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Analysis: PS3 Game Marketshare Sees Significant Jump
Gamasutra analysis finds Sony's PlayStation 3 notably increasing its U.S. retail game share -- jumping from 25% of the market in March 2009 to 41% in March 2010, thanks to PS3 hardware turnaround and God Of War III.
04.18.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 7 Number of Comments 
PlayStation 3 Lands Most Titles In March NPD Top 20
PlayStation 3 made a strong showing on NPD's top 20 U.S. retail software sales charts for March, as seven PS3 games including God of War III and Heavy Rain made the list.
04.15.10 | News | Kris Graft, Matt Matthews | 6 Number of Comments 
In-Depth: Inside The Business Of GameStop, Part One
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews goes in-depth on major retailer GameStop's business, revealing the company sold five used titles for every four new ones in the 2009 fiscal year -- facts, multi-year analysis within.
04.14.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 17 Number of Comments 
NPD: Console Gamers Play Social Network Games, More Likely To Microtransact
NPD Group analyst Anita Frazier reveals that social and console games audiences have a surprisingly large overlap -- and console gamers may be one of the few comfortable spending money online.
04.01.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 1 Number of Comments 
Sony's PSP Turns Five In North America With 17 Million Sold
On Wednesday, Sony Computer Entertainment America acknowledged the PSP's fifth anniversary in North America, confirming that the handheld has sold over 17 million units in the region.
03.23.10 | News | Kris Graft | 2 Number of Comments 
Analyst: Console Install Bases, Software Unit Sales See Big Disconnect
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews uncovers a little-discussed factor of recent NPD results: console install bases are up, but software unit sales are down, and the
03.16.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 14 Number of Comments 
Analysis: PSP Go To Face 'Slow Death At Retail' In U.S.?
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at February 2010 U.S. hardware sales, estimating just 6-10,000 PSP Go-s sold in the month, and suggesting "a slow death at retail" for the UMD-less SKU.
03.15.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 21 Number of Comments 
NPD: Behind the Numbers, February 2010
In Gamasutra's latest analysis of U.S. console game retail trends, Matt Matthews examines why industry growth may finally kick in during March, while also examining music game sales and intriguing hardware trends for February 2010.
03.15.10 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 5 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Examining Declining Wii Software Revenue In 2010
As part of his monthly NPD review, Matt Matthews notes how year-to-date Wii software revenue is down 25%, a decline partly due to evergreen first-party games ( 03.14.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 35 Number of Comments 
Analyst: Industry To Grow 6.2 Percent Per Year Until 2013
Software and hardware graphs from Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter and Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews find trendlines in game industry sales that point to annual growth for the game industry through 2013.
02.28.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 20 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Years' Comparisons Shows 'Fairly Stable' Games Biz
As part of his monthly NPD review, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes a wider lens view of the past few years of sales in the games biz -- and finds "the indus
02.16.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 1 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Nintendo's Evergreens Keep Getting Greener
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at Nintendo's "evergreen" first-party games, explaining why games like Mario Kart and Wii Fit continue to top charts -- and how it affects third-party creators.
02.15.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 6 Number of Comments 
NPD: Behind the Numbers, January 2010
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews reviews NPD Group's January 2010 sales figures, which reflect evergreen Nintendo-published titles and how Sony is headed towards a single-platform focus.
02.14.10 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 1 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Why Sony Is Becoming A One-Platform Game Company
Gamasutra's Matt Matthews examines why Sony is effectively a 'one-platform company' with the PlayStation 3, thanks to the PSP and PS2 accounting for perhaps under 6% of the U.S. market in January 2010.
02.14.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 12 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Wii Overtakes Xbox 360 LTD Software Sales
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews takes a final look 2009's U.S. console retail results, finding Nintendo's Wii edging ahead of Xbox 360 and PS3 in lifetime platfo
01.19.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 19 Number of Comments 
Analysis: The Console Fortunes Of 2009
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at 2009's NPD results, reviewing sales of all consoles since 2005 to compare and evaluate momentum. Who needs a price cut n
01.18.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 32 Number of Comments 
NPD: Behind the Numbers, December 2009
Gamasutra's in-depth analysis takes a look at what brought 2009 U.S. video game revenues down from 2008, including contracting Wii revenues, rapidly sinking PlayStation 2, and an Xbox 360 that kept getting cheaper.
01.17.10 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 6 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Sony Sees Billion-Dollar Platform Revenue Drop In 2009
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews has examined 2009's platform holder totals, revealing year-on-year revenue drops for all three consoles, but a major $1.3 billion decline for Sony.
01.17.10 | News | Matt Matthews | 2 Number of Comments 
In-Depth: The NPD Results - Everything You Need To Know
Following the NPD Group's release of industry numbers for December and  
Third-Party Publishers React To Deflating Wii Bubble
The Wii is a challenging environment for developers and publishers, and no magic solution has yet been found -- so Gamasutra examines the state of the market and speaks to publishers and analysts to get some perspective.
01.07.10 | Feature | 22 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra's Best Of 2009
Ending out 2009, Gamasutra puts together the definitive compilation of our year-end lists, from disappointments through game of the year and beyond -- with bonus reader feedback.
12.23.09 | Feature | Chris Remo,Christian Nutt,Brandon Sheffield,Danny Cowan,Leigh Alexander,Kris Graft | 5 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra's Best Of 2009: Top 5 Disappointments
Continuing Gamasutra's 2009 retrospective, Kris Graft looks at the top 5 major disappointments of the year -- spanning game retail failure through approval process difficulties and beyond.
12.20.09 | News | Kris Graft | 25 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Year-to-Date, Nintendo Software Dominates
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at Nintendo's first-party game fortunes in the U.S., finding that despite contraction in the Wii market, games like Mario Kart continue to assail year-to-date charts.
12.15.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 7 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Xbox 360 Software Leads as Nintendo Falters
Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at the changing U.S. retail game landscape as part of our November NPD analysis, finding that Xbox 360 software is surging into the sales gap left by a declining Nintendo market.
12.14.09 | News | Matt Matthews | 19 Number of Comments 
NPD: Behind the Numbers, November 2009
Gamasutra's in-depth analysis of November's NPD U.S. game retail sales numbers looks at year-to-date highs and lows, the Xbox 360's surprising sales reversal against the PS3, Wii's 2009 individual Top 10 domination, and much more.
12.13.09 | Feature | Matt Matthews | 7 Number of Comments 

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