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July 18, 2019
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Editorial: Looking For The Next Mobile Gaming Killer App
In this exclusive Games On Deck editorial, Digital Chocolate CEO and EA/3DO Alumnus Trip Hawkins looks for "The Next Mobile Gaming Killer App" using the example of the current range of "killer apps" available on the Web, and points towards Digital Chocolate's DChoc Caf series as a step in the right direction.
08.13.07 | Feature | Mathew Kumar |  
Schwarzenegger To Appeal California Game Law Ruling
The ESA's grassroots Video Game Voters Network has launched a new campaign to counter Governor Schwarzenegger's plans to appeal the California Ninth Circuit Court recent decision r
08.09.07 | News | Jason Dobson |  
QuakeCon 2007: An Audience With John Carmack
During the QuakeCon keynote which revealed a lot else besides, id legend John Carmack sauntered out on stage for a fascinating set of comments about id's next project Rage, s
08.05.07 | News | Howard Wen, Texas |  
Opinion: Why Casual Game Cloning Makes Sense
In this editorial, Colin Anderson, MD of innovative Scottish game developer Denki (Denki Blocks, Sky/DirecTV interactive TV casual games) takes the casual game industry to task for its complaints about game 'cloning', suggesting it forces developer
08.05.07 | News | Colin Anderson |  
Suit Filed Against Sony For Parallel Processing Patent
A new lawsuit has been filed against Sony and its PlayStation 3, this time by the Parallel Processing Corporation, claiming Sony's Cell processor chip design infringes on the company's patent filed in the late 80's.
07.30.07 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
The History Of Activision
Nowadays, Activision is a massive worldwide publisher, responsible for Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero. But it all started with just four game developers leaving Atari in 1979, and Gamasutra presents a history of the first ever third-party publisher, with insight from company co-founder David Crane.
07.30.07 | Feature | Jeffrey Fleming |  
Working In Japanese Game Development: The Facts
In the first part of an informative two-part Gamasutra series, pseudonymous Japan-based game creator JC Barnett looks at exactly how Western developers can enter Japanese game development, with tips on how to apply, visas, savings, language prerequisites, and more.
07.26.07 | Feature | JC Barnett | 1 Number of Comments 
Building A Successful Game Business: The People
How do you build a successful game business from scratch? In the first part of a high-level feature series, veteran exec Merripen, formerly of Cyberlore and Cryptic Studios, explains why the best game companies "...encourage their business side to flourish with the same creativity and passion seen in their games."
07.02.07 | Feature | Clarinda Merripen |  
Q&A: Netamin's Mackay On The Rise Of The MMOSG
Given the popularity of online games, why aren't more MMO-focused sports games being made? Gamasutra talks to Netamin's Sean Mackay about Ultimate Baseball Online, the firm's MMOSG that puts 18 human players on the same field in real-time, and uses
06.25.07 | News | Alistair Wallis |  
Opinion: Is Your Invention Worth Patenting?
In this extensive opinion piece, Cook & Alex attorney (and former Bungie developer) Konrad Sherinian looks at the costs of patenting ideas, discusses 'trade secrets', and notes how developers can use intellectual property to "establish competitive advanta
06.24.07 | News | Konrad Sherinian, Staff |  
Hard Drivin’, Hard Bargainin’: Investigating Midway’s ‘Ghost Racer’ Patent
Did you know that games such as Project Gotham Racing and Ridge Racer 6 are paying Midway to include 'ghost mode' cars to race against, thanks to a patent in the company's 1989 arcade racer Hard Drivin'? We analyze the original patent, talk to Midway and licensee Global VR, and examine just how patents impact the biz.
06.18.07 | Feature | Kyle Orland | 1 Number of Comments 
Feature: 'Investigating Midway’s 'Ghost Racer' Patent'
In this in-depth Gamasutra feature, we analyze Midway's original 'ghost racer' patent, as well as speak to some of those companies whose games have been impacted by t
06.17.07 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Microsoft Sues Immersion Over Rumble Deal
A new report has revealed that Microsoft is suing touch feedback/rumble technology developer and patent holder Immersion for breach of contract, claiming the company has not paid Microsoft for "certain business and IP licensing arrangements."
06.17.07 | News | Brandon Boyer |  
Book Extract: Legend Of The Syndicate
The Syndicate is one of the longest-running MMO guilds of all time, and it's just about to publish a book discussing its 11-year social history, from Ultima Online to World Of Warcraft and beyond - Gamasutra has an exclusive in-depth excerpt from 'The Legend Of The Syndicate'.
06.12.07 | Feature | Sean Stalzer |  
Letters To The Editor: 'Character, Console Indies, Patents'
Gamasutra's new Letters to the Editor round-up has reactions and response to building better player characters, whether console manufacturers really do want indie support, and why the indus
06.07.07 | News | Staff |  
Patent Strategy in the Game Industry
There's continuing controversy over the use of patents in the game biz, so Gamasutra has asked lawyers Boyd and Moersfelder, who regularly represent game companies, to explain what patents are and why you should care - you might be surprised.
05.24.07 | Feature | S. Gregory Boyd,Matthew Moersfelder | 2 Number of Comments 
Feature: 'Patent Strategy in the Game Industry'
In the latest exclusive Gamasutra feature, lawyers Boyd and Moersfelder, who regularly represent game companies, address the Linden Lab Acquires Graphics Tech To Better Second Life
Linden Lab, the creators of the popular virtual world Second Life, has announced the acquisition of technology from Windward Mark Interactive, with plans to integrate Windmark's tech into the Second Life Viewer software and enhance the popul
05.20.07 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Playing Catch Up: Conflict 2500's William Volk
Today's Playing Catch-Up column talks to William Volk, surveying his career from 1981 strategy game Conflict 2500,
04.18.07 | News | Alistair Wallis |  
Defining Adaptive Music
Audio programmer Andrew Clark (Full Auto series, Pseudo Interactive) attempts to define adaptive music for games, using examples ranging from early efforts via LucasArts' iMUSE engine through modern games such as the Rainbow Six series, in this Gamasutra feature.
04.17.07 | Feature | Andrew Clark | 1 Number of Comments 
Feature: 'Defining Adaptive Music'
In this latest exclusive Gamasutra feature, seasoned audio programmer Andrew Clark (Full Auto series) attempts to define adaptive music for games, as he cites examples like Luc
04.16.07 | News | Jason Dobson |  
WILL Gets Grant For Anti-School Violence Serious Games
Virtual experience behavior modification gaming provider, WILL Interactive, has announced that the company has received a grant from CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield to introduce a pair of serious games into five D.C. charter schools to address school vio
04.10.07 | News | Jason Dobson |  
Introduction to COLLADA
In this extract from COLLADA: Sailing the Gulf of 3D Digital Content Creation, PlayStation 3 graphics architect Rmi Arnaud and Mark Barnes introduce the open standard technique for exchanging normally incompatible 3D assets.
03.29.07 | Feature | Rémi Arnaud,Mark Barnes |  
WILL Interactive Reveals Hospital Training Game
Virtual experience behavior modification gaming provider WILL Interactive has announced a partnership with Washington Hospital Center to create Anatomy of Care, a web based training program addressing the need for customer care for hospital staff.
03.27.07 | News | Jason Dobson |  

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