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July 19, 2019
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Jonathan Blow: The Path to Braid
With art game Braid now a significant hit on Xbox Live Arcade, Gamasutra talks to creator Jonathan Blow on its long path to completion, challenging conventional pacing, and hopes for XBLA's future.
09.12.08 | Feature | Simon Parkin | 21 Number of Comments 
Opinion: Guitar Hero Praise - What’s Wrong With The ‘Christian’ Video Game?
In a provocative opinion piece, British game producer and journalist Simon Parkin takes a look at the state of Christian gaming, probing exactly what people are objecting to when they criticize games such as the
09.01.08 | News | Simon Parkin | 15 Number of Comments 
Microsoft, Immersion Settle 'Force Feedback' Lawsuit
Microsoft and Immersion have finally settled the technicalities in a long-standing patent conflict over rumble in Xbox game controllers, with Immersion paying back $20.75 million to Microsoft -- the formerly-embattled companies claim they look forward to
08.26.08 | News | Chris Remo |  
Atari: The Golden Years -- A History, 1978-1981
Following his article on Atari's genesis, game historian Fulton returns with an amazingly detailed piece on Atari's 'golden years', from the rise of the Atari 2600 through Asteroids and Battlezone.
08.20.08 | Feature | Steve Fulton | 23 Number of Comments 
Maryland Lab Files Latest Patent Suit Against Nintendo
Maryland electronics lab Hillcrest Laboratories is suing Nintendo over claims that it is using its motion-sensing technology without license. It seeks cash and aims to block Wii and its accessories from U.S. import via a complaint filed with the FTC along
08.20.08 | News | David Jenkins | 2 Number of Comments 
GCDC: What Determines Developer Acquisition Values?
Consolidation's the norm these days, but acquisition values vary widely -- why was Shiny worth $47 million to Atari, while Black Box only set EA back significantly less? Interactive business strategist Dan Lee Rogers explains just what determines a studio
08.18.08 | News | Mathew Kumar, Leigh Alexander |  
Rhino To Partner With Music Video Games Portal
Music Video Games, the recently founded casual portal focusing on creating "proprietary music beat matching games" has announced its first partnership with Warner Music division Rhi
07.22.08 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
MTV Games Responds To Konami Lawsuit
Officials from Rock Band publisher MTV Games have responded to the lawsuit filed by Guitar Freaks and DrumMania publisher Konami last week, describing the move to Gamasutra as ?extremely surprising? and involving ?baseless litigation?
07.13.08 | News | David Jenkins |  
Konami Sues Harmonix Over Rock Band Patents
Japanese-headquartered publisher Konami has sued Rock Band developer Harmonix over alleged patent infringements with its range of rhythm action games and associated controllers, demanding cash compensation and that the games and peripherals be with
07.10.08 | News | David Jenkins | 3 Number of Comments 
Analysis: Making DDR For Seniors With Touchtown's Dancetown
In this session from the recent Games for Health conference, Jeff Pepper, President and CEO of Touchtown, discussed his company's work in creating Dancetown - a PC-based dance game specifically aimed at retirement homes, to give players regular exe
07.03.08 | News | Kyle Orland, Mathew Kumar | 5 Number of Comments 
Court Denies Appeal In $21m Nintendo Patent Suit
Following a decision in May that ordered Nintendo to pay Texas company Anascape $21 million for patent infringements, legal firm McKool Smith has announced that a judge has denied N
06.26.08 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
Practical Fluid Dynamics: Part 1
In this technical article originally printed in Game Developer magazine, Neversoft co-founder Mick West looks at how to efficiently implement fluid effects - from smoke to water and beyond - in video games, with example code
06.25.08 | Feature | Mick West | 8 Number of Comments 
Konami's Matejka: Rock Revolution Innovation Is All About The Drums
Speaking to Gamasutra at a recent Konami event, Rock Revolution's Keith Matejka has been discussing the company's key entry into the Western music game canon, suggesting that its "focus of innovation" is going to be in the drum peripheral and gamep
06.12.08 | News | Christian Nutt, Chris Remo | 2 Number of Comments 
Nintendo Sues Nyko Over Third Party Wireless Nunchuk
According to a new report, Nintendo has sued accessory developer Nyko over the 'Kama Nunchuk', a third party wireless version of the Wii Nunchuk that Nintendo says violates both patented designs and trademarks on the 'Nunchuk' name.
06.12.08 | News | Brandon Boyer | 2 Number of Comments 
Report: ESA Spent Over $714K In Q1 To Lobby Government
The Entertainment Software Association spent over $714,000 in the first quarter of 2008 to lobby the federal government on several issues, including First Amendment and intellectual property issues, according to an Associated Press report on a recent disc
06.11.08 | News | Eric Caoili |  
Microsoft Wins Xbox 360 Patent Battle With Alcatel
According to a Bloomberg report, Microsoft has triumphed in a court battle against technology company Alcatel-Lucent that sought $419 million in damages, alleging Microsoft's Xbox 360 DVD player infringed on its 1993 patent for "coding video frames."
06.04.08 | News | Staff |  
Nintendo Loses $21 Million Controller Patent Case
Nintendo has lost a court patent battle with East Texas company Anascape and has been ordered to pay $21 million by a federal jury. A total of 12 patents were under dispute, with Microsoft already having settled with the company for an undisclosed sum.
05.14.08 | News | David Jenkins |  
Gaming Addiction: Clearing The Air, Moving Forward
Writer and researcher Neils Clark previously covered game addiction for Gamasutra, and returns to look at whether design can influence healthy play, citing his analysis into MMO addiction.
04.03.08 | Feature | Neils Clark | 8 Number of Comments 
Gibson: Activision Refused Guitar Hero Negotiations
Gibson Guitar has released a new statement regarding its ongoing patent infringement suit against Activision, confirming it is "reluctantly" suing retailers who carry Guitar Hero
03.20.08 | News | Leigh Alexander |  
Sony Part Of Blu-Ray Patent Investigation
The U.S. International Trade Commission is reportedly looking into patent infringement allegations related to Blu-ray disc players and other products, and has included Sony in its investigation.
03.20.08 | News | Leigh Alexander | 4 Number of Comments 
Gibson Widens Suit To Harmonix, MTV Games For Rock Band
Following allegations against Activision that the publisher's Guitar Hero violated a 1999 patent, Gibson has widened its suit to cover developer Harmonix and publisher MTV games for both Rock Band, and Harmonix's pre-Activision Guitar Her
03.20.08 | News | Brandon Boyer | 6 Number of Comments 
Activision Responds To Gibson Lawsuit
Following Gibson Guitar's recent allegations of patent violations against Activision related to Guitar Hero, the publisher has released a statement saying the allegations are without merit, suggesting Gibson is merely unhappy with Activision's deci
03.19.08 | News | Leigh Alexander |  
Massachusetts Considers Anti-Game Legislation
The Massachusetts legislature is holding March 18th hearing to consider a bill that seeks to restrict minors from buying violent video games - under the same measures that make it illegal for them to purchase pornography.
03.16.08 | News | Leigh Alexander | 1 Number of Comments 
Gibson Challenges Activision Over Guitar Hero Patent
According to a new report, guitar manufacturer Gibson and Activision have entered into a legal discussion over the giant Guitar Hero franchise, with Gibson alleging that the game violates a 1999 "simulated music performance" patent.
03.11.08 | News | Christian Nutt | 1 Number of Comments 
Microsoft Unsuccessful At Immersion Lawyer Block
In its ongoing legal battle with 'rumble' patent holder Immersion, Microsoft has lost a bid to block law firm Irell & Manella, who negotiated a March 2007 settlement with Sony, from representing Immersion as Microsoft seeks damages.
03.10.08 | News | Leigh Alexander | 1 Number of Comments 

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