
The lineup for this October's GDC Online conference continues to grow this week, as show organizers debut new sessions including featuring a postmortem of Zynga's CastleVille, EVE Online developer CCP on sandbox game design, and more.
08.08.12 | News | Staff
The games of retail: What U.S. shoppers have bought in 2012
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes an in-depth look at the top-selling U.S. video game retail games for the first half of the year, and possible steps for game makers during the second half.
07.22.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 7 Number of Comments 
Sony vs. Microsoft vs. Nintendo: Big Three sized up at U.S. retail
Current generation video game consoles are reaching the end of the line. Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes a half-year look at the hardware and software fortunes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.
07.18.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 28 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra's half-year U.S. video game retail sales analysis
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews goes in-depth to examine how U.S. video game retail has performed so far in 2012, and where sales may go during the latter-half of the year.
07.15.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 42 Number of Comments 
Analysis: How the 3DS XL update could boost Nintendo handheld sales
As Nintendo plans to release an XL version of its 3DS handheld, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at the previous fortunes of its predecessor the DS, and questions whether the 3DS XL can make an impact.
06.24.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 19 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Where do Kinect sales go from here?
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes a look at Microsoft's global Xbox 360 business, which has remained resilient even amid the downturn in the retail video game market.
06.20.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 23 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Little hope for short-term U.S. game retail turnaround
"The primary challenge facing the traditional video game industry today is it is losing active consumers faster than it is adding new ones," says Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews.
06.17.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 45 Number of Comments 
Digital vs. Retail: Five big publishers
How notable is the swing to digital from retail for the video game industry's top players? Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews notes how companies such as EA and Take-Two are handling the switch-over.
05.28.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 21 Number of Comments 
Could digital sales also be contracting?
Having previously looked at the retail game market decline, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews delves into digital game sales, and discusses the possibility that there is some contraction occurring.
05.17.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 20 Number of Comments 
As the middle market falls out, game retail collapses
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews illustrates a "sustained contraction across a period of several months" at U.S. and UK retail. What have been the driving factors?
05.15.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 39 Number of Comments 
Annual U.S. game retail could hit six-year low in 2012
"Should the contraction from 2011 continue at this pace, annual U.S. retail video game revenue in 2012 could fall below the $12.6 billion figure from 2006," says Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews.
05.13.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 20 Number of Comments 
Has video game retail become an entirely 'hits driven' industry?
Some say retail games have "hit driven" industry, where customers patiently wait for the next big thing to come out instead of buying more games. Gamasutra looks behind the numbers to find out if it's true.
04.18.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 23 Number of Comments 
Latest NPD results paint grim picture of current U.S. retail game landscape
U.S. video game retail continued its decline last month. Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews' extensive breakdown of hardware and software fails to find a silver lining of any kind.
04.16.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 15 Number of Comments 
In-depth: Extravagant cheating via Direct X
In this reprinted #altdevblogaday in-depth piece, Uber Entertainment software engineer Forrest Smith examines how users cheat in games with DirectX interception, and ways to deal with it.
04.02.12 | News | Forrest Smith | 6 Number of Comments 
How does new game retail stack up in international markets?
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines the role of new video game retail sales in European countries, in a world where consumers have used, online and mobile game options.
03.27.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 5 Number of Comments 
February U.S. game sales paint bleak picture for retail
"The industry across all segments appears to be treading water in terms of retail," says Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews, who examines recent U.S. retail sales data in his latest column.
03.13.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 8 Number of Comments 
U.S. hardware sales spin overshadowed by the real data
Microsoft and Sony might sound supremely confident about 2012, but what do the numbers say? Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines U.S. hardware sales data.
03.12.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 7 Number of Comments 
The decline of video game retail in the UK
In his latest Behind the Numbers column, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews examines January's dismal UK game retail sales, comparing the U.S and UK market declines.
02.21.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 6 Number of Comments 
Is video game retail dying? Three theories behind January's sales downer
In his latest Behind the Numbers column, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matt Matthews examines January's dismal U.S. game retail sales. One extreme possibility? We're all screwed.
02.14.12 | News | Matt Matthews | 19 Number of Comments 

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