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July 19, 2019
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Engineer Sues Sony, Lawyers Over Alleged Force Feedback Conspiracy
An engineer has sued Sony Computer Entertainment and a video game peripheral company for ?collusive and deceitful conduct? regarding force feedback patents.
05.18.09 | News | Kris Graft | 5 Number of Comments 
GDC Canada: Rogers On Determining Studio Value To Publishers
What makes a developer valuable to a publisher, and what determines acquisition prices? At GDC Canada, agent Dan Rogers laid out the complex process of determining what a game studio's worth.
05.12.09 | News | Chris Remo |  
ESA Gov't Relations Head Exits After Brief Tenure
Just two months after the Entertainment Software Association announced her appointment as its head of government relations, former FCC senior counsel Jennifer Manner is out of the posit
04.23.09 | News | Leigh Alexander |  
Activision, Gibson Settle Latest Suit
Activision and guitar maker Gibson have settled their latest legal dispute over the Guitar Hero franchise, with a California judge subsequently dismissing the case.
04.23.09 | News | Kris Graft | 3 Number of Comments 
Scratch Lawsuit: $6 Million Dev Costs, Legal Battle Over Source Code Revealed
Analyzing court transcripts from the Scratch trial, Gamasutra uncovers a $6 million development cost to date for the game, plus intriguing discussions on legal definitions of
04.20.09 | News | Simon Carless | 2 Number of Comments 
Genius Vs. Activision/7 Studios: The Complaint Analyzed
Gamasutra has received a full copy of the Genius/Activision lawsuit over DJ title Scratch, and reveals patent-related muscling, financial troubles, and threats that the game
04.14.09 | News | Simon Carless | 8 Number of Comments 
Q&A: Rocking Out With Loudcrowd CEO On Public Beta Launch
Today, Conduit Labs launched the public beta of free social network and online music game Loudcrowd, and Gamasutra spoke to CEO Nabeel Hyatt for all the details.
03.16.09 | News | Christian Nutt |  
Nintendo Wins Joystick Port Patent Case
Texas-based Fenner Investments' patent infringement suit against Nintendo related to the GameCube and Wii's "low voltage joystick port interface" has been dismissed.
03.16.09 | News | David Jenkins | 1 Number of Comments 
Microsoft Settles Online Gaming Patent Suit
Microsoft has settled a $90 million patent infringement suit recently brought against it by PalTalk holdings related to Halo and the Xbox 360's multiplayer features under undisclosed terms.
03.15.09 | News | Leigh Alexander |  
Microsoft Faces $90 Million Lawsuit Over Online Gaming
Online chat company PalTalk Holdings is suing Microsoft for $90 million, alleging that Xbox Live infringes on two of the firm?s patents relating to dial-up technology.
03.09.09 | News | David Jenkins | 2 Number of Comments 
Gibson Loses Guitar Hero Patent Infringement Battle
More than a year after guitar manufacturer Gibson first informed Guitar Hero publisher Activision it may be infringing a Gibson patent, a California U.S. District Court has decried the accusation as "bordering on the frivolous," dismissing the clai
03.02.09 | News | Chris Remo | 1 Number of Comments 
ESA Gets Former FCC Counsel For Gov't Relations Team
The Entertainment Software Association has tapped former FCC senior counsel Jennifer Manner to head up its federal and state government relations team, bringing a "wealth of policy experience" to the trade group's efforts.
02.17.09 | News | Leigh Alexander |  
Viacom, Harmonix Suing Konami Over Rock Revolution
Rock Band parent Viacom filed a countersuit against Konami alleging that the Japanese publisher's recent Rock Revolution violates a game musical instrument patent, following a  
ESA Spent Record $4.2 Million Lobbying In 2008
The Entertainment Software Association spent a record $4,244,364.50 on federal lobbying in 2008, according to calculations based on quarterly lobbyist disclosure filings with the House Clerk's office, and obtained by Gamasutra.
01.25.09 | News | Alex Litel | 3 Number of Comments 
Video Game Regulation: Where We Are Now
How does the government regulate video games? Researcher Clark looks worldwide for perspective on U.S. game censorship, addiction, and piracy law in an Obama administration.
01.19.09 | Feature | Neils Clark | 9 Number of Comments 
Best Of Indie Games: Physics Lessons 101
Every week, The Weblog editor Tim W. rounds up top happenings in indie games in the last seven days for Gamasutra -- this time checking the debut Crayon Physics Deluxe, plus a physics-cra
01.18.09 | News | Tim W. |  
Opinion: Why You Should Pay for Free
In this thought-provoking opinion piece, Unangband developer Andrew Doull discusses ways to support smaller game developers through alternative means, advocating for the expansion of a new category: 'full time developer paid from voluntary contribu
01.15.09 | News | Andrew Doull | 6 Number of Comments 
The History Of Pong: Avoid Missing Game to Start Industry
In the first of a new Gamasutra series, Loguidice and Barton present a detailed history of Pong, the video game that jumpstarted the entire business, and some of the innovations it inspired.
01.08.09 | Feature | Matt Barton,Bill Loguidice | 10 Number of Comments 
Nintendo Files Patent For In-Game Walkthroughs
Nintendo has filed for a patent on a game system which would allow players to view pre-recorded gameplay unfolding in realtime, with the aim of allowing players with less time to invest in long games to complete more titles.
01.08.09 | News | Leigh Alexander | 26 Number of Comments 
Gamasutra's Holiday News: What You Missed
Anxious to catch up on holiday stories? Just look to this Gamasutra round-up of breaking news (and bonus interviews) posted on the site over the break, from's NCSoft patent suit to Cry On's cancellation and more - full list within.
01.04.09 | News | Staff |  
Summit on Game Business, Law Will Discuss Economy’s Dive
An upcoming summit at Southern Methodist University, home to The Guildhall graduate game development school and the Dedman School of Law, will focus on business and legal issues related to the game industry, including a panel discussion on the present eco
01.04.09 | News | Jill Duffy |  
Report: Hits NCsoft With Patent Infringement Suit
Virtual world company filed suit against City Of Heroes publisher NCsoft on Christmas Eve, claiming infringement on its patent for user interaction in a virtual space. also has a patent for a second technology common to many M
12.29.08 | News | Leigh Alexander | 33 Number of Comments 
Interview: Grasshopper's Goichi Suda Talks No More Heroes 2, Time Travel
In this candid interview with Goichi Suda (aka Suda51), the Grasshopper Manufacture CEO talks with Gamasutra about where the No More Heroes sequel is going, why that destination isn't away from the Wii, and what he'd tell himself about the Flowe
12.18.08 | News | Brandon Sheffield |  
Nintendo, Nyko Settle Nunchuk Lawsuit
Nintendo of America has settled an infringement lawsuit against third-party accessory company Nyko, which alleged patent and trademark infringement relating to Nintendo's Nunchuk controller. Under the settlement terms, Nyko has agreed to redesign its wire
12.16.08 | News | Eric Caoili |  
Microsoft Knew Of Disc-Scratching Issue, Says Employee
Microsoft may have known about the Xbox 360?s disc-scratching problem since October 2005, according to unsealed motions from an ongoing lawsuit. The document suggests that employees considered warnings in the manual to be "patently insufficient."
12.15.08 | News | David Jenkins | 7 Number of Comments 

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